Friday, September 16, 2011

NFL picks - Week 2: Because Tony Romo is dumber than Jessica Simpson...but not as bad as Alex Smith

Week 1 NFL Results: 7-7-1
NFL Results Season to Date: 7-7-1

Week 1 College Football Results: 1-3-1
College Football Results Season to Date: 1-3-1

Week 2 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

New Orleans vs. Chicago (Chicago, away, +7) I don't love Bears this year, but I really don't understand this line. I'll take 7 points against a Saints team that got smoked against the pass last week, thank you.    
Detroit vs. Kansas City (Detroit, home, -8) The Lions played poorly last week and still dominated Tampa Bay on the road. The home crowd will be fired up the cheer for a winner. The question is, what Chiefs team will show up. If they can run some screens to Jamaal Charles, it could go a long way to negating Detroit's pass rush.
New York Jets vs. Jacksonville (Jets, home, -9) The Jags played better than expected against Tennessee last week, but now they are on the road against the Jets.  
Buffalo vs. Oakland (Oakland, road, +3.5) This is one of the better match-ups of the week. Buffalo came out on fire offensively last week, but I look for a low scoring game where the Oakland running game at least puts them in position to win on the road.
Washington vs. Arizona (Arizona, road, +4) The Tim Hightower bowl! Like the Pigskins trade for Tim Hightower, I'm starting to think that the Cardinals trade for Kevin Kolb is not getting the attention it probably deserves.
Baltimore vs. Tennessee (Baltimore, road, -6) Chris Johnson's holdout continues. Alright, he's no longer holding out, but he might as well be against a Ravens defense that continues to drink from the fountain of youth.
Pittsburgh vs. Seattle (Pittsburgh, home, -14.5) A 14.5 pt. line in week 2? Vegas never sets lines this big so early in the season. Unfortunately, with Seattle playing so poorly on the road last season, and with a good Steelers team looking to redeem themselves after week one, I can't bring myself to take the points. .
Green Bay vs Carolina (Green Bay, home, -10) I'll admit it. Cam Newton surprised me in week 1. If he is able to do it again in week 2 against a Dom Capers Packers defense, we can talk.
Minnesota vs. Tampa Bay (Tampa Bay, road, +3) The Vikings and Donovan McNabb are terrible. The Buccaneers are a good team that is bound to get back on track after a week 1 set-back.
Cleveland. vs. Indianapolis (Cleveland, road, -3) Jesus, this one is ugly. I never thought that I'd be saying that I'm taking Cleveland over the Colts because I like their quarterback situation better.
Dallas vs. San Francisco (Dallas, road, -3) Okay, so Tony Romo might have been the dumb one in his relationship with Jessica Simpson, but he's still a better quarterback than Alex Smith.
Houston vs. Miami (Houston, road, -3) I've just got a feel about the Texans this season, and the Dolphins aren't the team to make me question it.  
San Diego vs. New England (San Diego, road, +7) After one week, I already see this as the AFC Championship game. I think I'll take Phil Rivers and 7 points.  
Denver vs. Cincinnati (Denver, home, +3.5) I'm shocked that Denver fans are buying up billboards to put up ads in favor of benching Kyle Orton. They need to keep their T-boner in their pants. There isn't a QB in the league with better leadership than Kyle Orton, which is why I am picking his Broncos at home over a Bengals team lead by a rookie QB on the road.
Philadelphia vs. Atlanta (Atlanta, home, +3) I want to pick the Eagles in this game, but I just can't pass up 3 points and a Sunday night game home crowd.
New York Giants vs. St. Louis (Giants, home, -6) Let's just call this one the "we could of made the playoffs if not for injuries bowl." While the defensive injuries cancel out, I just can't see Sam Bradford handling a MNF game in NYC without a running game, while Eli Manning will do his best to distribute the ball to Ahmad Bradshaw, Brandon Jacobs, and the Rams defensive backfield. Nonetheless, the Giants running game will be too much for St. Louis to overcome.

College Football's Top Four Games of the Week:

Notre Dame vs. Michigan State (Michigan State, road, +5) This line is not an indication of how good Las Vegas thinks Notre Dame is, it's an indication of how stupid they think people who bet on the Fighting Irish are. The Spartans have won 6 of 7 in South Bend, and they have better talent, better coaching, and a more experienced quarterback heading into this year's game.
Kentucky vs. Louisville (Kentucky, home, -6) The only other rivalry game this week. Unfortunately, it comes from the football "hotbed" of Kentucky. I don't think we're ever going to see the Cardinals recover from losing Bobby Petrino as their head coach. Once they lost the momentum under Steve Kragthorpe's reign, they just don't have the recruiting base or history to keep it going. The Wildcats have their own problems, but there still more than six points better than the Cardinals at home.
Oklahoma vs. Florida State (Oklahoma, road, -3.5) While Florida State considers jumping to the SEC, a school from a dissolving conference whips their ass.  
Utah vs. Brigham Young (BYU, home, -4) The orthodox Mormons defeat the non-orthodox Mormons, as Joseph Smith would have wanted.

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