Thursday, March 26, 2015

Blogging SURVIVOR: "Is that something about me and my personality?"

This week's Survivor began with the remaining two tribes adjusting life after the first merge.

More specifically, the Blue Tribe had to adjust to Shirin, who complained about nobody wanting to align with her, which caused her to ask the rhetorical question, "Is that something about me and my personality?"

At the Blue Tribe, Boston Guy proclaimed that he didn't trust Mike because he goes to church, doesn't drink, and "doesn't potty," which I would think would actually be a redeeming quality around camp.

The Immunity Challenge involved climbing up an obstacle tower as a team, and then launching beanbags at a series of targets with slingshots.

Believe it or not, Fat Jenn did better than Boston Guy when it came to flicking beans, and the Red Tribe ended up winning beef stew, mac and cheese, and a bad case of the hot cocoas.

Not being able to come to grips over losing to a girl, Boston Guy decided he needed to throw the next Immunity Challenge in order to get rid of Joe, who he viewed as his main competition when it came to getting with the girls

Mike went along with Boston Guy's plans, but only to keep his true ally, Kelly, safe on the Red Tribe, where he felt that she was unprotected as the sole "Blue Collar."

The Immunity Challenge was a game of memory, with contestants from each team going one-on-one to memorize a sequence of items...Needless to say, Boston Guy didn't do very well.

Almost on script, the finals came down to Mike, who was trying to throw the challenge, and Kelly who Mike was trying to help win.

Mike Holloway proves why people from the south who don't drink shouldn't be allowed at pro hockey games. 

Unfortunately, Kelly was too dumb to take Mike's clues, and ended up needing three different tries to get things right, as Mike kept intentionally getting his sequence of items wrong. Needless to say, that didn't make Mike look too good.

However, as stupid as Kelly was, she was still smart enough to be appreciative of what Mike did for her.

"When I knew Mike was throwing the challenge and helping me out, that was the first time in my life I think I totally ever trusted somebody." Sadly, Kelly's story began when her dad died shortly after he sexually molested her.

Mike immediately seemed to regret his decision to throw the challenge, recognizing Boston Guy and Joaquin were working together as the new power couple.

That caused Mike to approach Joe and Sierra about splitting the two of them up; however, Sierra wasn't sure, mainly because she hated Dan so much that she didn't want to work with him, even if it was best for her game.

Sierra Dawn Thomas: I'm pretty sure that going pantless violates the Mormon code of conduct. 

At Tribal Council, everything revolved around wooing Sierra, who was the obvious swing vote.

In the end, Joaquin was blindsided, which actually left his BFF, Boston Guy, even more blindsided than he was.

Joaquin Souberbielle fared much better back when he was on the Jersey Shore. 

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