Thursday, May 15, 2014

Blogging Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty - "I don't like to be the one slack jawed at Tribal Council"

This week Survivor began with Tony's alliance furious at him for voting against Jefra at the previous Tribal Council without telling them first.

And while Trish complained, "I don't like to be the one slack jawed at Tribal Council, and now that's happened twice," she went right back to following him like a puppy...or at least a horse who had a good teeth whitening.

In all fairness to Tony, Trish Hegarty's not just been slack jawed at Tribal Council, it seems to come to her naturally.

Of course, each and every member of Tony's alliance was arrogant enough to actually believe that they were his #1 despite his pattern of deception.

In fact, Tony was already moving on and trying to make deals for the finals with members of the other alliance.

Kass, who to this point had been both awful in challenges and completely unlikable around camp, felt the need to get her two cents in instead of being smart and laying low. 

"Tony, I know you're feeling proud of yourself right now, but you don't have to act like that...You're gettin' really old here Tony, I mean you're talking to people so condescending. Right now, you're kind of being a jerk."

To make matters worse, Kass got upset when she thought she heard Tony say, "Kass is such a bitch, did you hear her last night?"

While Spencer confirmed to the camera that Tony had not said that about her, he neglected to relay that information to Kass so as to keep the tension up around camp and keep the target off of himself.

"Kass legitimately misheard Tony. So now Tony is telling the truth, which was rare, I mean this is a special moment...Am I going to clear up the moment? NO!"

When Tony tried to smooth things over with Kass, tensions between the two of them got even more heated, with Kass saying, "I expect that of him, because he's an idiot," and Tony snapping, "You act like you're a 4-year-old."

Kass even made things a little personal when she snapped, "That's why I'm composed and you're not. Hopefully in the next two months you'll do some growing before you hit 40."

Apparently too stupid to realize that she had nobody to back her, Kass was bold enough to add, "I think I will write your name down...Make sure you play your Idol."

For some reason Tony let his emotions take over and he tipped his hand when he blurted out, "You'll go home, because I got a "special" Idol, that's why!"

The Reward Challenge required two teams to throw sandbags at a block wall for the other team in order to knock it over the fastest, and then switch sides to see who could rebuild their own wall the fastest.

Spencer, Kass and Woo came from behind to win reward, which turned out to be a trip to bring supplies to a local school, where they also got to have an American style hot dog and hamburger grill out.

Surprisingly, once Woo escaped Tony's shadow and got to the school, he actually displayed a personality.

Specifically, he put on a pretty cool martial arts and basketball show to inspire the local youth, and he did it without Tony even telling him that it was okay. 

While they were on their reward, Kass proposed a final three deal with Spencer and Woo.

But as usual, while Woo indicated that he might be interested, he was less than committal without Tony there to hold his wang.

The Immunity Challenge required the competitors to race out and remember the total number of items at six different stations, and then use those number totals to solve a combination.

After a half an hour of running back and forth, Spencer finally won Immunity.

Spencer, Tash, Kass and Woo all agreed to split the vote to try and blindside Tony, or at least flush out his Immunity Idol.

However, Spencer made the rookie mistake of assigning the duty of voting against Tony to the two boys, which essentially put the whole plan to blindside Tony in Woo's hands even though he had a history of not following through on verbal plans to make a big move.

Sure enough, the plan to blindside Tony fell apart at Tribal Council when Woo decided not to vote against him as he said he would, which lead to Tasha getting sent home instead. 

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