Friday, August 15, 2014

The Big Brother 16 Blog - "Stop playing big baby, let's play Big Brother!"

This week picked off with a grueling skating themed HOH Competition still in progress.

Or as Victoria said, "This competition is a nightmare. This feels like I'm freekin' running up the escalator at the mall. I'm literally staying in one place, but my energy's all gone."

For some reason, in Victoria Rafaeli's real life, which pretty much consists of lying by the pool and taking selfies, I don't think she needs a whole lot of energy. 

With Derrick far behind the leaders, he elected to go for the smaller bowl to fill and the $5,000 prize instead of HOH.

Caleb, in clear pain, mumbled to himself, "You can cry when it's over, you can cry when it's over," before going on to win HOH...and crying.

During the competition, Nicole gave a tip to go faster to Christine, which didn't go over well with the rest of The Detonator alliance, who saw Christine as playing both sides.

Or as Victoria said about Christine, "She's just so fake where I can't even stand it."

With Derrick ignoring her, and Victoria not used to being ignored, she snapped at him, "Are you not even in this conversation?"

Either Victoria Rafaeli gained weight in her face this summer, or she was attacked by a swarm of Botox.

When Caleb put Nicole up as a Have Not, she flipped out and wanted to go back home to Michigan before Derrick consoled her...Not because he was being a good guy, but because he was being a good player who wanted her Jury vote.

Not realizing that The Detonators had been using her all summer, Christine declared, "I'm not that nervous, I think it's going to be pretty straight forward."

Right on cue, Caleb nominated Nicole along with Christine for eviction.

The POV Competition required the contestants to watch video and cut wires to prevent a bomb from detonating, which was slightly ironic for Nicole and Christine.

Basically, it was a game of memory, with smoke bombs blowing up in your face in the event you got your "match" wrong.

When Christine won the POV, Frankie whispered something in her ear. Paranoid as always, Caleb not happy that Frankie spoke with one of their other alliance members, and demanded to know what Frankie had told her, which was that he would have gone to the end with her.

With Cody being the first player eliminated in the POV, he "won" a dinosaur costume.

With the dinosaur costume, Caleb Calafiore looked very ferocious with stubby little arms...Kind of like Caleb Reynolds.

At the Veto Meeting, Christine took herself off the block, and Caleb decided to put Victoria up as his replacement nominee instead of Frankie.

Even the intellectually challenged Victoria saw that Caleb lacked the cojones to make a big move saying, "Caleb did not make a big game move. Honestly, he's just a wimp."

Worse yet, Caleb told Frankie that he had considered putting him up as a replacement nominee, and Frankie asked him, "Who brought it up?" Sure enough, Caleb told  him it was Cody.

In a giant Detonators shit storm, Frankie decided to target Derrick, even though Derrick was the one who saved him from being a replacement nominee by talking Caleb out of it.

To top things off, before the Eviction Ceremony began, Connie Chung announced that it was going to be a surprise double eviction.

In her eviction speech Nicole pleaded for someone to make a bold game move by saying, "Stop playing big baby, let's play Big Brother and let's do some big game moves."

However, even Christine voted to evict her friend Nicole, who was evicted in a unanimous vote.

Not realizing that Connie Chung doesn't get a jury vote, Cody tried to kiss ass by saying, "Julie, you look amazing," to which Connie Chung said, "I wish I could say the same about you," in reference to his dino-tard.

The house guests then immediately went to another HOH Competition, with video statements from evicted house guests where the contestants had to guess "true of false" on a a statement that was said to be there bleeped out words.

Derrick won the HOH, and immediately was forced to nominate Victoria and Christine, saying that he was "Going with the house."

Frankie won the POV, which required the players to navigate a ball through three table mazes.

And with Frankie declining to use the POV, Christine was evicted in a unanimous 3-0 vote by her fellow Detonator alliance members, who elected to keep floater Victoria in the house.

Obviously pissed off, Christine didn't say good bye to anyone, and just abruptly left the house, which might have been the wrong decision since she walked out to a chorus of angry boos from viewers disgusted by the way she disrespected her husband by being a little more than flirtatious with Cody.

As Christine left the game in shame, Connie Chung announced another twist.

That twist was called "The Big Brother Rewind," which was described as a chance to replay an entire week of the game as two nominees were on the block, provided that the house decided to hit the "Rewind Button," not knowing what the consequence would be.

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