Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Blogging SURVIVOR: Blood vs. Water - "Teenage mom, hell raiser. She can look in your eyes and lie better than anybody"

Upon arriving at the Redemption Challenge, Laura M. cried about her daughter Ciera voting her out, but added, "I'm proud of her. We knew one of us was going to have to vote the other one out."

Actually...That's not necessarily the way things had to work, but Ciera Eastin had no problem hanging her mother out to dry for her own personal gain. 

However, while Ciera thought voting out her mom would show her loyalty to her alliance, Tyson saw her ability to stab her own mom in the back as a sign of strength...And he didn't like it.

The Redemption Challenge itself involved running cubes through a rope maze and then stack them to solve puzzle.

Much to Ciera's dismay, her mother ended up winning. Laura M. then helped Tina come from behind to win second place, much to the dismay of Vytas.

In fact, when Laura M tried to congratulate him after the contest by saying "good try," Vytas refused her shake her hand saying, "No," realizing that her help to Tina meant that he would be heading back home...Or make that heading back to being homeless.

Laura M. continued the trend of giving the clue to someone the Redemption Challenge winner hated, electing to give it to her daughter Ciera, who promptly burned it.

Hayden and Colton approached Ciera to target Tyson, but she promptly narced them out showing more loyalty to a clown like Tyson than her own mother.

And while Ciera told Hayden and Caleb that she was down with their plan to back door Tyson, Hayden noticed how she had run off with Tyson to get tree mail and wouldn't even look him in the eye, so he started to scramble.

The Immunity Challenge required the contestants to hold a bucket with 25% of their body weight the longest.

However, those who felt comfortable enough not to compete could elect to sit out and feast on steak and chicken as long as the competition was ongoing.

In a tell tale sign of who was running the game, Gervase, Tyson and Ciera all elected to sit out and eat instead of competing for Immunity.

Worse yet, Tyson arrogantly rubbed it in the face of the others, saying, "Delicious to the taste and very desirable" when asked how his feast tasted.

"Delicious to the taste and very desirable?" Tyson Apostol and Gervase Peterson giving new meaning to the term "Sausage Fest."

Monica once again chose starvation...

Monica Culpepper: Only this time it was for Immunity instead of fake boobs and an ex-NFL player.

Hayden and Caleb tried to save themselves confronting Tyson and telling him that Ciera had told them that he was planning on back dooring him, which wasn't true.

However, Tyson seemed to buy it and consulted with Gervase about who to vote out, who also saw Ciera as a threat from her past experiences in life.

"Teenage mom, hell raiser. She can look in your eyes and lie better than anybody."

When asked at Tribal Council why she felt comfortable enough to eat instead of competing for Immunity, Ciera said, "I'd rather not play and eat, than lose and not eat," forgetting that their was a third option...Winning.

However, when asked by Jeff Probst, "Ciera, would it be shocked if it was you?", she replied by saying, "I would totally, I would be completely shocked."

And while their was enough distrust in the game to cause Tyson to needlessly play his Idol, Caleb was voted out over Ciera, setting up for some interesting dynamic around the tribe for next week's episode.

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