Monday, December 16, 2013

Blogging SURVIVOR: Blood vs. Water - "And Gervase is no star in the water!"

After pulling off the impossible and getting Ciera to change her vote at Tribal Council last week, Hayden was shocked that he was still alive.

"I'm fighting for my life in the game, and the very next moment we're drawing rocks and I realized, this worked!"

Because he tipped Ciera off that she was on the ass end of their alliance, Tyson was pissed at Gervase, who tends to let emotion dictate his actions and words.

Gervase Peterson is a Survivor legend in his own mind.

"You can't ever let the person on the bottom know they're going home, that's Survivor 101. You have to give them hope, you have to tell them somebody else's name."

With Katie joining her mom at Redemption Island, Tina seemed conflicted saying, "It's one thing to go against you in that battling ram thing. It's another thing here at the end...I would not be opposed to letting you win"

However, unlike Ciera, Katie loves her mom, and told Tina to play her hardest at the Redemption Challenge.

The Redemption Challenge itself required the contestants to tie sticks together to make a pole, retrieve a series of keys, and open locks.

With Laura winning yet another elimination challenge, Ciera told her mother how she loved her...But only because she needed the clue to the Immunity Idol that she thought was back in play.

Electing to compete her hardest, Tina soundly defeated her daughter for second place, sending Katie to the Jury, but not after completing a much needed diet.

The Immunity Challenge consisted of diving in the water and moving a buoy through an obstacle course, retrieving a bag of puzzle pieces, and solving a letter puzzle.

Gervase pulled out to a solid lead for second to last place, causing Jeff Probst to exclaim, "Gervase is even beating Ciera, and Gervase is no star in the water," which was just another way of saying, "Gervase is black!"

So let me get this straight...Ciera can come from behind and win a Survivor Immunity Challenge puzzle, but she couldn't figure out one of those circular day coded birth control packets during high school?

However, in a role reversal from high school, Ciera was the one who came from behind and won Immunity.

In addition to Immunity, Ciera also won a personal menu selection for both herself and a friend. And with Hayden joining her for cheeseburgers and pizza, Katie was disappointed that she got voted out just one week too early.

Ciera tried to get Monica to flip against Tyson and Gervase, telling her how Tyson was calling her his "puppy."

Sure enough, that caused Monica to cry as she said it was now "a me game," as she realized that she was the swing vote.

On the other hand, Gervase said "I have not doubt in my mind she's not going to sway."

Of course, Gervase also told Hayden that he was definitely going home last week and that he was "the greatest reality star" before the season began, so we have to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Tribal Council Monica admitted that what Ciera told her hurt, and that "a new side of me has come out."

Testing her on that comment, Hayden tried to punch Monica right in her lady parts.

"The perception that I have and that Ciera has is that you're Tyson's lapdog, and that he's using you all the way to the end. You know Brad's going to see that, your kids are going to see that, and right now is a time when you can show everybody that you're a strong independent woman."

However, Hayden didn't realize that Monica had withstood much stronger sexual poundings than that from Brad, and she went along with Tyson and Gervase to vote Hayden out 3-2.

And with Hayden headed to Exile Island and the season finale coming up this Sunday, America was left to wonder...When the fuck is the last person to win a Redemption Challenge going to rejoin the game?

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