Thursday, August 14, 2014

Blogging Big Brother 16 - "I'm planning on bring him in for a real close bro hug, maybe play with his hair a little bit to see what all the fuss is"

This week picked off with Nicole having rejoined the house after defeating the other Jury Members, and The Detonators scrambling to tell Victoria that she was still safe...not because they liked her, but because she was too stupid to be considered a real threat to their game.

For some reason Caleb decided to brag about his karate skills saying, "I'm a third degree black belt. Jet Li, Jackie Chan, they don't hold a candle to "Beast Mode Cowboy."

He then proceeded to do some sort of kick and fell flat on his ass.

You may have heard of the "downward dog," well Caleb Reynolds calls this move "Beast Mode Backside."

A "boxing" themed HOH Competition required the contestants to figure out day in the house that a certain event occurred, and then "punch" it into a scoreboard. 

After Cody fell down trying to punch in one of his answers, Cody ended up beating Donny in final round for to capture the title of HOH.

With Caleb back on the crazy kick that Donny was "military special intelligence," and that he "has an IQ of at 150, I guarantee it," Cody nominated Donny and Nicole for eviction.

In a medical scare, Nicole found Victoria unconscious on the bathroom floor, which meant that she either passed out taking a hard poo or while getting bulimic.

And since Nicole seemed to indicate that Victoria Rafaeli had her pants on when she found her, I'm going with the whole Bulimia thing. 

Thankfully, the Big Brother medic slowly made his way through the house before he began to attend to her, before officially announcing that Victoria's illness was due to her "wisdom teeth," wink, wink.

Fortunately, Victoria returns in time not to be a factor in the Veto Competition, which was a Big Brother classic, looking at a lot of identical objects and guessing how many there were.

With the closest guess each round earning a point and the furthest away getting eliminated, the competitors also had the option of folding and simply moving on to the next round.

With Christine guessing that the POV would be the annual counting competition, she put a plan together for each of her alliance members to stay in for a particular round to maximize their odds of taking their target, Donny, out.

Frankie's turn to stay in round one, loses to Donny who got his first of three cards.

With Cody holding two points and only needing three to win the POV, nominees Donny and Nicole each decided to fold. Not only did that automatically hand Cody the POV, but it disproved Caleb's theory that Donny was a secret genius and military intelligence once and for all.

The first flaw with Caleb Reynold's theory is that no intelligent person has voluntarily joined the military in the last forty years.

With Caleb trying to do an impersonation of Nicole's in house boyfriend Hayden, Nicole quipped, "Sorry Caleb, but Hayden's a guy who can actually get a girl in the Big Brother House," in reference to Caleb's embarrassing one-sided courtship with Amber.

Caleb Reynolds might be the only guy in America not to get a girl after buying an Ed Hardy t-shirt.

Meanwhile, Christine's husband Tim Brecht tried to act cool when he was interviewed about how he felt about Christine holding hands and snuggling with Cody, even though he clearly wasn't cool with it.

Clearly hurt, Christine's husband said, "Boundaries have been crossed...Both of them could throw a little respect my way."

However, he came across as the bigger person when he joked, "When I see Cody I'm planning on bring him in for a real close bro hug, maybe play with his hair a little bit to see what all the fuss is about."

Tim Brecht and Christine Brecht...or whatever her maiden name was.

Even Christine's dad was embarrassed saying, "It's uncomfortable as a father to watch," in regards to her blatant disrespect towards her husband on national TV.

In the end, Donny was evicted by a vote of 5-0.

The good hearted and genuine Donny was in tears as he comes on stage to meet with Connie Chung, who informed him that she had already been contacted by the soap opera The Bold and the Beautiful, who wanted him to guest star on their show...Preferably as some sort of character who was a genius and in military special intelligence.

The house guests then began a skating themed HOH Competition where they had to fill a cup with liquid, and then skate or slide down a lane to fill a glass snowman high enough to remove a floating piece of coal.

That of course, left all sorts of hilarity. 

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