Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Big Brother 16 Blog - "Where I'm from, a clock is never a good thing."

This week's episode kicked off with the house guests in shock and discussing the heavy boos they heard waiting for Christine as she exited the house.

Frankie was the one who finally figured out that America might have hated her for her relationship Cody and how it was viewed since she was married.

Or as Frankie bluntly asked him, "You didn't have sex with her, did you?"

Cody Calafiore: I mean, who wouldn't trust this guy with their wife?

The house guests were also presented with the "Re-set Button" as the game's latest twist, only they didn't know what the repercussions would be in the event that they chose to push it.

Apparently having never watched the show before Frankie said, "I'm a huge fan of the show, I know what the button means. The button means, 'you push the button.'"

In a good position in the game with just two weeks left, deep down inside Frankie seemed to know that pushing the button really was a bad idea, but the gay man in him just couldn't seem to resist the urge.

"I'm terrified of what's going to happen when I push the button, but if I get the chance, of course I'm going to push the button!"

The HOH Competition required the final five house guests to battle by walking across teeter totter to place "seeds on a shovel" one by one without falling or knocking any of their seeds off.

With Frankie winning, he considered making a big move. Unfortunately, even though he was in a great position as HOH, Frankie lead the charge to push the "Re-set Button," after which a mysterious countdown began.

That left Caleb confused. "Where I'm from, a clock is never a good thing, a countdown like that is usually for an Armageddon, a bomb."

Clocks are still pretty mysterious to Caleb Reynolds, who deleted the clock on his cell phone to free up enough memory to take one more bitchin' selfie.

Being an election year, Big Brother alums Jeff and Jordan came on the show to campaign against Gay Marriage.

Getting worried that gay people were getting ready to destroy the sanctity or marriage, Jeff finally proposed to Jordan, who was so stupid that she thought that she was being named the next Bachelorette.

After Jordan said "yes," some country singer came into the backyard to sing a song about the beauty of Jeff's proposal...Well, that and Bush Light.

That made Caleb feel right at home. "I'm happier than a dag gum tornado in a trailer park," well, either that or happier than his mother in a trailer park...Either one works.

As HOH, Frankie nominated Cody and Victoria for eviction.

Amazed that she was still around, Victoria was just happy to be the last girl standing in the house.

"I played an amazing social game...And I like to think of myself as the Competition Princess."

Competition Princess Victoria Rafaeli...You know, if Princesses were really bad at competitions.

The Veto Competition was a freak show themed face "mash-up" of three different house guests, with the person able to identify the three house guests in all of the pictures the fastest winning.

Frankie also won the POV, and elected not to use it.

While Frankie's target was Victoria because the rest of his alliance wants her around as somebody they could beat, at Derrick's urging Victoria went to Frankie to pretend to bad mouth Derrick.

"I don't ever want to look at him, talk to him, I don't respect him as a person...I just feel so betrayed."

When Connie Chung announced that the Live Eviction episode was coming one day early, the house guests started to panic.

That caused Frankie to say, "The Big Brother fan inside of me is losing my mind...Hopefully it doesn't mean anything terrible for me."

In actually, it just meant that the NFL season was about to start, and that the first Thursday night game of the season was being televised on CBS.

The house guests began speculating about what twist would be unleashed as a result of pushing the "Re-set Button."

For some reason, Caleb was convinced that the button would send four celebrities into the house, one to compete with each remaining house guest.

"Hopefully my celebrity will be ole Mila Kunis coming up in here, and me winning in the luxury is me gettin' to marry that woman on national television."

Of course, Caleb's plan had several flaws.

First, Mila Kunis is married to Ashton Kutchor. Secondly, she's pregnant with his child. Third...Never mind, upon further thought I don't think one or two really matter to Caleb.

Right before the house was set to vote between Victoria and Cody, the Re-set Buzzer went off.

That's when Connie Chung announced that the Big Brother Rewind Twist was that the house would have to go back and replay the entire week, meaning that none of the past week's events officially happened, including Jeff proposing to Jordan.

That put Cody back in the "dino-tard," with the players competing in the exact same HOH competition where they had to walk back and forth on the teeter-totter and balance "seeds" on their spoon.

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