Wednesday, July 9, 2014

The Bachelorette Blog - "He's the hottest farmer ever!"

This week saw Andi traveling Wisconsin, Iowa, Texas and Florida for her hometown dates with her final four guys.

First up was Nick, who took Andi to his hometown of Milwaukee.

While I've always hated Andi Dorfman, she's never looked better than she did as a "Northern gal." Of course, she did refuse to say "Go Packers."

Nick took Andii to a brewery where they drank and polka'd the night away.

And maybe it was just he beer, cheese and sausages talking, but there was something about being in Wisconsin that actually made Nick seem likable.

After meeting Nick's 18 siblings, Andi moved on to Iowa, where Chris taught her all about corn.

Of course, when Andi asked Chris about her potential life in Iowa, his initial response was the word "Homemaker," which probably wasn't going sit well with someone who's been looking to use the Bachelorette as a springboard to a career on television.

However, when Andi walked out to his back yard, or as people in Iowa call it, the field, she genuinely seemed to get turned on.

Apparently not realizing what exactly farmers do, when Andi saw Chris's John Deer tractor she exclaimed, "Shut up, you drive this? He's the hottest farmer ever."

As a fellow city girl, Andi got a good sales pitch from Chris' mom, who well for Chris' dad, "Farmer Ted" back in the 1980's.

We also learned that Andi and Chris' mom had at least one thing in common when his mom told Andi about what attracted her to his dad, "When he'd get out of that tractor, it would just stop my heart."

As it turned out, Chris's mom turned out to be a hell of a saleswoman, as she seemingly convinced Andi that life on a farm in Iowa wouldn't necessarily be a bad thing...Assuming that her TV gig's fall through.

Andi next traveled to Tampa, where Josh brought her to the field where he used to play baseball.

That caused Andi to say, "He's hot when he's playing baseball. Even though he's dripping with sweat, he's still hot."

However, Andi still had worries that Josh and his family were all about his brother, Aaron, and his pending NFL career.

As it turned out, Josh and his family seemed more happy to catch up with Josh than have The Bachelorette in their house, which did not seem to go over well with the aspiring diva.

Interestingly, Josh Murray's mom looks like an aged enhanced picture of Andi Dorfman.Let's see how that goes over in the Fantasy Suite.

Lastly, Andi traveled to Texas to see Marcus, who greeted her by uncomfortably re-enacting the strip tease that he was so reluctant to perform on their first Group Date.

However, that didn't creep out Andi like it did the rest of America.

"Marcus re-enacted our first date, which was him stripping down, and I was not complaining...He's one of the hottest guys I've ever dated. Ever!"

As Andi talked to Marcus' family, even they seemed surprised that he opened up to her, which probably didn't bode well for his chances.

In a more somber moment, Chris Harrison brought the cast together to reveal to them that Eric Hill died in a tragic hang-gliding accident just before Andi was to hand out the Hometown Date Roses.

Knowing that she had treated Eric harshly when she sent him home despite having the best initial chemistry, Andi kind of flipped out, and deservedly so.

"There's a part of me that feels guilty...I can't believe that was my last conversation with someone."

After she pulled herself together, Andi shocked everyone when she gave the final Rose to Nick over Marcus, who Andi had seemed really attracted to.

But as Andi told him, she knew that he'd give her the world, but while she was attracted to him, she was not in love with him.

And while the overly possessive Marcus initially seemed put off with Andi because of her decision to send him home, he backtracked and left the door open for a restraining order.

"I shouldn't have told her that I loved her...I believed in something that wasn't there...The sad thing, is that I'm still in love with her."

Actually, the sad part for Marcus is that he isn't going to be the next Bachelor, nor is Nick, which leaves the real contest open for Chris and Josh.

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