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Blogging Survivor: One World - Meet the Cast

Survivor - One World is upon us. This season the contestants are being divided into two tribes, one male and one female. Unlike in past seasons those two tribes, Salani for the women and Manono for the men, will be sharing one beach.

Other twists include the elimination of Redemption Island and a new "Do It Yourself Challenge" that is yet to be fully explained. Aside from the whole "One World" concept, the biggest change I see is that a person finding one of the two hidden Immunity Idols must give it to somebody instead of using it on themself.

Now let's get to know the contestants and break down their pros and cons based upon their official bios on the CBS website. Here they are broken down by tribe, but otherwise in no particular order:

Salani Tribe

Chelsea - A redneck, medical sales representative from Charleston, South Carolina.

Pros: She's athletic, and has spearfishing experience. Think Gretchen Wilson from a beach town.
Cons: Quoted in her bio as saying, "I haven’t seen any country girls who have a strong redneck side that are strong competitors." I don't see anything special about Chelsea that makes me think that will change. She's also the most likely to hook up with a guy and abandon her strategy.

Chelsea Meissner

Alicia - A special education teacher from Chicago.

Pros: None. Special education teachers have an annoying habit of talking down to people like they're 6-year-olds.
Cons: If you say that people will "will underestimate me because of my good looks," you better make sure that you're in the top half of your tribe when it comes to attractiveness.

Alicia Rosa

Christina - A career consultant from Hollywood, California.

Pros: She claims that the game "needs a funny, goofy and cute Asian girl," and Asians love Survivor.
Cons: She's Asian.

Christina Cha

Kat - A timeshare sales representative from Orlando, Florida.

Pros: She's not only young and attractive, but she's a farm girls, so she's probably not afraid to get her hands dirty around camp or competitions.
Cons: Being a self described leader, she may draw an early target. Claims that "Xena, the warrior princess" is her alter ego, so obviously something is wrong with her.

Kat Edorsson

Kimberly - A bridal shop owner from San Antonio, Texas.

Pros: She once worked as a whitewater rafting tour guide and seems athletic.
Cons:  Claims that she can figure out what animal a person would be within five minutes of meeting them, which serves no useful purpose.

Kimberly Spradlin

Kourtney - Hipster motorcycle mechanic from Austin, Texas.

Pros: Claims to be a great mediator, so she may be able to avoid conflicts.
Cons: She mentioned "maintaining my sanity through the mental and emotional torture I have endured in just the past few years," which means she has some serious daddy all hipsters do.

Kourtney Moon

Monica Wife of an ex-NFL player from Tampa Bay, Florida.

Pros: Is being the wife of an ex-NFL player enough to give you "celebrity" status in the eyes of your tribemates?
Cons: Spent her entire life living riding the coat tail of her husband, so she may end up trying a little to hard since she calls this experience "her time to step out."
Monica Culpepper

Nina - A retired Los Angeles Police Department officer.

Pros: Proved herself physically capable of competing with men in SWAT Team training competitions.
Cons: Retired police officers never seem to do well on Survivor, especially the female ones with an obvious chips on their shoulders when it comes to men like Nina.

Nina Acosta

Sabrina - A high school teacher from Brooklyn, New York.

Pros: Claims to have the ability to persuade people based upon a prior job where she booked people for talk shows.
Cons: Lists "people who spit and guys that constantly adjust their genitals" as her pet peeve, so she'll obviously clash with any Italians on the show.

Sabrina Thompson

Manono Tribe

Bill - Stand-up comedian from Venice, California.

Pros: Funny and athletic, or at least I assume he will be...because he's a stand-up comedian.
Cons: He's an ex-military member, so his need for structure may cause problems with tribemates, although his sense of humor may balance that out.

Bill Posley

Colton - A college student from rural Alabama who came out of the closet at age 12.

Pros: Seems to embrace the game. Claims to be athletic and witty. Lists his motivation to win as "I would love nothing more than to see my verbally abusive stepdad’s reaction when I win a million dollars on national TV."
Cons: Seems to have just a touch of bitchiness to him and OCD that may hurt him around camp.

Colton Cumbie

Greg - A plastic surgeon from Houston, Texas.

Pros: None to speak of.
Cons: He's old, has a creepy factor to him, and seems to be a bit pompous.

Greg Smith

Jay - A 25-year-old model and motocross rider from Gaffney, South Carolina

Pros: Does being a motocross rider count as being athletic?
Cons: He's religious. Survivor - South Pacific was obviously the season you wanted to be on for the purposes of forming an alliance if you were a Christian, so Jay missed out by a season.

Jay Byars

Jonas - A sushi chef from Utah who is reinventing himself after filing for bankruptcy a few years ago.

Pros: Seems like a regular guy, knows how to make fire and build shelter.
Cons: Doesn't appear very athletic. If he doesn't impress in the initial day at camp he could be targeted as a weak link.

Jonas Otsuji

Leif - Little person. Phlebotomist from San Diego, California.

Pros:  Midget super strength. Ability to fish and make fire.
Cons:  Claims to be the first "little person" ever cast on Survivor, which is obviously a lie since everyone knows that title went to Russell Hantz, who was later followed by his nephew Brandon.

Leif Monson

Matt - Attorney from San Francisco, California.

Pros: Seems athletic.
Cons: Mentions the full name of his own law firm in his bio, reminding me why I hated everyone when I was in law school.

Matt Quinlan

Troy - 50-year-old photographer from Miami, Florida.

Pros: Absolutely none.
Cons: He doesn't list his occupation as a photographer, but specifies he's a "swimsuit" photographer. The word douchebag doesn't even begin to describe this guy.

Troy Robertson

Michael - A banker from Seattle, Washington.

Pros: Athletic, says he knows how to avoid conflict and keep his mouth shut.
Cons: Calls himself a natural leader, may make himself a target.

Michael Jefferson

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