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NFL Picks - Week 8: "Because not even God will be able to help Tim Tebow this week"

Week 7 NFL Picks: 5-7-1
NFL results season to date: 52-43-7

Week 7 College Football results: 2-3
College Football results season to date: 13-17

Week 8 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

Tennessee vs. Indianapolis (Tennessee, home, -9) The Colts porous run defense gives Chris Johnson the perfect opportunity to get on track now that he is slowly working himself back into shape after not diligently exercising during his holdout.
Houston vs. Jacksonville (Jacksonville, road, +9.5) Andre Johnson is a game time decision, Mario Williams is out for the season, and it looks like the Texans will also be without their two starting safeties for this game. The question is whether or not rookie quarterback Blaine Gabbert will be able to exploit those absences for the Jaguars.
Carolina vs. Minnesota (Minnesota, road, -2) The Vikings actually looked markedly improved last week behind rookie quarterback Christian Ponder. Fellow rookie quarterback Cam Newton for the Panthers will face his toughest test yet in the pocket as he tries to avoid defensive ends Jared Allen and Brian Robison for Minnesota.  
Cleveland vs. San Francisco (San Francisco, home, -9) The 49ers front seven should be able to shut the Browns running game down to minimal yards per carry, even if they do try to rush the ball thirty plus timea. If Cleveland is put in a position where Colt McCoy is forced to throw, and I think they will be, the Browns and their inept receivers will be in big, big trouble.
New Orleans vs. St. Louis (St. Louis, road, -13.5) It is looking as if Rams quarterback Sam Bradford will miss yet another game due to injury. If that's the case, look for the Saints to blowout the Rams just like they destroyed the Colts last week.
Detroit vs. Denver (Detroit, road, -3) Tim Tebow was handed an absolute dream scenario last week when he got his first start of the season against the imploding Miami Dolphins. This week will be an absolute nightmare for him as he goes against an absolutely nasty front seven for the Lions, who should be able to take away his running game and mis-direction screen passes and make him read their defense, go through his progressions, and throw the traditional NFL passes like the 10-15 yard out that most scouts agree he is incapable of making. I look for Detroit to shut-up all the Tebow zealots in the Mile High City once and for all.

I think Tim Tebow's mom taking this whole religion thing with her son just a little too far.
Baltimore vs. Arizona (Baltimore, home, -13) If the Cardinals could not hang close to the Steelers at home last week, I think they'll have an even harder time against the Ravens defense on the road this week. I also look for the Ravens to bounce back offensively after they shit the bed on a national stage against the Jaguars on MNF last week. 
New York Giants vs. Miami (New York Giants, home, -10) I don't see any possible way that the Dolphins can play with the Giants on the road. The Dolphins have apparently sent out feelers as to Bill Cowher's availability, which now marks the second time in one year that the organization has not so secretly sought out a replacement for coach Tony Sporano while he is still under contract. If I'm GM Jeff Ireland, I have to feel like I'm hiring my own hit man given that a coach like Cowher would obviously demand control of player personnel in addition to taking over head coaching duties.
Buffalo vs. Washington (Buffalo, home, -6) The Pigskins should be able to run against the Bills, but I just don't trust John Beck to do enough passing the football with a depleted receiving corps to keep Washington in this game on the road.
New England vs. Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, home, +3) While both teams have terrible defenses, the Steelers have a surprisringly strong secondary. With a high powered offense of their own, I think that the Steelers will be able to keep pace with the Patriots at home, as New England lacks the pass rush to take advantage of the Steelers weakness at offensive tackle.
Cincinnati vs. Seattle (Seattle, home, +3) The Bengals have been much better than I ever expected, I just can't gamble on a rookie quarterback traveling across the country and giving points to a team that has been one of the better teams at home in the NFL over the past five or so years. If you don't believe me, just ask Drew Brees and his Saints how they fared against a clearly inferior Seahawks team on the road in last year's playoffs.
Philadelphia vs. Dallas (Dallas, road, +3.5) Dallas should be able to run the ball against the Eagles, which is probably the best strategy to neutralize their home field advantage. Look for the Cowboys defense to shut down the Eagles running game and make Michael Vick throw while moving backwards instead of running forward.

San Diego vs. Kansas City (Sand Diego, road, -3.5) Kansas City has brought themselves back up to .500 after an 0-3 start, but they have done so against three of the worst teams in the league. While Norv Turner, Phil Rivers and the Chargers seem to lack the killer instinct to be an elite team, they are still too talented not to beat the Chiefs convincingly, even on the road on a Monday night.

College Football's Top Games of the Week:

Nebraska vs. Michigan State (Michigan State, road, +4) Not only should the Spartans be able to establish their running game against the Cornhuskers, but their defense should be able to shut down Taylor Martinez and Nebraska's running game given their stout defensive line and speedy linebackers. The only wildcard in this game is Michigan State's first road trip to Lincoln for a Big1G game, but I still think that Sparty relies on their superior talent and beats Nebraska rather easily in this game.
Oklahoma vs. Kansas State (Oklahoma, road, -14) I just don't think that Kansas State has the defense to prevent Oklahoma's offense from scoring at will, which will make Bill Snyder's offense play a perfect game if they even want to stay close to the Sooners.
Georgia vs. Florida (Florida, neutral, -3) I think Gator quarterback Mike Brantley's return makes the difference in the World's Biggest Cocktail Party...Well, that and Mark Richt of the Bulldogs being one of the worst X's and O's coaches in all of college football. I have a strong feeling that Mike Peterson of Boise State is going to be getting a call from Athens shortly after the conclusion of this season.
Stanford vs. USC (Stanford, home, -8) The Trojan defense has given up far too many points to mediocre teams this season to convince me that they stand any chance of slowing down Andrew Luck and the Cardinal high efficiency offense.
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