Friday, January 13, 2012

NFL Picks - Divisional Playoffs: Because if Tom Brady didn't like getting drafted in the 6th round, he has nobody to blame but himself.

NFL Wildcard Weekend Results: 0-4
NFL Results Season to Date: 119-126-11

College Football BCS Championship Game Results: 0-1
College Football Results Season to Date: 32-31-2

NFL Divisional Championship Game Picks (winners in parentheses):

Saints vs. 49ers (49ers, home, +4) New Orleans is not nearly as good of a team on the road as they are at home, and they're even worse when their road games are on natural grass. San Francisco's defense should be able to keep the Saints in the low to mid twenty point range, so this game will come down to Alex Smith and the running game carrying their end of the deal. If they can't, the 49ers just might find themselves in the Peyton Manning sweepstakes.

Giants vs. Packers (Packers, home, -9) Green Bay received their first significant snowfall of the year on Thursday, which should do nothing but add to their home field advantage. In a Packer tradition, the team is paying loyal fans $10/hour to shovel out the stadium, so you know the "Packer-Backers" will be out in full force on Sunday. The Giants stayed close to the Packers in their first match-up, but that game was in New York. Aaron Rodgers should be able to pick apart the mediocre secondary of the Giants. While the Packers defense has struggled at times this year giving up points, they've also got the playmakers to create some turnovers giving their offense the extra cushion they need to prevail in this game.

Finally, after a several year hiatus, C.W.A. is back with a new release! Let's see your "Packer Face!"

Texans vs. Ravens (Ravens, home, -4) Joe Flacco is no Trent Dilfer, but T.J. Yates is no Matt Leinart. Both Baltimore and Houston have great defenses, but the Ravens have shown that they have the ability to score points at times behind Ray Rice, while the Texans have struggled to find themselves on offense since Matt Schaub was lost with a season ending foot injury. If the Texans become one-dimensional and only run the ball, Baltimore should be able to shut them down.

Broncos vs. Patriots (Patriots, home, -14) Is anybody else sick of the overplayed storyline of how Tom Brady is still motivated because he was only a 6th Round draft pick? If Tom Brady didn't like getting drafted in the 6th round, he has nobody to blame but himself. He was an out of shape and mediocre quarterback in college who's body "magically transformed" once he got to the pros. Brady not only couldn't even hold down a full time starting job at the University of Michigan, but he really doesn't even have an argument that he deserved more playing time.

I know he just lost a bet, but Tom Brady wouldn't have started at Michigan State either.

I'm not buying into the "God wants Tim Tebow to win a Super Bowl hype." If God wanted him to be a succesful NFL quarterback, he would have given him the ability to throw. In fact, I'm not even sure that Tebow is really even left-handed. The way that he throws the ball, he's like the right-handed kid you grew up who insisted on batting lefty just to try to be cool in front of the guys, even though he always ended up striking out.

Google what Tavaris Jackson did in Minnesota behind a good defense in 2008 & 2009. It was very similar to what Tim Tebow has done in his first two years, yet we don't hear people talk about him incessantly or see him in underwear ads.

Look for New England to put up over 40 points on the Broncos like they did less than a month ago. If that's the case, there's no way Tebow and his "Te-cipals" will be able to keep pace offensively.

Tim Tebow vs. Tom I the only one hoping that the Department of Homeland Security takes a long holiday weekend?

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