Sunday, May 17, 2015

The Bachelorette Blog - "Meet the Cast"

The new season of The Bachelorette is upon us.

This year ABC is starting with two different Bachelorettes, Kaitlyn Bristowe and Britt Nilsson, with rumor having it that only one of the two will make it to the second show.

Further rumor has it that Britt will be the one going home.

As we all know, Kaitlyn is a...Well, let's just say that we know she's from Canada. We also know that she's not afraid to tell dirty jokes or moon a camera if it gets her a laugh.

Bachelorette Kaitlyn Bristowe dropping trow and showing the North Americas her Canadian ass. 

As usual, the casting call for The Bachelorette brought out the worst that "man" kind has to offer: Ed Hardy t-shirts, personal trainers, aspiring actors/models/musicians, and soccer players.

With that said, let's take a look at Kaitlyn's...I mean Kaitlyn and Britt's prospective men.

First Impressions - A non exhaustive list of the guys on the show this season, and my initial impressions of them from their bio's and social media pages:

Brady Toops - A former baseball player at the University of Arkansas, Brady Toops decided to give up a minor league career in order to move to Nashville and wear "deep-V" shirts...I mean become country singer, which speaks volumes about his character...Only in the worst possible way.

Brady Toops is rumored to have left The Bachelorette in order to date Britt Nilsson after she was not chosen to be The Bachelorette by a majority of the guys.  

Ryan McDill - Ryan McDill is the owner of "All Star Auto Parts," which when you look into it, is really just a junkyard. Given that he works with trash for a living, that makes McDill's long term relationship with Nikki Ferrell (before she won The Bachelor with Juan Pablo) make all that more sense.

Ryan McDill is Nikki Ferrell's ex-boyfriend. You may remember her from when she "won" the right to be Juan Pablo's bitch.

Clint Arlis - A former collegiate wrestler at Illinois, Clint Arlis describes himself as "cocky and confident" and is currently an architectural project engineer in Chicago.

Clint Arlis also seems like the type of guy who would come to your party and pee in your ice cube tray. 

Corey Stansell - Corey Stansell once owned a "College Hunks Hauling Junk" franchise, which means that he used to work for Ryan McDill (see above).

I love that Corey Stansell apparently thought so much of his volleyball skills to hash tag his own name on his photos. 

Shawn Booth - Shawn Booth is a former college soccer player who went to become a group fitness trainer in Nashville. His bio indicates that he likes "Bro Country" and One Direction, which seems about right for a soccer player.

As a "bro," we should all pray for Shawn Booth's future.

Ryan Beckett - An "equestrian real estate agent" from Boca Raton, FL, Ryan Beckett lists his hobbies as playing polo, show jumping, golf, tennis and sailing.

Basically Ryan Beckett is the douchey white guy in every John Cusack movie in the 1980's. 

Daniel Finney - Daniel Finney describes himself as a socialite and philanthropist from Nashville, which basically means that he throws keggers and gives his guests cab money to get home. He also has his own clothing and furniture lines where he uses reclaimed materials.

Daniel Finney is obviously just came on The Bachelorette to promote his clothing line, so let's just show his his tablecloths and get it over with. 

Shawn Evans - While he describes himself as a "realtor" from Ontario, Shawn Evans also turns out to be an "amateur sex coach," and while I was afraid to Google what that means, I'm 100% sure it means he has to register with authorities and can't live withing 500 yards of a school or park.

Shawn Evans also bills himself as a "single dad." Unfortunately, his daughter lives with her mother, not him, so while he's technically single, he's not really much of a "dad."

J.J. Lane III - J.J. Lane is a single dad from Denver who describes himself as an entrepreneur.

Unlike Shawn Evans, we have evidence that J.J. Lane III actually gets to see his kid. 

Tanner Tolbert - Tanner Tolbert, an assistant finance manager for Honda in Kansas City, is yet another dude who loves "Bro Country." I don't get it.

Tanner Tolbert: Unlike casting calls for The Bachelor, The Bachelorette apparently didn't require the prospective contestants to take their shirts off. 

Ben Higgins -
 Ben Higgins is business analyst from Denver...That's pretty much it.

Ben Higgins...Not sure how he got on the show.

Ben Zorn - A former football player at San Jose State, Ben Zorn is now a fitness trainer and lists his biggest accomplishment as obtaining his certification as a personal trainer.

Ben Zorn: Becoming a personal trainer is kind of the adult equivalence of passing the Presidential Physical Fitness Test back in grade school. Sure you get a nice certificate, but it doesn't mean anything more than you being able to do the "flex arm hang."  

Bradley Cox - Bradley Cox is a former D-1 collegiate tennis player, and now sells cars in Atlanta.

Bradley Cox said in his bio that he would want to be Tom Brady, so he could play in prime time and go home to have sex with a super model who looks like a dude. 

Chris Strandburg - Currently a dentist in Nashville, Chris Strandburg was once an Abercrombie model and a contestant on The Janice Dickenson Modeling Agency.

So in other words, Chris Strandburg is either gay, or he's covered in Janice Dickenson's stink. Either way, his past is not going to go over well on the show. 

Cory Shivar - Cory Shivar indicated that his biggest fear about a date is finding out that she's really a dude, so he had to be relieved when this year's Bachelorette wasn't Jillian Anderson from last season with Chris Soules.

Cory Shivar graduated Cum Laudie in Construction Management, which is kind of like graduating at the top of your class in psychology...You still didn't really go to college.   

David Blackguy David is a 26-year-old real estate agent in Orlando, which after the housing market crash in central Florida, has to be about as difficult as being one of the token black guys on The Bachelorette.

David I'm not really sure what David's real last name is, and I'm not really sure that he'll be around long enough for me to find out.

Ian Thompson - Ian Thompson went to Princeton, only to settle to become a "recruiter," showing just how bad the economy is these days.

Ian Thompson 

Jared Haibon - Jared Haibon lists himself as an aspiring actor/model, but he's really just a restraurant manager given that he's 26 and still lives in Rhode Island.

Jared Haibon: Somebody got suckered into buying "glamour shots" at the mall!

Joe Bailey - Joe Bailey is an insurance salesman. He also calls himself a racehorse owner, but lives in the part of Kentucky where they don't grow thoroughbreds, so I'm thinking this guy is full of shit.

Joe Bailey apparently got his casting call one year too late, as he's on record as saying, "I would totally appear on The Bachelorette to fall in love with Andi Dorfman. Sadly, that says as much about his taste in women as it does about his intentions for this season. 

Jonathan Holloway - A 33-year-old auto spokesman from Detroit, Jonathan  claims to "Always try to listen to a woman's needs, not just in the bedroom," which is his polite way of saying that he "doesn't go down."

Jonathan Holloway: There are token reality show black guys, and then there are black guys from Detroit. Ever since VH-1 cancelled their dating shows, they all end up on The Bachelorette.

Josh Seiter - Josh is a 27-year-old law student from Chicago.

Josh Seiter is also a stripper by night, proving that some people really do put themselves through law school by stripping, it's just that none of them are women. 

Joshua Albers - Joshua Albers actually majored in theater at Idaho State University, which was his way of trying to tell his friends and family that he was gay before he went to technical college and became a welder.

Joshua Albers, showing the perils of bad tattoos. When you live in cool places, you get talented artists who ink your designs. When you live in Idaho, you get little kids who color starfish and drink coasters on your arms in permanent marker. 

Justin Reich - Justin Reich is a personal trainer and single dad from Illinois.

Given that it looks like he has his son at a monster truck rally, the state of Illinois might want to reconsider Justin Reich's custody arrangement (in fairness to Justin, at least he made his kid wear earphones).

Kupah James - A 32-year-old "Entrepreneur" from Boston, Kupah James apparently thinks that having a Macbook and an iTunes account makes you a D.J.

Is it a coincidence that Kupah James set up his D.J. table along side what appears to be a group of fat white women doing yoga? Yeah, that was a rhetorical question. 

Tony Harris - Tony Harris is a 35-year-old "healer" from St. Louis. If I was on the show, the first thing I would do is punch him in the face.

If a "healer" like Tony Harris is going on The Bachelorette, I guess Jenny McCartney is no longer available. 

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Blogging Survivor: Worlds Apart - "A reward that will fix wishin'!"

This week's episode of Survivor began with everyone in "The Alliance" against Mike, who had managed to stay in the game the last two weeks only by winning Personal Immunity and playing a Hidden Immunity Idol.

Dan even drew a line in the sand regarding Mike saying, "I have zero interest in working with Mike...It's the fact that he's so arrogant, he's so condescending. To Hell with Mike, to Hell with his Idol!"

Dan Foley then started to hallucinate, and began eating an imaginary cheeseburger. 

The Reward Challenge was yet another obstacle course, where the teams divided into teams of three and raced to release puzzle pieces, and then solve that puzzle in order to win a helicopter ride and a surf and turf dinner.

Unfortunately, neither team was initially able to solve the puzzle, which Jeff Probst hinted as being a phrase that he had said "over and over" throughout the years as the host of the game.

That caused Boston Guy to guess, "A reward that will fix wishin!", as even Dan laughed at him.

Apparently Rodney Lavoie, Jr. and Brandon Hantz tied in their Survivor "Wonderlick" scores at "0."

Mike, Carolyn and Will correctly guessed, "A reward with all the fixin's," causing Rodney to lose yet another Reward Challenge.

Carolyn debated out loud about weather or not to keep her reward or give it to Rodney, but in the end she embarrassed him by announcing, "Alright, I'm going to keep it."

Back at camp, Boston Guy began to plot his revenge for Carolyn not giving him her reward despite the fact that she won and he didn't, if that makes any sense.

The Immunity Challenge saw the players using grappling hooks to retrieve a bag of balls, and then try to use those balls to solve a table maze.

Apparently having growin up without a dad, Boston Guy proved to be unable to throw his hook better than any of the girls.

Equally as uncoordinated, Dan exclaimed, "I suck at life"

Jeff Probst gave the play by play, exclaiming, "Mike is in that inner circle! He just has has to drop it in that final hole...Mike is in the hole! He's back out!"

And after Mike got done having sex with Sierra, he went on to win Individual Immunity and said, Thank you Jesus," referring to having sex with Sierra, not winning Immunity.

With Mike winning Immunity and "The Alliance" forced to turn on each other, Dan was of the belief that Carolyn, who had a Hidden Immunity Idol at her disposal, was the next in the pecking order to go, while the rest of the tribe was considering voting Dan out.

But when "The Alliance" gave that information to Mike, he decided to use it to his advantage and approached Dan to get him, and his extra vote, on his side.

Of course Dan was in denial, and even said, "Mike has the audacity, the unmitigated gall, to look at me and say, 'I can save you!'"

At Tribal Council, Boston Guy was asked about how much he trusted his fellow alliance members.

"At day 35, trust is is uh...Let me think, I'm kind of, out of my mind right now a little bit."

Jeff Probst referred to Boston Guy's fatigue asking, "Your brain really has to work hard to try and form a sentence?"

Rodney Lavoie's inability to form a sentence had had less to do with fatigue than it had to do with him being a "Bro" from Boston.

Sure enough, Rodney had to ask Jeff, "So, what was the question again?"

After the votes were cast, Dan decided to play his advantage, which as most everyone knew, was getting to cast two votes at a Tribal Council, and he foolishly cast them both for Carolyn.

Carolyn then boldly proclaimed, "I'm not taking any chances, Jeff," as she played her Idol and said, "I'm not going home tonight."

As it turned out, that play saved Carolyn's ass, as she received 5 votes to Dan's 2, but none of the votes against her counted, sending Dan's foolish ass back home to Maine.

And with the game down to five players and Carolyn realizing that her alliance had attempted to turn against her, we're left wondering, 'Can Mike flip Carolyn and Sierra and change the game?'

Friday, May 8, 2015

Blogging Survivor: Worlds Apart "It's just my old fat ass"

This week's episode of Survivor began with Mike, the only player who wasn't part of the dominant alliance, holding a Hidden Immunity Idol that the others all knew about.

"U Can't Do That" - By holding onto an Immunity Idol, Mike Holloway
all but assured that he couldn't be voted out this week.

That meant, in all likelihood, that the alliance would be forced to vote one of their own out this week, assuming that Mike played his Idol.

Knowing that either he, or someone in his alliance would be going home, Dan was paranoid after having received two votes at the previous Tribal Council, tipping him off that he was at the ass end of their totem pole.
And honestly, if I was designing a totem pole, I'd want this image of Dan Foley at the bottom of it. 

But before things got real, the Reward Challenge saw the players divide into two tribes and navigate a maze, and then launch the balls that they collected into a series of net targets on a slanted wooden platform.

The prize for the winning team was getting to deliver supplies to some local orphans, as well as having a BBQ feast with the local village that they were helping.

Ironically, Rodney forgot the grab the balls for the blue team, which was pretty much all you can assume a dude from Boston would be good at.

Rodney's gaff allowed Mike, Sierra and Carolyn to win the reward, although he still tried to guilt one of them into giving up their spot to him because it was his birthday and he was yet to win a Reward Challenge.

Unfortunately for Rodney, nobody was buying in on his sob story, which caused him to mope, "0-5 in Reward Challenges, and a bunch of scumbags who neglected me on my birthday."

Rodney's victim attitude caused Carolyn to comment, "When you think about it, this is not a horrible birthday, you're on Survivor for God's sake!"

While the winners were off getting their reward, Rodney came up with the plan to say he had
"checked out," and that he wanted to be voted out of the game as a ploy to lull Mike into not playing his Immunity Idol.

That caused Dan appease Rodney by saying, "I think it's pretty smart," before telling the camera, "I do not think for a second that it's going to work, and that's alright with me. Let him have his moment of explosion."

And when Rodney asked everyone else, "Why would he play it if I'm acting so good?",  Tyler deadpanned, "Because it's Survivor."

Sure enough, when Mike first heard Rodney try to sell his story, he didn't buy it.

"I see right through the plan. Try to make me feel like I'm safe so I don't play my Idol. That ain't happening brother. (I'm) not an idiot. Just because I talk slow, doesn't mean I think slow.

The much important Immunity Challenge had the competitors balance on a small ledge and lean back while hanging onto a rope, and then give the rope more slack while leaning back even farther as the challenge progressed.

Rodney tried to sell his sob story of why he was eliminated by saying he just wasn't into it when he let go, while Dan was a little more honest when he said, "It's just my old fat ass Jeff."

Carolyn ended up winning over Tyler, which left Dan as the obvious target in the event that Mike played his Idol.

However, Dan realized as much, and still had an extra vote in his pocket as his advantage from the auction.

At Tribal Council, Tyler seemed secure when Jeff asked him about the prospect of getting voted out. "Would I be surprised? Yes."
At least Tyler Fredrickson finally found something that would allow him to keep wearing a helmet after his playing days at Cal wound up. 

In the end, Dan voted to send Mike home, which could have sealed his own fate, but as it turned out, he must have known something, as Tyler was the one who was voted out in a major blindside.

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blogging SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart - "I love cheeseburgers!"

This week's episode of Survivor began with Shirin trying to explain her aggressive reaction after getting called out by Will for falsely accusing him of hoarding tribal food, when he in fact had kindly offered to share all of his personal winnings from the food auction with the rest of the tribe.

Shirin defended herself by saying, "I have this "Pavlov's Dog" reaction to men yelling at me," which she attributed to her biological father verbally abusing her, and was apparently her way of telling everyone that she spent her early twenties as a stripper.

Even Dan seemed to see through her saying, "Shirin is a drama queen, she is a two faced liar, she loves to play the victim," which again, seemed to confirm that she used to be a stripper.

The Reward Challenge saw the tribe divide into two different teams, where they were only allowed to use barrels and planks to get themselves across a field without anyone, or their planks, touching the ground, with the winning team earning a catamaran cruise with a burger bar and pies for dessert.

That seemed to spark Dan Foley, who put up the fight of his life as he declared, "I love cheeseburgers!"

And the moral of the story turned out to be "never underestimate a hungry fat guy," as Dan, Tyler, Will and Carolyn ended up winning with their slow and conservative approach.

At camp, Rodney, a loser in every challenge so far, declared that he needed some "Rodney time," while Mike and the rest of their team decided to choke a chicken.

The Immunity Challenge required the competitors to hold on to a rope that was attached to bag with 25 percent of their body weight, with the winner for both the males and females gaining Immunity.

Sadly, Dan was eliminated before the contest event started, as he was unable to lift his 75 pounds.

Carolyn ended up winning Immunity for the women, while Mike proved to be stronger than Rodney and held on the longest for the men.

Back at camp, Shirin tried to make a case for staying in the game by saying how awful of a player she was.

Unfortunately, she was talking to Dan who said, "Of course I'd love to sit next to Shirin in the finals, nobody likes her."

Meanwhile, Tyler went through Dan's bag, and found out that he had earned an extra vote at a Tribal Council from the advantage that he won at last week's auction.

While Shirin and Dan both looked to be in trouble, in addition to having won Individual Immunity, Mike also had a Hidden Immunity Idol, which he considered giving to Shirin heading into Tribal Council, as he said, "just to shake things up."

At Tribal Council, Shirin campaigned to stay in the game by calling out Tyler, who despite being solid in his alliance, was the biggest threat as the games' best physical player.

Then again, Tyler Fredricks was a soccer player. 

But when Mike chimed in to sell voting him out too, Tyler jumped in and pointed out how Mike couldn't be trusted after flipping on his own alliance last week.

"And they're listening to you because your loyalty has been spot on in the last week?"

Why in pink Mike Holloway? Why in pink?

When Jeff asked Mike if he had anything to say, he jumped in and said, "Yeah, absolutely, I know Shirin and I are not going home tonight," as he indicated that he was going to give Shirin his Immunity Idol.

Mike then went on to say, "Here's the plan, Jeff. Shirin's voting for Tyler, I'm voting for one of the other four who doesn't have Immunity, and uh, you take your chances," making it know that the smart play for the alliance members would be to vote out Tyler if they wanted to assure their own safety.

Shirin voted for Tyler as planned, and even had the balls to add a little cut at him by saying, "Just sit there and look pretty."

Of course, after everyone voted, Mike said to Shirin, "I love you girl," but failed to give her his Immunity Idol as he had indicated.

And when the votes were read, Mike's selfishness failed him, or at least it failed Shirin, as the alliance held strong and she was voted out.

That left Mike with an Immunity Idol, but no allies left in the game.

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Blogging SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart - "It's like a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket!"

This week began with the classic Survivor food auction episode.

Will began by bidding $100 on a mystery item turned out to be a ticket out of the auction and back to camp.

And with the black guy gone, Jeff cruelly announced that the next item up for bid would be fried chicken and waffles, while the white women began grinding on Dan as Will walked off in tears.

Mike held onto all of his cash in order to bid on an advantage in the game, but not before Jeff offered up a notes from everyone's loved ones.

The contestants agreed to set the winning bid at $20, which would allow everyone to buy their note from back home for the same price and leave them all on equal footing to bid for the advantage in the game.

However, while Mike told everyone that he was buying his loved one note, he backed away once everyone else had bought theirs in order to save his entire wad for the much coveted "advantage."

That caused Carolyn to bring her unread note back to Jeff to get her money back, which in turn caused Mike to reconsider being a douche and buy his note like everyone else who actually loved their family had promised to do.

With Carolyn, Mike and Dan all having their full stash of money, Dan won the tie-breaker for the advantage by drawing rocks.

Fortunately for Will, when he arrived back at camp he received a map to a private stash of food and drinks to help him through the rest of the game. Unfortunately for Will, there were no white women.

For some reason known only to Will and Oprah, he decided to share his rations with the rest of the tribe.

Worse yet, Mike and Shirin assumed that the stash that Will was gracious enough to share was meant for the entire tribe, and that what he did in fact share (which was everything he received), was not everything he received.

That accusation caused Will to flip the fuck out, telling Shirin "Nobody likes you. I guarantee that (there's) nobody (at) home (or) in the United States that misses you."

Of course, being the hero that she thinks she is, Jenn indicated that she might stick around to mess up Will's game, even though he was in the right and that she had already quit playing the game.

Meanwhile, Mike decided to attack Boston Guy by saying, "Three famous words, flippers never win." That caused Boston Guy to flip out by repeatedly telling Mike, "You better relax!" as Mike was the one who held kept his cool and Boston Guy kept yelling.

Dan opened up his advantage and learned that he he had bought himself an "extra vote" at Tribal Council. Or as he said, "It's like a Willy Wonka Golden Ticket!"

At the Immunity Challenge, Will asked Jeff Probst if he could sit out to receive his letter from back home like everyone else did, saying that his family was more important to him than winning Immunity.

And when Jeff said that he'd grant his wish, but only if everyone else agreed, Shirin was the only one who cast a dissenting vote.

And because Shirin Oskooi is a giant devil bitch, Will was denied his letter from back home. 

The Immunity Challenge involved racing over a balance beam course to place six different balls in balls in a a menorah like fixture using only a set of tonges.

Mike ended up winning Individual Immunity.

However, Mike's alliance still did not have numbers on their side, and while Will was given the option of voting the Shirin out, he actually wanted to keep her around just to make her life miserable.

Noting that Dan was the swing vote, Jenn noted, "My entire game is in dumbass's hands," forgetting that she's not exactly a rocket surgeon herself.

Dan took being the swing vote the only way he possibly could, and let the power go to his head, causing him to yell at everyone who was lobbying for his vote that it was going to be, "My decision!"

At Tribal Council, Will denied attacking Sharin.

Sharin rebutted that comment by saying, "He started talking about how I have no family, how I'm a loser, how more people in this game like him than like me in my entire life."

While that made it seem like Will had in fact attacked Shirin, he responded perfectly by telling Jeff, "That's true though."

And when Shirin continued to plead her case against Will by saying, "That I have no soul, that he needs to pray for me," he once again defended his comments by saying, "That's true though!"

Shirin then went on to call everybody out for not standing up for her since her biological dad verbally abused her and a bunch of other stuff that I stopped listening to.

After Shirin finally got done airing her grievances, Boston Guy called Mike out for trying to manipulate the auction and lying about buying his letter from home before Carolyn called his his not so tricky trickanery out.

In the end, Jenn was voted out, sending her back home to her much beloved family, yachts, and cheeseburgers.

I actually think that Jenn Brown would look better with a cheeseburger tattooed on her belly. 

Friday, April 17, 2015

The Survivor Blog - "I still hate you."

This week's Survivor began with Jenn suddenly wanting quit the game because her BFF Hali got voted out, which made no sense at all considering that she had to know that she'll look so much prettier going forward without Hali standing next to her all the time.

Hali Ford might not be considered pretty outside of laws school, but she knows how to pick the right accessories that make her look better, like Jenn  Brown.  

The Reward Challenge saw the contestants divide into two teams and navigate an aquatic obstacle course in order to be the fastest to retrieve five rings floating in the water with a grappling hook.

With the winning team earning a trip to what Jeff Probst dubbed the "Chocolate Cafe," Dan, Sharin, Tyler, Mike and Sierra ended up winning unlimited candy bars, as well as unlimited trips to the rest room.

In a case of "I know what you've been doing, but you've been doing it wrong," Sierra came down with herpes on her neck, while Joe had an outbreak on his pecs.

While the others were away at their reward, Boston Guy successfully lobbied to kill a chicken, which all but eliminated Jenn's final ally in camp.

At the Immunity Challenge the contestants had to stand on their toes and use the top of their heads to keep a block pinned against a beam that was above them without slouching and letting it fall.

Joe finally lost his first Immunity Challenge, which allowed Tyler to claim Individual Immunity.

Back at camp, Joe claimed that he was going to play an Idol that he didn't have, so the jewelry maker went to work and constructed a fake Idol out of a stash of drift wood, sea shells and the remnants of Dan's underpants, all of which he had found washed up on the beach.

Joe Anglim may go down as the best all around player in the history of  Survivor who never made it longer than people like Shirin or Jenn Brown. 

Better yet, Joe promised to give Mike the fake Idol, but only if Mike promised to vote for Jenn instead of himself.

At Tribal Council, Jenn continued her half ass approach to staying in the game, even though she clearly wanted to go home, by trying to explain why she competed hard enough to finish second in the Immunity Challenge.

Jenn began by saying, "I don't like this, but I really do want this," before going on to state, "It would be really cool to win that necklace."

Of course, she said she would have just given the Idol to Joe had she won it just to mix things up given that everyone was planning on voting for him, so it was all clearly just a game to her.

However, when Jeff offered Jenn the chance to do the right thing and let Joe stay in the game by simply walking away, Jenn refused and selfishly stated, "That's quitting, and I don't do quitting."

Joe made it known that he wanted to stay in the game that he loved and lobbied against Jenn by saying, "She's already quit mentally, emotionally and physically."

Joe also noted how people might be willing to take Jenn all the way to the end because she didn't give a shit anymore, which come to think of it, just might have been her plan all along.

Mike then asked Jeff Probst to verify the fake Immunity Idol that Joe had given him, which Jeff refused to do until he officially played it.

In what turned out to be a confusing vote to the non-power players, Tyler cast his vote for Jenn but said, "I have no idea what is going on."

Likewise, Boston Guy voted for Joe while saying, "I have no idea what is going to happen tonight."

And when Mike got up and played Joe's fake Immunity Idol by announcing, "I'm going to play it for Will," Jeff informed him, "This is NOT a Hidden Immunity Idol. Any votes cast for Will will still count."

Fortunately for Will, nobody voted for him, and it all came down to Joe and Jenn.

And Just as the final vote was about to be read with Jenn and Joe tied 4 to 4, Jenn gushed, "This is exciting," almost as if she was sailing around the world on a whim in a yacht that her parents had given her.

Upon hearing Jeff say that it was Joe who was voted out, Shirin, in her first likable moment all season, looked at Jenn and said while sneering, "I still hate you."

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blogging Survivor: Worlds Apart - "Maybe she's an idiot savant, but I'm leaning more towards the idiot side."

This week's Survivor began Boston Guy upset with Mike for switching his vote at Tribal Council from Hali to Jenn, which allowed Jenn to play her Idol and eliminate Kelly instead of Hali as they had planned.

Meanwhile, Jenn Brown let her little bit of success go straight to her ass...Just like everything she eats. 

Boston Guy was also upset that the new tribe was rationing their food, which is kind of hard for someone who is only smart as dog to understand.

But instead of biting, Boston Guy impressed everyone when he said, "Every time I get mad I'm just going to walk away, maybe punch a tree or something, and then come back in there with a fresh 'cool, calm and collected mindset," which was apparently something that he actually took away from his anger management classes.

Rodney Lajoie, Jr. - Sadly, I get the feeling that there are trees all over Boston missing bark, with an equal number of douchey dudes walking around with their hands wrapped up in ice dancing like they were Gronk. 

The Reward Challenge required the contestants to navigate a series of balance beams to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces, with the top three finishers getting to compete to complete their puzzle for a zip line tour and pizza party.

Joe ended up being the fastest on the beams and his puzzle to win reward, and he chose Tyler, Will and Carolyn to join him.

And when Jeff Probst announced that he could take a 5th person, Boston Guy lobbied to go.

However, Joe dismissed by telling him that he already ate more than anybody around camp, and he chose Shirin to go instead.

At the pizza party, Carolyn ended up with a bottle of soda that had an Immunity Idol clue in it, but was so oblivious that she offered the rest of her drink to Joe.

Tyler saw Joe nearly choke on the clue as he tried to swallow it, so Joe felt compelled to share it with him back at camp.

Of course, Mike saw Tyler read the clue with Joe, so Tyler felt compelled to tell him what the clue said...Which started a mad dash to search for the Idol.

Mike, who was the least deserving person, ended up finding the Idol, which he wanted to use to help get rid of Joe.

Dan confronted Shirin, or whatever her name is, for what he described as her being content as, "Yet another fan who can't do simple math," in reference to her willingness to be on the ass end of the numbers game so long as she wasn't next up to be evicted.

And when Shirin responded by saying that she had a plan in place Dan said, "Maybe she's an idiot savant, but I'm leaning more towards the idiot side."

As somebody who's just along for the ride, Dan Foley probably shouldn't be one to judge. 

At the Immunity Challenge, the contestants only had to navigate a slide puzzle through a table maze and then solve that puzzle.

After twice proclaiming victory, Dan was, well, wrong both times. That allowed Joe to come from behind and win, which pretty much shit in Mike's Easter Basket.

That was Joe's third Individual Immunity Challenge win, which has to put him in the conversation for being one of the most dominant Survivor players ever, at least when it comes to just the challenges.

At camp, the girls all bonded together, not to because they were trying to make a big move to win the game, but because the annoying but harmless Dan had hurt their feelings and they wanted to vote him out.

And while Jenn and the girls seemed confident in their plan, it was Hali who was voted out over Dan when Sierra elected not to flip. In the process, Dan nearly wet himself, while Boston Guy to laughed out loud.