Monday, September 1, 2014

Blogging Big Brother 16 - "You're not fucking Jesus in this house"

The final week of Big Brother 16 began with Victoria just a little to full of herself, as when talking about Frankie she said, "It takes a player to play a player, and guess what Frankie, the joke's on you."

Of course, to that point in the game Frankie had established himself as one of the best competition players in addition to making several big moves, while Victoria's biggest accomplishment was making it back into the game after passing out while taking to take a shit.

Having to re-play the past week's competitions as a result of the house hitting the "Re-set Button," Frankie also started to get a little more cocky than normal, and normally, Frankie is pretty full of cocks.

"When I won this (the HOH) Competition and the Veto last week, I pretty much solidified by position in this house as competition beast."

However, the second time around Caleb won the HOH, and Derrick and Cody both lobbied him to put up Frankie.

When a Luxury Competition was announced, Caleb thought about the only two things that it could possibly mean.

"I'm super stoked, this could possibly have to do with some money, or maybe a big ole' jacked up Diesel truck."

However, it was The Jury who returned to the house to play in the Luxury Competition, and they trashed the house searching for disks for $5,000 while the remaining house guests were forced to watch.

Retrieve puck and use it to vote for a person to be knocked out. Winner gets $5k. House guests get to vote on who wins, and if correct they win $5k.

While Nicole managed to knock four different players out of the competition, her boyfriend ended up beating her in the final two to win the $5k.

As HOH, Caleb nominated Victoria and Frankie, saying that he made a pact with the three guys, even though was really secretly targeting Frankie.

Victoria was in on that plan saying, "I'm nominated for the 8th time, but sorry Frankie, you're going to be walking out that door, and I'm going to make it to the final four."

Trying to earn a Jury vote, Caleb even took it upon himself to tell Frankie that Derrick and Cody had lobbied to put him up.

The POV Competition was once again a three face mash-up. With Cody winning, that all but sealed Frankie's fate in the game, and he kept Caleb's nominations the same.

Sensing that he was in trouble, Frankie threatened to lobby the Jury and social media if he got voted out saying, "You're looking at the person who will single handedly pick the winner of this game."

That didn't go over well with the others, as Caleb said, "Shut up Frankie," while Cody told Frankie, "You're not fucking Jesus in this house."

Sure enough, Frankie was evicted in a 2-0 vote by Cody and Derrick, but not without having to hear a not so biting prepared speech from Frankie before he left the house.

"Caleb, I'm returning these to you, because even though I'm a queen, I have been the king of this house for 88 days. Victoria, please try to win something. Derrick, as the only remaining responsible adult, please don't kill my fish. Cody, I've had better."

Frankie's eviction sent us to the HOH Competition, which consisted of a series of "before or after" questions about the sequence of certain events that took place in the house.

Derrick ended up winning HOH and nominated Victoria and Caleb after making Caleb think that he had volunteered to go up as a pawn.

Not only was Caleb delusional about not being Derrick and Cody's target, but he was narcissistic enough to think that he was going to get signed to a movie, record or fitness model deal after the show ended.

In actuality, Caleb's last chance to stay in the game was the POV Competition, which required the players to solve a puzzle by linking the photos of past competition winners to their particular contests based upon clues that they were given..

Cody ended up winning the POV, which left Victoria and Caleb on the block and gave Cody the sole vote to evict.

In revealing that he decided to eliminate Caleb, Cody revealed his final two deal with Derrick.

Caleb took losing in stride, but perhaps regretting that he volunteered to be nominated four different times.

"My momma always told me I wasn't he brightest crayon in the box."

That sent the final four players to the final HOH Competition of the season, a three part contest that saw the winner of part one automatically move on to part three to play the winner of part two.

Cody won part one, an endurance competition to hang onto a ledge the longest.

Part two of the final HOH Competition saw Derrick and Victoria face off and repel through a course while trying to match faces to certain events that took place in the house.

And while Derrick ended up wining the right to compete against Cody for the final HOH, Victoria was still convinced that Derrick would take her to the final two.

By that point, some people in the Jury House were actually of the belief that Victoria might actually be playing dumb in order to advance further in the game, at least until Zach had enough and said,
"She's not ACTING dumb though!"

The final stage of the HOH Competition was called "Know your Jury," a true of false contest about how a Jury Member had answered a specific question.

While Cody defeated Derrick in a tie-breaker, Cody kept his word by evicting Victoria and taking Derrick with him to the finals.

At the final live vote, Derrick made his case to win by emphasizing his social game, noting how there were 55 nominations for eviction during the season, and how he was not nominated a single time. He also noted the four different times that he had won HOH.

Cody also stressed his social game, noting how he befriended people and used those relationships to gain information to help his alliance.

In the end, most of the Jury felt that Cody was simply Derrick's puppet, and Derrick won by a  7-2 vote.

More importantly, the winner of America's Favorite House Guest $25k was announced, which went to Donny with 5 million out of the over 10 million votes that were cast over Nicole and Zach.

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