Saturday, August 9, 2014

The Big Brother 16 Blog - "Are you even gay?"

This week we rejoined the house in the aftermath of Hayden's eviction, which left his girlfriend Nicole freaking the fuck out.

The normally passive Nicole even went so far as to confront her former best friend Christine for misleading her as to what was going to happen, which almost lead to an angry pillow fight.

Zach, trying way to hard to make himself a villain, tried to push Nicole's buttons proclaiming out loud, "I'm happy, I voted to evict Nicole's boyfriend!"

Even Frankie tried to chime in by calling Nicole untrustworthy, and tried to say that she threw him under the bus by outing him when she targeted Zach.

I'm pretty sure that Nicole wasn't the one who "outed" Frankie Grande.

The HOH was a tournament styled competition where the contestants had to answer questions after quickly glancing at an optometrist styled eye chart with encrypted information.

Sure enough, the embattled Nicole ended up winning HOH, along with her best friend/enemy/frenemy, Christine. 

Even though she was the HOH, for some reason Nicole outed her alliance with Cody and Derrick upon talking with Zach, who didn't try to hide the fact that he didn't like her.

On the plus side, Caleb volunteered to go up as a pawn for Nicole against Frankie for having a hand in getting Amber out of the house.

When it was Christine who ended up nominating Zach along with Donny, Zach stood up and pointed at Christine and Frankie yelling, "You're a huge fucking liar, and you're a huge fucking liar. I'm going to leave it at that. Fuck both of you."

In order to promote Thursday Night Football on CBS, the BOB Competition required the two teams to work together and use ropes to raise a ball up a board in order to score a touchdown, with the winners also getting a special NFL experience outside of the house.

However, when Frankie outed Caleb for throwing the BOB BEFORE the competition even began, Caleb decided that he wasn't going work with Frankie because he was the one who was responsible for getting his crush, Amber, voted out.

Caleb then sat down and refused to play in the BOB saying, "That's what happens when you break trust and loyalty."

However, somehow Frankie still managed to win a game that was meant for two people all by himself, which caused him to break out in orgasm."

Astonishingly, Frankie's win not only took himself off of the block, but Caleb as well.

Knowing that the house was still against him (and after blurting a shout out out to his famous sister upon winning the BOB), Frankie decided to tell the house that he was related to pop star Ariana Grande in order to regain their favor.

After Frankie came clean about his famous family, a dumbfounded Caleb asks the obvious question, "Are you even gay?"

The POV Competition brought back "Otev," this time as the the pissed off penguin, who sounded a lot like Gilbert Godfrey.

Otev would ask the contestants for a drink named after an evicted guest, and they shoot down water slide to find hidden cards with the correct house guest's name and return to the platform, with the last player to return with the correct answer each round getting eliminated.

Zach ended up winning the POV, and while he reconciled with Frankie, he was still looking for a way to back door him...He also wanted to get him out of the house.

Zach also told Victoria about the secret "Detonators" alliance, who in turn freaked out. In turn, Zach freaked out because he realized that he had blabbed to a blabber.

Of course, Zach blamed the whole thing on Nicole, which caused Derrick to confront everyone.

With the house called together, Zach admitted that he lied, which was ironic since he was the one who called out Frankie for being a liar earlier.

At Veto meeting Zach used his POV on himself, which caused Christine to puts up Nicole, her best friend, as a replacement nominee.

And when Nicole was voted out, she had the dubious distinction of going from HOH to evicted in one week.

When Connie Chung asked her who that could happen, Nicole deadpanned, "Because I was a physical beast," drawing laughs from the audience.

However, Nicole clearly had her feelings hurt, and said that the only person left in the house that she wanted to talk to going forward was Donny.

The HOH Competition was based upon an "emergency message" about a Zombie Apocalypse that the competitors had to listen to, and then answer questions about.

Sadly, Caleb Reynolds got bit and turned into a zombie as he was daydreaming about Amber.

With Derrick and Frankie winning HOH, we left off with former contestant Rachel Reilly discussing her most recent venereal disease with Connie Chung.

Being from Texas, Caleb Reynolds always dreamed of going to Texas Tech and becoming their "bell ringer." Sadly, he was too stupid, so he joined the Army. 

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