Thursday, September 8, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 1: Because Chad Henne sucks

Week 1 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

Green Bay vs. New Orleans (Green Bay, home, -4.5) The Packers are a match-up nightmare for the Saints.

Baltimore vs. Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh, road, +2) With Ben Roethlisberger out of the news and Troy Polamalu healthy, I can't bet against the Steelers with two points in hand.
Tampa Bay vs. Detroit (Detroit, road, +1) The Lions not only beat Tampa with their third string quarterback on the road in a game last season that the Buccaneers had to win to reach the playoffs, but the Lions should be much better this season. Look for the Bucs to offset the Lions rush with plenty of screen passes to LaGarrette Blount.  
Atlanta vs. Chicago (Atlanta, home -3) Mark my words, Chicago will not be anywhere as good as they were last season.
Kansas City vs. Buffalo (Kansas City, home, -5.5) On the road at Arrowhead Stadium is a tough way for a franchise in shambles to open the season. Sadly, the thing I like the most about the Bills is Ryan Fitzpatrick at quarterback, and I really don't even like him.
Houston vs. Indianapolis (Houston, home, -9) The Colts can't run the ball. The Colts can't stop the run. Oh yeah, they are also without Peyton Manning.
Philadelphia vs. St. Louis (St. Louis, home, +5.5) I'm not sold on the Eagles yet. I think the Rams will be able to run on them at home and keep things close.
Cleveland vs. Cincinnati (Cleveland, home, -7) The Bengals always struggle in Cleveland. I especially don't like a rookie quarterback against the Browns and the Dawg Pound.
Jacksonville vs. Tennessee (Tennessee, road, +1) I don't understand this line. Even if all else is the same, which it isn't, there's no way I'm taking the Jaguars and giving up points with Josh McCown, Luke McCown or even Cade McNown at quarterback against a veteran like Matt Hasselbeck and the Titans.
New York Giants. vs. Washington (Washington, home, +3) The Giants are dinged up pretty bad already on defense. Call it a hunch, but I like the Pigskins at home with the points.
Arizona vs. Carolina (Arizona, home, -7) Carolina has to travel across the country AND start rookie Cam Newton at quarterback? No thanks.
San Francisco vs. Seattle (Seattle, road, +6) Since I hate both of these teams this year, I'll take the 6 points.
San Diego vs. Minnesota (San Diego, home, -9) The Vikings have no offensive line, no wide receivers, a fat and aging quarterback, no interior defense line, and a suspect secondary. I like Phil Rivers and the Chargers to run up the score at home in this game.
New York Jets vs. Dallas (Dallas, road, +4) I'm curious to see what Rob Ryan can cook up on defense for the Cowboys against his brother Rex's Jets.

New England vs. Miami (New England, road, -7) Chad Henne has no chance of keeping the Dolphins in the game against the Patriots. In fact, I'm predicting a quarterback change during the game.

Seriously...Is Chad Henne going shirtless with an unbuttoned vest at a wedding? Miami needs to bench this DB right now.
Denver vs. Oakland (Oakland, road, +3) It's not a game that I necessarily want to see, but the Broncos and Raiders are probably one of the better match-ups in week 1. Until John Fox's defense proves otherwise, I'm going to ride Oakland's running game against a team that struggled to stop it last season.

College Football's Top Four Games of the Week:

Oklahoma State vs. Arizona (Arizona, road, +14) There's no way I'm giving 14 points to an NFL first round quarterback like Nick Foles.
Alabama vs. Penn St. (Alabama, road, -10) At least Joe Paterno is finally dead...or at least he will be after this game.
South Carolina vs. Georgia (South Carolina, home, -3) Mark Richt and Georgia are the most overrated coach and team tandem in America.
Notre Dame vs. Michigan (Notre Dame, home, -3) Notre Dame was either over hyped to start the season, or South Florida is better than  advertised. I'm going with a combination of both. I still don't know what Michigan has under the Brady Hoke regime, but I do know that Denard Robinson is the most overrated college football player in my lifetime. Disagree, then do yourself a favor and look up his stat-lines against quality, oh hell, let's make that mediocre opponents.  
Texas vs. Brigham Young (Texas, home, -7) With Texas threatening to go independent, and with BYU having gone independent before this season, let's just go ahead pencil this match-up in for the Independence Bowl. BYU still has some work to do if they want to become the "white" Notre Dame.

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