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The Big Brother 15 Blog - "I’m hoping whoever wins is going to be buying drinks tonight!"

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The final three contestants, Spencer, Andy and GinaMarie, began a three part competition to determine the final HOH, with the winner not only being guaranteed a spot in the finals, but also getting to pick who he our she would be facing the Jury with.

GinaMarie won part one, which consisted of hanging onto a trapeze bar and getting drug around in circles while wearing roller skates without letting go. That sent GinaMarie on to the third and final stage to face off against either Spencer or Andy, whoever won part two.

And when glitter fell from the ceiling, GinaMarie exlclaimed, “OMG Glitter!” She then dropped to the floor to make glitter angels before she almost choked saying, “I think I swallowed glitter”

Part two consisted of repelling up and down a climbing wall to find pictures of “crabby house guests” and putting them in their order of eviction the fastest.

Not physically fit enough to fair well in most physical challenges, Spencer literally hit the wall saying, “I’m sweatin' up there like a pig.”

However, Spencer thought about his family and dug down deep to rally to the finish...And only ended up 15 minutes behind Andy, who moved on to face GinaMarie in the finals.

Part three of the HOH Competition involved correctly choosing A) or B) to finish statements from Jury Members about the game.

And while Andy defeated GinaMarie to win HOH, he still decided to take her to the finals instead of Spencer, citing a day one final two agreement that he had made with her, which had nothing to do with the fact that GinaMarie would be lucky to get a vote from anyone on the Jury other than Aaryn.

Big Brother legend "Evil" Dr. Will Kirby returned to provide some commentary on the game. Surprisingly, upon walking into the Jury House Will matter of factly said, “Amanda, nice to see you,” as if they had already known each other.

Then again, last I heard Will was taping a reality show about being a plastic surgeon in Miami, so you do the math.

When questioned by the Jury, all GinaMarie could say was that she was just trying to be the best GinaMarie that she could be, saying, "I'm only me, I'm GinaMarie."

And while one would think that introducing herself to the house alone would be enough to win the $500,000, she was also asked to explain her second best game move aside from getting Amanda out of the game.

Unfortunately, GinaMarie was unable to point to any other moves, mainly because there were note...That is, unless you consider making racial slurs a strategic game move.

At the finals, GinaMarie Zimmerman wore a designer toga by Bed Bath and Beyond.

Andy also came under fire by the Jury. For example, his good friend Spencer asked, “Andy, you just cost me a whole lot of money bro. Why should I give you the $1million?”

Andy made no attempt to conceal the fact that he lied to some of his closest friends in the game, claiming that he did so to "cover his ass" since he knew he had to stab people in the back, which was a pretty good answer.

However, Andy also gave himself WAY too much credit, claiming to behind everyone on the Jury's eviction, and not giving anyone who did the dirty work (and let's face it, Andy did absolutely NO dirty work) any credit.

McCrae seemed less concerned with who was going to win than who was going by picking up the tab later that evening. “I’m hoping whoever wins is going to be buying drinks tonight!”

Of the non-Jury Members, Howard revealed that he was deeply hurt by racist and personal comments by many of his fellow contestants, and that the live feeds infuriated him so much that he couldn’t watch.

And as Howard said that, it was clear that GinaMarie had no idea that he was talking about her along with Aaryn, Amanda and Andy.

In was also recently revealed that in addition to Aaryn and GinaMarie Andy also lost his job as a college professor at DuPage College (even though they claimed he was never a professor to begin with) as a result of racial slurs that he made directed at Candice and other bi-racial people.

 “Andy Herren has formerly worked for College of DuPage as a part-time instructor. He does not currently work for the College. Any behavior or language he uses on the CBS reality show “Big Brother” does not represent the opinions or values of College of DuPage.

Spencer, obviously hurt by the revelation that this season had been marred by racial slurs asked, “Did I say anything Julie?”

That caused her to say, “Save that for later, we don’t have enough time,” as she kept referring to this season as "the most controversial ever."

Other revelations that either came out on the final episode, Big Brother After Dark, or the Internet included:

-Jeremy allegedly made the money to buy his houseboat selling drugs;

-While she claimed that she would not have sex with Jeremy while on the show out of respect to her family, the house guests caught Kaitlin getting out of bed with Jeremy's giz all over her back;

-Aaryn's mom is pissed about how Julie questioned her daughter over her blatantly racist comments during the season instead of focusing on something more positive...Like puppies;

-The house guests believe that Amanda initially hooked up with McCrae during week one simply because he won HOH;

-Judd actually hooked up with Jessie AND Aaryn...How about a "J-U-Double D!" and,

-Jessie, frustrated over being harassed in the house, yelled, “I was never fat at one point and lost a lot of weight, I was always fricking cool!”

Jessie Kowalski used the finals as one last opportunity to showcase her boobs, hoping to prove to America that she really was popular for some reason at one point in her life...She called it "High School."

As expected, Andy won the final vote and $500,000 by a total of 7-2, with only Aaryn and Judd voting for GinaMarie.

Unfortunately, the $25,000 prize for America’s Favorite Houseguest went to Elissa over the next closest vote getters, Judd and Howard.

Strangely, Elissa started celebrating her win about a half second before Julie Chen even read the results...Hmm, let the C-O-N-spiracy theories begin...Or at least let me start them.

But seriously, if you cheered for or voted for that coattail riding blow-up doll to win any money even though she married some old doctor because he was filthy rich...Well, shame on you.

Fittingly, the season ended with GinaMarie tracking down and dry humping Nick, giving him the prize of America's Favorite STD. 

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