Sunday, April 5, 2015

Blogging Survivor: Worlds Apart - "Jeff, I really don't want to go home tonight"

This week's Survivor began with Boston Guy having a full blown Boston Tear Party over his pal Joaquin getting blindsided last week, thanks in part due to Mike.

Rodney Flajoie, Jr. is the type of guy who thinks that Rob Gronkowski dances cool. 

What was thought to be a Reward Challenge turned out to be the final merge, with the final tribe, "Merica," getting the chance to bond over a feast and a case of the shits.

However, in a mini twist, while the tribes were gone, their camp was completely removed by the producers so they had to completely rebuild.

Mike and Boston Guy decided to reconcile after the merge, and they compared their decision to get back together to having "make-up sex."

The Immunity Challenge required the players to wrap their arms and legs around a pole and hold on the longest in a test of endurance,

During the challenge Jenn got stung by a bee on her lady parts, which was obviously attracted to the nasty nectar stain on the vaginal region of her swimsuit.

Jenn Brown may want to burn her swimsuit bottoms once Survivor is over. 

In the end, Joe won the first Individual Immunity necklace of the season, which may have saved his ass and put the focus on the former Blue Collars heading into Tribal Council.

Former White Collars Tyler and Carolyn turned out to be the swing votes, with the option of voting out No Collar Jenn, or Blue Collar Kelly.

At Tribal Council, Will summarized the uncertainly to Jeff Probst by telling him, "You may get voted out tonight...I hope you have an Idol."

As it turned out, Jenn decided to play her Idol and said, "Jeff, I really don't wan't to go home tonight," which turned out to be a brilliant play, as she would have been voted out.

That sent Kelly home instead, allowing Jenn and her vag stain to play on.

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