Friday, October 14, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 6: Because Curtis Painter is the next Jim Sorgi

Week 5 NFL Picks: 5-7-1
NFL results season to date: 41-32-4

Week 5 College Football results: 2-2
College Football results season to date: 9-12

Week 6 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

Green Bay vs. St. Louis (Green Bay, home, -15) The Packers passing game lead by Aaron Rodgers should be able to exploit the Rams injury depleted secondary. Considering that Al Harris is probably the Rams best cornerback, and that he probably would be iffy at best at even making the roster of any other team in the NFL, I like Green Bay to run away with this game.
Pittsburgh vs. Jacksonville (Pittsburgh, home, -12.5) I will take the Steelers zone-blitz against an unproven rookie quarterback any day of the week.
Philadelphia vs. Washington (Washington, home, +1.5) The Eagles are not that good, so why are they favored in a hostile road environment like Washington? I have to take the points and the under the radar first placed Pigskins in this one.  
Detroit vs. San Francisco (San Francisco, road, +4.5) The Lions will not be able to run against the 49ers like the did against the Bears in this game. While I do look for the Lions give Matt Stafford enough time to throw the ball and pull out the win, I think the 49ers will be able to run the ball up the middle effectively enough to hang close in this game. 
Atlanta vs.Carolina (Carolina, road, +4) Damn it, I broke my rule of not betting against Cam Newton and the Panthers when they are getting points last week and it bit me in the ass. While I love Michael "Burner" Turner to run wild this week, my money is on Carolina to keep it close.
Indianapolis vs. Cincinnati (Indianapolis, road, +7) I was dead wrong about the Colts and Curtis Painter. The Colts may not win a game this season, but Painter is making Colts fans forget about Jim Sorgi, as he has his team is playing just well enough now to be somewhat competitive.
New York Giants vs. Buffalo (Giants, home, -3) While both Eli Manning and Ryan Fitzpatrick are having fantastic years passing, the Bills will have trouble going on the road and containing the Giants running game when they are giving up 5.3 yards per carry.
Baltimore vs. Houston (Baltimore, home, -8) The Texans are without Andre Johnson and Mario Williams due to injury. I just don't think that they will be able to run effectively enough to prevent the Ravens from sitting all over the passing game.
Oakland vs. Cleveland (Oakland, home, -7) The Browns short passing game should get snuffed out by the Raiders front-seven, especially since they have to travel across country and play in a hostile road environment.  
New York England vs. Dallas (New England, home, -7) The Patriots can't stop the run or the pass, but they can certainly throw the ball. Plus, I no longer have any faith in Tony Romo, especially when it comes to playing big games in front of road crowds.
New Orleans vs. Tampa Bay (Tampa Bay, home, +4.5) The Saints just aren't covering anymore, and I'm not about to give points to a solid team like the Buccaneers when they are playing at home.
Chicago vs. Minnesota (Chicago, home, -3) I think the Vikings will beat the Bears at home this season given their pass rush and a home-dome advantage, but that doesn't necessarily translate to a road game at Soldier Field.

New York Jets vs. Miami (Jets, home, -6) The Dolphins have already packed in this season in hopes of landing Andrew Luck with the first pick in next year's draft, as evidenced by their failure to sign David Garrard, who would have been an upgrade over injured starter Chad Henne. Instead they've decided to mail in their season by going with journeyman Matt Moore instead.

College Football's Top Games of the Week:

Michigan vs. Michigan State (Michigan State, home, -1.5) Denard Robinson has once again won the September Heisman, but if you look at his statistics against even half way decent teams during his career you will quickly see that he is just a mediocre quarterback. Explosive, yes, but still very average. The Spartans defense, ranked number one in the nation, should be able to contain him and keep him in the pocket where he is prone to make mistakes, just as they have the past two years.

Michigan State is breaking out their new Nike Pro Combat uniforms for the game against their arch rival Wolverines
Baylor vs. Texas A and M (Baylor, road, +9) Texas A and M can't defend the pass, which is not a good omen considering that they are facing Robert Griffin, III and Baylor, who just may have overtaken the Aggies as the second best program in the state of Texas.
Oklahoma State vs. Texas (Oklahoma State, road, -8) It's funny how the University of Texas is single handedly causing the Big 12 to dissolve by refusing to equally share their television revenue. I hope Texas has good luck as an independent, because I don't see much demand for the Longhorn Network when schools like Oklahoma State have already surpassed them on the football field. 
Arizona State vs. Oregon (Arizona State, road, +11) With LaMichael James either attempting to play hurt or out for this game, I think the Sun Devils should be able to cover an 11-point spread, especially since they played them fairly close last year.

Whether it's the multiple uniform options, or multiple cheerleader options, Oregon football players seem to have it made.

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