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Blogging Survivor: San Juan del Sur - "This is why I love fairy tales, because they always have happy endings, and the wicked step mother never wins"

The season's final episode kicked off with Jaclyn getting a dose of "be careful of what you wish for," as Jon was blindsided and left her to fending for herself in the game.

Jaclyn was none too happy with her former ally, Natalie, and she went off on her for talking bad about Jon.

"I don't see people ever - ever, in real life saying bad things about Jon...and I just snapped, I went off on Natalie."

Meanwhile, Baylor started crying about making a big move and keeping her mother out of the loop, who was now confined to a cast due to her prior ankle injury.

The last Reward Challenge of the season saw the contestants navigate a rope maze, build a bridge, and then use sandbags to knock down a pyramid of blocks, all for an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge.

With Jaclyn falling hard on her ass right on a block of wood, Jeff Probst exclaimed, "THAT, WILL, LEAVE, A, MARK!"

Keith wound up winning the reward, which turned out to be a practice session for the Immunity Challenge. Keith also had to pick a person to send to Exile Island, and he picked Jaclyn, who melted down as soon as she got there.

With Keith having won the advantage for the Immunity Challenge, the girls all plotted to vote him out in the event that he didn't win.

The Immunity Challenge saw the competitors use paddles to balance and navigate a series of three balls through a wire course without letting them drop.

Keith used his practice time to his advantage and took an early lead, and wound up winning. That lead the girls to cannibalize themselves back at camp in trying to figure out which one would be eliminated.

Keith argued that it was Jaclyn's turn to go home, while Baylor lobbied Natalie to use the Hidden Immunity Idol on her mom since it was the last vote at which it could be played.

However, Natalie seemed to be keeping her options open heading into the vote, and in a move to split up the last remaining couple, Natalie gave her Idol to Jaclyn at Tribal Council.

Ironically for Baylor, who found the Idol with Natalie, that saved Jaclyn from sure elimination and lead to Baylor getting blindsided when the votes against Jaclyn didn't count.

However, Baylor was a good sport about it saying, "I'm not mad at Natalie, that was a really good move."

That left Natalie, Keith, Jaclyn and Missy in the final four.

Surprisingly, Missy was cool with the move back at camp, mainly because she was secretly happy to say that she beat her daughter.

The Final Immunity Challenge consisted of an obstacle course that finished with a puzzle that was worthy of Scott Baio in his athletic prime during Battle of the Network Stars.

With Missy unable to compete due to her ankle, Jaclyn came from behind and won Immunity despite being so exhausted she could barely open the bags to her puzzle pieces, guaranteeing her a spot in the Final Three.

Sure enough, Jaclyn saw winning Immunity as an opportunity to make Jon jealous, almost as if she was showing him an expensive present she received from another boyfriend.

"Jon is going to die when he sees me wearing the necklace today, I can't wait!"

Jaclyn considered blindsiding Natalie even though she saved her at the previous Tribal Council, and pitched the idea to Missy.

Missy was more than receptive saying, "a), She voted out my kid, b), Keep talking."

At Tribal Council, Natalie seemed defeated, but it was all just a ploy to keep Keith comfortable.

And in the end it was Keith who was sent packing, leaving Natalie and Missy to join Jaclyn in an all female final three.

At the Final Tribal Council before the Jury, Jaclyn positioned herself as jumping from alliance to alliance finishing Jon's game.

Natalie claimed that she played the better game because she "outwit" both Missy and Jaclyn, and outlasted the others by playing without her loved one since day three.

Meanwhile, Missy plead her case by playing the loyalty card and outlasting the others on the Jury despite breaking her foot.

For the Jury Questions, Jon sent his fiance Jaclyn a softball, asking her about the biggest move she was solely responsible for, which was voting Josh out.

Keith called Natalie out for constantly lying to him and the other Jury Members, while Baylor, who is clearly positioning herself for a career in country music, just wanted to talk to her mom about the series of men who had come in and out of their lives and screwed them over.

Surprisingly, Baylor Wilson's new song "Blindsides and Broken Ankles" is not about her appearance with her mom on Survivor, it's the story of  growing up with a mom who married and divorced three different abusive men in a Texas trailer park.

Reed dramatically painted Missy's self described motherly role into really being that of a "wicked stepmother," favoring her natural child over the rest of her "family," and keeping "the help" (those who were not in her alliance) from going to the Ball (the Final Tribal Council)."

Reed went on to say, "This is why I love fairy tales, because they always have happy endings, and the wicked step mother never wins," as Baylor broke down in tears.

Ironically, that's exactly what Clay Aiken said to Reed Kelly when he broke up with him. 

After the Jury had voted, Jeff Probst drove back to the United States on a jet ski for a live show in L.A. to announce the winner.

In the end, Natalie won the Jury vote, making her the fattest Cross Fit instructor to ever win the game.

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