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Big Brother 15 Blog - "Just sit there and look semi-pretty."

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As the contestants continued treading on rolling barrels in a strenuous HOH Competition, GinaMarie felt she was getting her first workout of the summer.

“Ooh, my butt is going feel nice and plump tomorrow.”

Fast forwarding until "tomorrow" and GinaMarie Zimmerman's butt was definitely plump, but not nice...But maybe it just needed another day to ripen.

As the final two, McCrae was offered a deal to keep Amanda and himself safe and make one of GinaMarie's nominations if he'd just let her win HOH.

While McCrae was reluctant to drop out due to strategic reasons, GinaMarie had her own reason for fighting so hard for the HOH Room. “I need this, I need my hair dye!”

McCrae was confident that he could win without even having to make a deal.

“I’ve got carnie blood in me. I don’t work out ever. For some reason this competition is really suited to me, so it seems like everything is coming out McCrae.”

Unfortunately, McCrae's cockiness got the best of him, as he ended up tripping and falling off of his barrel, giving GinaMarie HOH before anything was officially promised to him in return.

Having won, GinaMarie then promptly face planted worse than anybody else who had fell as she simply tried to step off her barrel.

With the first three contestants out of the competition receiving "mystery boxes," Spencer’s contained a blow horn that he was forced to speak through until the nominations were announced.

As Spencer said, that made it difficult for him to have any type of private conversation.

Candice and Helen both received prizes, with Candice getting $5,000, and Helen winning a backyard BBQ to which she could invite two other houseguests.

GinaMarie made her first priority as HOH to get rid of Candice.

"Candice is a target for me this week: A) she picks on my girl Aaryn, B) I can’t stand her freaking voice in my ear all the time. C) She starts so much drama…D) She's black." Okay, I made D) up...but GinaMarie still thought it.

The HOH Room contained a picture of GinaMarie Zimmerman and Nick Uhas. That caused Aaryn to say, “Great, a picture of Nick. Really? I just spent the last two weeks trying to wean her off of him, and now she’s right back on the crazy train.

Andy was less than impressed with the luxury items that GinaMarie received as HOH.

"GinaMarie is 32-years-old, but all the things in her room insinuate that she's 15. I mean she has crowns from pageants, she has dresses from pageants…She’s got music that a 15-year-old girl would love, and she has a picture of a boy that she had a very intense crush on."

Helen's plan to bring Aaryn along with Elissa to her backyard BBQ infuriated Jessie, who felt like she was more deserving.

After Jessie bitched on and on about not getting invited, Amanda quipped in the diary room, “Just sit there, shut up, and look semi-pretty."

Asked why it was such a big deal, Jessie whined, “It's a huge deal. To be able to drink, it's a huge deal.”

And when Jessie took her moping to yet another level by complaining, “I don’t even want to be in the house right now at all. I’m just over the fakeness," Amanda said "Let's talk about fakeness."

Amanda then let Jessie know that she was aware that she woke Andy up at 4 a.m. the prior morning with a secret plan to back door Amanda and vote her out.

"So don’t there and be a little fucking girl and cry about not getting invited to a BBQ when you were contemplating flipping the house."

And when Amanda finished by saying, "Why don’t you go cry in the corner," Jessie showed Amanda by going to the Diary Room instead...Where she proceeded to lose her shit and cry just as Amanda had predicted.

McCrae later tried to explain to Jessie why she was in the position she was in. “When you say stuff about loyalty and trust and you’re the one flipping the house, it’s tough for you to have any credibility.

And when Jessie responded that she had been presented with a plan that she simply wanted to ask Andy about, Amanda said, “The fact that you even had to ask anybody else, that’s scary to me.”

Amanda then proceeded to try and read Jessie the riot act. “You're acting like a not sane person. You’re attention seeking, you're crazy.”

However, Jessie got the best jab of round two in when she responded, “I’m attention seeking? You’re in your underwear!”

Jessie Kowalski may have been on to something, as why someone with a big gut and fat ass like Amanda Zuckerman would walk around in nothing but a pair of panties and a shirt tied above her belly is beyond me.

Jessie went on to say, "Maybe that’s my personality," to which Amanda responded, “Well, that sucks.”

Fortunately, Amanda Zuckerman and Jessie Kowalski then made up when Jessie promised to shove her head up her ass. That caused Amanda to say, "You're head is literally up my asshole...Do it again!"

Thinking that she had won a decisive victory, McCrae put Amanda in her place by telling her to stop being a bully saying, “It makes both of you look bad.”

And when Amanda selfishly said that she now wanted to get Jessie out, McCrae pleaded with her to stick with their plan, and not her personal agenda.

Of course, Amanda got irritated with McCrae for not backing her and letting Jessie sit next to him.

That caused McCrae to comment, “In my head right now is just like me thinking about how this sounds like so many relationships I’ve been in. I’d do anything just to be able to scratch through the drywall and just get out of here.”

In making her nominations, GinaMarie told Candice that she was a drama queen, a tattletale and a rat…but that she liked her other than that.

She then went on to call Jessie a “flip-flopper," saying, "that’s even worse in my book.”

GinaMarie later told Jessie that she was not her target, and apologized for calling her a "flip-flopper.”

In regards to the MVP, Amanda felt, “I am very, very confident that someone in the house.”

Why did she feel that way? Because she arrogantly felt, “Nobody would vote for me to go on the block…What am I doing that nobody doesn’t like?”

Right on cue came Amanda getting nominated for eviction via America's MVP, which blew her mind and caused her to speculate that Judd was MVP.

Speaking of Judd, the Veto Competition involved tossing (fake) frogs at numbered targets floating in a pond.

“I’m just thinking this is just right up my ally. I love anything frog related. I love frog gigging, frog legs, I love anything frog related."

During the competition, Candice told Judd that Amanda had been talking shit about him the night before.

Sensing that she was about to get exposed, Amanda yelled, "Candice, are you talking shit up there?…Why don’t you shut your big fat mouth?

That caused Candice to snap, “I can talk, it’s my mouth.”

Apparently Amanda's enormous ego didn't even want Aaryn and GinaMarie to be the most racist people in the house, because Amanda went on to taunt, "That’s the 'Shaniqua' coming out of you I guess."

And when Amanda rhetorically asked, "Am I racist now?" America answered yes. 

Later, on Big Brother After Dark Spencer teased, “I do think that your 'Shaniqua' comment trumped Aaryn’s by far as being slurish."

In fact, even Elissa from North Carolina said, "I feel like Amanda took it 100 steps too far. Derogatory comments just are inappropriate anywhere, any time."

Not content to be known just as yet another Big Brother racist, Amanda kept pushing things further, saying, "No wonder people made fun of you in school, because you act like a fool."

Amanda then finished Candice off by saying, "Up your nose with a rubber hose."

As the one gay man unable to deal with any sort of drama, Andy yelled, “Stop! Both of you, stop!”

Sure enough, Candice whiffed on her frog toss, causing Amanda to taunt, “Oopsie, that sucks Candice. Gosh, I feel so bad for you."

And as Amanda continued to taunt her as they stood together amongst the other eliminated players, Candice finally said, "Shut the fuck up and be quiet and leave me alone, and I will leave you alone."

With each player winning a prize/punishment subject to being traded to a player finishing higher, Judd won the POV Competition.

After trades, Amanda wound up with the Jersey Shore spray tan that GinaMarie begged for (even though it was a punishment), GinaMarie was forced to wear the "Cone of shame," and Candice was required to dress in a "Clownie-tard" inspired by Aaryn's creepy stuffed clown doll.

Upon putting on the Clownie-tard, Candice Stewart said, "It’s truly going to be hard to get a husband after this," forgetting for a moment that she was raised "white."

And while Judd won the competition, he let Jessie keep the Power of Veto and took $5,000 from Candice instead. 

Once again, McCrae was pissed that Amanda started conflict at the POV Competition.

“You won’t shut the fuck up...You’re on the block…You could be going home…You’re running your mouth being a bully…She’s going home, and you just want to rub salt in it…You just make yourself look like an ass.”

Meanwhile, GinaMarie played in the tub, fully utilizing her powers as HOH.

Even the "Cone of Shame" was embarrassed to be seen around GinaMarie Zimmerman.

With a free pass from Judd, Jessie used the Power of Veto on herself, which forced GinaMarie to put up Spencer as a replacement nominee. 

Judd tried to warn Amanda not to have anymore emotional outbursts since it was putting a target on her.

Of course, that caused Amanda to say that Judd was not loyal to her, and that she was convinced that he was the past week's MVP.

Jessie tried to organize a plan to get Amanda out saying, “She’s been running it since week one, you know it and I know it.” She even kissed Judd for the first time to sell it, showing that she really was serious.

However, Andy, as usual, was not on board to make a big move given that he's the game's ultimate floater. 

Connie Chung announced that for the first time ever that there would be 9 jury members, which would begin with a surprise Double Eviction.

Additionally, Connie Chung hinted that going to the Jury House would not necessarily send an eliminated contestant out of the game.

In her pre-vote eviction speech, Candice called GinaMarie out for saying she was a rat during nominations.

And when Candice was unanimously voted out, Candice left by saying, “Bye, go back to your mom's house” to GinaMarie, even though she was the one going home...But the bitches hate each other, so who really cared, right?

That caused Gina Marie to say, “Nobody likes you, nobody wants you, even your own mother...At least my mom likes me, unlike yours," referencing Candice having been adopted. 

That caused Helen to say, “That comment did not need to be said,” and even Aaryn, the most racist houseguest in history acknowledged that GinaMarie was a "bitch."

Candice responded by saying, “Take your tongue ring out and your colored contacts, that was so ten years ago,” and referenced GinaMarie's pagaent win by asking, “A crown for what, Miss used to be fat America?”

Candice arrived for her post eviction interview by saying, "Sorry about all that Julie," and reminded America, "I’m a lovely person inside and out" for like the the 100th time this summer.

Of course, that was something that she kept telling herself over and over again throughout the season...Almost as if she had been seeing a psychiatrist and taking medication.

With a double eviction, the new HOH required the contestants to guess whether “More or Less” when it came to counting random items around the house.

Aaryn ended up winning HOH, and had to immediately make her nominations, Jessie and Spencer.

With an immediate Veto Competition to follow, Julie announced that the MVP was over for the summer, and that for the first time this season there would only be two nominees.

The Veto Competition required the contestants to go to a tool box and retrieve nails of various lengths in order to complete puzzle.

On a streak of dominance, Aaryn won Veto and took Jessie off the block. "I have to put this person up because they are playing me, and think I would not realize that….Judd.  Everyone minus two people want this."

When Judd asked why she was smiling, Jessie said, “I’m just happy that I’m staying, not that you’re going,” to which Judd replied, “The snake wins the game.”

On the block with no time to lobby for his position in the house given the double eviction, Judd pleaded, “Please change your vote,”as he looked at each houseguest in the eyes.

And while Judd was unanimously evicted, nearly everyone cried...or at least Andy did, because he was such a good guy.

But not Helen, who ran to Aaryn and said, “You are Janelle, that was so humongous…He’s a schemer!” 

When Connie Chung asked Judd, "What happened?" he could only say, “I got the big ole blindside tonight…I’m more confused than anybody, I guess I need to watch the footage and find out.”

Big Brother 15 Power Ratings - Each week I'm going rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after the sixth week:

9. GinaMarie Zimmerman - As HOH, GinaMarie took a bath in a thong as she talked to the fish tank saying“Fishies” in high pitched voice, as if they would come to her like dogs. 

With a cone over her mouth, all we need is something to cover GinaMarie Zimmerman's bare-ass.

8. Spencer Clawson - Spencer made his biggest contribution to the house all summer when he said, “I’m going to go fuck with people with my blow horn.”

7. Jessie Kowalski - Really, with a poor social game, Jessie doesn't have too much going for her.

Jessie Kowalski has nice boobs.

6. Aaryn Gries - Aaryn has improved her position by being loyal to Helen, Elissa and Amanda. It looks like they'll keep her around as long as they can use and control her.

Aaryn Gries' ass.

5. Rachel Reilly's Sister - I have Rachel Reilly's sister moving up this week, mainly because Helen is in a position of power and considers Elissa her #2, even though she's not in as well with the rest of Helen's alliance.

4. Amanda Zuckerman - As punishment for her racist remarks towards Candice, Amanda was forced to learn what it’s like to be black…Kind of like the movie Soul Man, but in reverse.

Amanda Zukerman: As punishment for her racist for "Shaniqua" comment towards Candice, Big Brother made Amanda put on makeup so she would learn what it's like to be a black person...Kind of like the movie Soul Man, only not as politically correct. 

3. Andy Herren - In response to GinaMarie and Aaryn's celebration over GinaMarie winning HOH Andy said, "I’ve gotten very far in this game being everyone’s friends, but watching GinaMarie and Aaryn dance around is so dumb,  I’m dying a little bit inside as I watch it."

And while Aaryn and GinaMarie played Ring Around the Rosie, Andy Herren kicks it old school as the Tri-State Area Break-dance Champion of 1986.

2. McCrae Olson -It's kind of funny when America is wondering what a pizza delivery boy like McCrae is doing staying with a high end real estate agent with gigantic fake boobs like Amanda.

1. Helen Kim -Someone is going to eventually target Helen, aren't they?

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