Thursday, May 3, 2012

Blogging Survivor: One World - "I'll just eat my cake, get drunk, and I'll go back to the tribe and deal with them later"

As Troy left after being evicted at last week's tribal council, he reached over and grabbed Kat to say "Do it" before leaving, encouraging her to flip on her alliance.

That caused Kat to exclaim, "Did you hear what he told me when he knocked on my shoulder...I don't know, I guess he was giving me encouragement."

Poor Troy, it's kind of like giving your last dying word to someone who can't speak...or worse yet, a 22-year-old blond girl.

On the plus side for Christina, the girls started thinking that she was viewed as being so stupid, that it would be beneficial to their game to keep her around in the long run over Sabrina, who was more influential when speaking.

Of course Alicia proclaimed, "People have said...that I'm at the bottom. Little do they know, I'm at the top controlling everything. I'm the most powerful player in this game." Sure thing Alicia, now replace "most powerful" with "fattest," and we have ourselves a deal.

The Reward Challenge involved family members and loved ones of competitors who had come to the island for the challenge. Of note, we learned that Kat is fucking her cousin:

Even I think this is a little too friendly for cousins, and I live in Kentucky...although it's still kind of hot.

Literally, Kat walked like a dog and barked as she went to meet her cousin. 

On the other hand, Tarzan apparently married Barbara Eden of I dream of Jeanie.

...only after she got old.  

The Challenge itself consisted of a rope maze that the contestants had to navigate while tied to their loved one. Kat and her cousin/lover ended up winning an afternoon BBQ party away from camp.

Allowed to pick two others to join her, Kat chose Kim and Alicia, who did not have the emotional connections with their loved ones that Tarzan and Christina (who'd dad apparently only has a few years to live) did.

Kat seemed to hold no regrets about her decision. "I'll just eat my cake, get drunk, and I'll go back to the tribe and deal with them later."

Presented with the idea of potentially voting Kat out (instead of being on the block himself), Tarzan dropped the ball. "Well, if that were the case, that would be an error, because Kat is not a thinker."

Like my daddy used to like to say, "Even if you're right, you're wrong." and Tarzan needed to shut the fuck up and be happy they weren't talking about voting him out.

The Immunity Challenge consisted of standing on a ledge while holding onto a rope and leaning over the water the longest without falling in.

Christina made it to the final three, but dropped out leaving Kat and Kim as the final two, with Kim winning Immunity for the second time in a row.

Kat didn't take losing well. Not only did she refuse to give Kim a high five immediately afterwards, but she continued to harbor sour grapes like a 2nd grader who lost to a first grader in a playground game.

"To lose to someone who's 28-years-old, who'd 6-years older than me, how embarrassing is that?"

Alicia lobbied to vote Kat out over Sabrina, but Kim wasn't having it. On the other hand, Chelsea wanted to remain loyal to Sabrina.

At Tribal Council, Jeff asked Kat what it was like to win reward and have other players upset with her for choosing other players and their loved ones along with her. Kat's response was that, "It's very frustrating and it hurts my feelings."

After an amazed Jeff Probst asked, "It hurt your feelings," the tribe turned on Kat, especially for her decision to bring Kim and Alicia along for reward with her instead of Christina and Tarzan given the bond they had with their loved ones.

After Kat claimed to be a naive 22-year-old, Chelsea called her out. "That's her way out every time she screws up...she says, 'yeah, I'm 22, get off my back.' It's like it always comes down to her age. 22 is not that young."

That caused Kat to get defensive. "So is this whole Tribal Council about me? Like, I had no idea this is what was going to happen."

On the other hand, Tarzan chalked Kat's decision upon on her age, and said it didn't bother him at all.

When Sabrina brought up how Kat snubbed Kim's high-five after the Immunity Challenge, Kat snarked, "Fuck you, what is this?"

Apparently not catching on to anything that was going on at Tribal Council, Kat declared, "If it is going to be a blindside, it's going to be pretty funny and pretty, like, exciting."

When Jeff asked her why, she replied, "I don't know. Because blindsides are always fun and exciting...I always get excited when something like that goes down."

Kat cast her vote for Sabrina, thinking that was the plan. However, she was the one blindsided, but not quite in the same way she enjoys getting blindsided by her cousin.

As Kat left the game in tears she blubbered, "I left before Christina and, like, Tarzan. I'm going to go down the most naive person in the whole game.

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