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NFL Picks - Week 4: Because Ryan Fitzpatrick is returning to Cincinnati as the best player on the field

Week 3 NFL Picks: 9-7
NFL results season to date: 28-17-3

Week 3 College Fooball results: 3-2
College Football results season to date: 5-8

Week 4 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

Dallas vs. Detroit (Detroit, road, +1) Cris Carter said that Calvin Johnson's not an elite wide receiver and that he's not even one of the top 5 wide outs in the NFL right now...C'MON MAN! I like the Lions defensive line to abuse the Cowboys inexperienced offensive line, especially with there being little incentive to keep their safeties back given the injury to Cowboys deep threat Miles Austin.      

In my lifetime as a Lions fan, Detroit has had 2 kickers since 1980, Eddie Murray and Jason Hanson. Bonus points to Murray for having the nuts of steel to make the kick out of a standard pro-set formation with the game on the line...although I will finally admit that the Lions not only had too many men on the field, but they also committed a penalty for illegal procedure that went uncalled.

New Orleans vs. Jacksonville (New Orleans, road, -7) I don't think the Jaguars will be able to score enough behind rookie QB Blaine Gabbert to keep up with Drew Brees and the Saints high powered offense.
Philadelphia vs. San Francisco (Philadelphia, home, -9) San Francisco has no business being 2-1, while the Eagles have been a bit of a disappointment as compared to their high expectations this season. I look for the Eagles offense and Michael Vick to finally break lose in this game.
Washington vs. St. Louis (St. Louis, home, -2.5) I'm tempted to take the Pigskins here, but I think the Rams start to turn things around this week with Stephen Jackson coming back and giving them a more balanced offensive attack at home to take some pressure off of Sam Bradford.
Cleveland vs. Tennessee (Tennessee, road, even) Cleveland has failed to live up to expectations this year, while Tennessee has played much better than I would have expected. Otherwise, I could care less about this game.
Buffalo vs. Cincinnati (Buffalo, road, -3) If anyone would have told me that Ryan Fitzpatrick would return to Cincinnati as the quarterback for the Bills and easily be the best player on the field, I would say that I would have to see it to believe it. Fortunately for those of us in the the blackout zone for the Bengals, this entire NFL season will be entirely based on theory.
Minnesota vs Kansas City (Kansas City, home, +2) When both teams and coaching staffs are a hot mess, take the home team...especially when they are getting points in what is a hostile environment for the road team.
Chicago vs. Carolina (Carolina, road, +7) I'm done giving up points to Carolina and Cam Newton. As a hypothetical question, and not that I'm hoping it happens, let's say Lovie Smith dies in a tragic accident. Do the Bears promote Mike Martz and break the unwritten rule of never giving him a head coaching job in the NFL again, or do they give the job to Rob Marinelli and repeat the scenario he had in Detroit where Martz was his offensive coordinator and constantly undermined him? Alright, I lied, I sort of do hope this happens.
Houston vs. Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, road, +4) This may not be the best match-up for Pittsburgh's secondary against the Texans, but I'll take the Steelers and points every time it's an option.
New York Giants vs. Arizona (Arizona, home, +1) I have a feeling that Larry Fitzgerald and the Cardinals going to abuse the injury depleted Giants secondary.
Atlanta vs. Seattle (Seattle, home, +5) I know this pick makes no sense, but I'm going to keep riding Seattle at home whenever they get points, which actually does make sense...kind of.
San Diego vs. Miami (San Diego, home, -7) Phil Rivers and Vincent Jackson should be able to exploit the Dolphins secondary, which has talent, but just doesn't seem be be in sync.
Green Bay vs. Denver (Denver, road, +13) I have to think that the Broncos will come out and try to play conservative ball control offense to try to slow the game down and keep things close...or at least that's what I'm telling myself to justify not giving up 13 points and taking the Packers.
New England vs. Oakland (New England, road, -4.5) The Patriots probably won't be able to run against the Raiders front seven, and I don't expect them to even try. Tom Brady and company will spread things out and try to avoid the uncharacteristic interceptions that allowed Buffalo to come back a week ago and steal the win.
Baltimore vs. New York Jets (New York Jets, road, +4) Rex Ryan should have his Jets fired up for a primetime game, not that he enjoys the spotlight or anything. 

Tampa Bay vs. Indianapolis (Tampa Bay, home, -10.5) The Peyton Manningless Colts still have four more primetime games this season, which will cost the NFL millions when it comes time to renegotiate their Sunday and Monday Night Football deals due to the decrease in ratings that are going to be the result. This week Curtis Painter will be starting in place of Kerry Collins. If you've ever watched Painter try to throw a pass in the NFL, you'll happily lay the points and take Tampa in this game.

College Football's Top Games of the Week:

Alabama vs. Florida (Alabama, road, -4) I just don't think Florida is on the same level as Alabama.
Wisconsin vs. Nebraska (Nebraska, road, +10) I'm not a big believer in Nebraska as a challenger for the B1G title this year, but I think I'll take the 10 points in this one.
Virginia Tech vs. Clemson (Clemson, road, +7) Delusional Clemson fans still think they are perennial National Championship contenders based upon their Championship in 1981. A win this week will give them more fuel for that fire.    
Texas A and M vs. Arkansas (Texas A and M, road, -3) I like Texas A and M behind Ryan Tannehill in a shoot-out.

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