Tuesday, August 6, 2013

The Bachelorette Blog - "How could I not have loved him from the beginning?"

This week week marked the final episode of The Bachelorette, where Desiree Hartsock had to make the decision of whether or not to select a consolation prize or just go home after Brooks left her to explore his sexuality.

The question remained whether or not Chris would be willing to accept being 1st runner up after the real winner, Brooks, was both unwilling and unable to fulfill his duties.

Oh yeah, I almost forgot that Drew was still around too...Well, at least for a few minutes.

Des decided that while she wasn't ready to give up and go home empty handed, she did need one more date with both Chris and Drew before she was ready to take either of them to meet her family.

"If I can't see a future, for me it's over."

As Des broke the news to the guys, Chris was clearly choked up seeing her hurting, while Drew seamed rather oblivious.

First up was Drew, who spent an awkward five minutes assuring Des that HE was okay on a horseback ride to a beach before she promptly sent him home for a lack of chemistry, much like Brooks walked out on her.

Things went better for Chris, who actually seemed concerned for Des and her state of mind after she had her heart "Brooken."

"Seeing Chris walk up just felt different than Drew, in a good way."

After re-connecting with Des, Chris gave her a journal with all of the poems he had read to her handwritten in the back.

It was at that point that Des seemed to realize that she should have been pursuing him the way she had been chasing after Brooks all along.

"I've never felt like anyone has loved me as much as I've loved them...How could I not have loved him from the beginning?"

Des decided to take Chris to meet her family, who apparently drove their trailer all the way from Texas to Antigua.

Even better, ABC managed to arrange a furlough for Desiree's brother to help their ratings after he infamously challenged Sean Lowe's integrity when Des appeared on The Bachelor.

Desiree's brother actually asked a meaningful question when he brought up how Chris felt about Des possibly forming stronger bonds with other guys than with him.

And with that being the question that America was asking, Chris pretty much gave the perfect answer, not yet even realizing the full story between Des and Brooks.

"If you find a girl that you're interested in, wherever, in your home town, you pursue her, you ask her on a date, but the same time, there are other people possibly doing the same thing."

Desiree's father accepted Chris request to propose. However, Des still wasn't sure if she'd even accept.

After picking out a ring, Chris met with Des and dropped down to one knee to propose...Only to have her tell him to stop.

And with Chris dropping a deuce thinking that he was about to get turned down on national TV, Des nervously explained the Brooks situation to him.

Des then told Chris that she had already sent Drew home earlier in the week before he even met her parents, making him the last man standing.

Des then told Chris, "Brooks kept me from seeing what was right in front of me...I love you."

That put Chris on the spot, having to decide whether or not he wanted to go through with his proposal knowing that Des had stronger feelings for Brooks just a few days earlier.

And fortunately, for all of the women in America, Chris did well...

"Do you want to grow old together? Do you want to share your experiences with me? Can I share mine with you? Do you want to start a family? Do you want to have kids? Desiree Eileen Hartsock, will you marry me?

During the After the Final Rose, Des filled Brooks in about Chris, as he hadn't yet had a chance to see what happened. "So after you left, yeah, it was actually really good."

Brooks took things in stride though and stayed classy. "I'm not entirely surprised...I saw the way that Des looked at Chris in Group Dates, in Rose Ceremonies. It was very apparent."

Des not only confirmed that her relationship with Chris was going strong, but that she was moving to Seattle next weekend.

To finish things off, Chris announced that he had a gift for Des, a framed poem about her with petals from each rose that he had received from her this season that he titled, "My Girl"

Finally, it was announced that the next Bachelor is going to be Juan Pablo, who's season is going to set record ratings for ABC.

Not that I condone soccer players, but at least this guy has some charisma, and ladies do love them the idea of a Latin lover.

Showing that he was a good sport, Juan Pablo said, "That was a great ending today. Wow...I don't know how I'm gonna beat that. I hope I can beat it."

See ya next season!

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