Thursday, May 10, 2012

Blogging Survivor: One World - "I also put her panties on my head...I'm not afraid of those panties at all"

After Kat was eliminated, the latest member to join the "overinflated sense of their own game club" was Tarzan, who had designs on making it to the final three.

"If I were the girls I would have voted me out before Kat...I have a subplot where I might be able to raise myself (into) the top three. But of course, I wouldn't reveal any of that right now, I'm just hoping to make it to four."

So to recap, Tarzan acknowledges that he believes he's a target (even though his goal is only to make it to the final three), he gives us a teaser about how he has devised some type of a master plan to save himself, but he's not going to impliment that master plan for at least another week, well, "just because." Clearly, Tarzan's game is "afoot."

When Chelsea tried to persuade Christina to break away from what she perceived to be an alliance with Alicia and Tarzan, Christina immediately came back to camp and told the rest of the Tikiano Tribe about their conversation.

Whether Christina did so intentionally or just because she was excited that somebody actually talked to her instead of talking down to her, her lack of confidentiality immediately angered Chelsea and Kim.

The Reward Challenge consisted of dizzying oneself while spinning in circles to unscrew a series of discs, and then using those discs to decode a combination to a lock the fastest. The prize for winning was an overnight stay on a luxary yacht.

Chelsea ended up opening her combination first, and elected to take Sabrina with her even though she had originally promised to take Christina had she won.

When given an opportunity to take one more person, Chelsea chose to take Kim, seemingly dividing the remaining contestants three against three, as Alicia and Christina discussed the prospect of adding Tarzan as their third vote and targeting Chelsea for elimination.

Of course, shortly after Tarzan was seeminly given newfound life in the game, he snapped at Alicia when she offered to help him prepare "coconut stew" for breakfast. "No! I'm going to cook it this morning the way I want to, okay? So don't moan to me about it."

While Tarzan may not have come across as the intellectual he hoped to be portrayed as during his run on on Survivor, he'll be happy to know that he made medical history when he was able to synchronize his menstral cycle with the rest of the Tikiano women.

Upon returning to camp, Kim convinced Alicia that Tarzan was playing both sides by pointing out how he had made similar promises to the both of them about how he would help convince the jury to vote in each of their favor should they bring him to the the final four.

Alicia bought into Kim's efforts to persuade her hook, line, and sinker. "Tarzan wants to take Kim out and then...take me out, and make me look like the fool. Hell no! HELL TO THE NA!...If I didn't realize this, I would have got straight up 'Tarzaned.' I would look like an idiot in front of everybody."

Alicia continued to go off. "I am the queen of the social game!...No one runs their game on me. That's the ghetto Puerto Rican that's coming out...You don't try to make make me look like a fool, trying to take me out at the end. I am the most powerful player, and I'm going to remain the most powerful player!"

Who knew that Alicia Rosa was also an aspiring actress? I'm sure her "strong social game" helped her land the part!

The Immunity Challenge consisted of using large fish hooks to pick-up bags of puzzle pieces, and then completing that puzzle. In a close contest, Alicia barely won immunity over Kim.

Commenting on the Immunity Necklace Alicia said, "If I was back home, I'd be with my girls saying, 'look at me now.'"

Alicia has so much fun hanging with "her girls" back home, like the time they all decided to dress up as the Kardashian sisters for Halloween, although they all argued over who had to be the fat one.

With the power to control this week's vote in her hands, Alicia struggled with whether or not to vote off Chelsea after Kim had convinced her that Tarzan was playing both sides and secretly plotting against them.

On the other hand, Tarzan tried to persuade Alicia to go the other way and vote out Chelsea. He reasoned, "Kim, with her angelic eyes actually fooled Troy-zan and Jay-bird, so God knows she could probably fool Alicia." Granted, Leif probably could have fooled Alicia, but Tarzan's point was well taken.

At Tribal Council Jeff Probst asked Tarzan if he was misunderstood given his own perceived intelligence level. "I would say that's true...Today I wore something that they're all worried about microbes, and they have no idea what I know about that. That's why I wasn't worried."

Jeff followed up by asking, "Wait, what did you wear, and who's microbes?" That caused Alicia to reply, "He's wearing Kat's tank" before Tarzan then interjected, "I also put her panties on my head...just for a joke. I'm not afraid of those panties at all."

Talk about getting blind-sided. If Kat was sent home last week, why were her panties still at camp when the Tikiano Tribe returned, and what exactly was she wearing for underwear at Tribal Council?

All the inferences that her panties were somehow disease ridden appeared to get to Kat, as the cameras seeminly showed her shedding a tear. She later mouth the word "bitches" when reflecting on her former female alliance members while watching Tribal Council with the jury.

Having obviously been played by Kim, Alicia cast her vote for Tarzan, not realizing that she was sending her last hope, as well as the last remaining member of the men's tribe to the jury as we head into next week's season's finale, pretty much giving Kim the power to decide to take whoever she wants with her to the jury vote.

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