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Big Brother 15 Blog - "I feel bad for McCrae, He just ended up losing his ball and chain, and now he ended up with another one"

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The week began with the HOH Competition, which consisted of putting together a puzzle with images of past competition winners based on pixelated picture clues.

Not one to have the patience or intellect to solve a puzzle beyond ramming two pieces that don't fit together, Judd yelled, “There’s no way it fits!” before saying, “Okay, I see," right after he got eliminated.

Spencer ended up winning HOH, putting him in a position of power in a crucial week after being the house nomination bitch all summer. 

Spencer also got to award "gifts" to other house guests.

For example, he gave GinaMarie and McCrae “Friendship,” which required them to be tied together for 24 straight hours.

That caused GinaMarie to exclaim, “How are we gonna pee, I'm a girl.”  However, it was GinaMarie who drug McCrae out of the room saying, “Hey baby I’m sorry, I’ve gotta take a Donald Dookie…My things just come up all of a sudden.”

That caused McCrae to say, “GinaMarie is 100% more attractive now that I’ve been through this whole experience,” while GinaMarie to joked, “I feel bad for McCrae. He just ended up losing his ball and chain, and now he ended up with another one.”

Spencer gave Andy a chance for "wealth," which was chance to win up to $5k by choosing to break piggy banks with different cash prizes in them.  As it turned out, Andy won $85, $9, and $.83, or as he said, "After taxes I think it’s like $6.”

Judd got the gift of "health," which turned out to be instructions from drill sergeant who could demand that he stop whatever he was doing and do exercises at any time, 24/7.

In addition to making them poop together, Spencer also nominated McCrae and GinaMarie for eviction, with GinaMarie being the pawn and McCrae being his target.

However, GinaMarie may have overacted just a little too much in trying to convince McCrae that she thought she was in danger of going home.

Or as Spencer said, “I appreciate a little bit of acting, but I don’t want her to oversell it. I mean, McCrae’s not a dumbass.”

The Veto Competition was super hero themed contest where the contestants had to fly on a rope between two platforms and solve a puzzle while managing a countdown clock affixed to a buzzer they had to push to get more time.

Sure enough McCrae, a self proclaimed comic book dork won the POV when he needed it most.

Realizing that he was going up for eviction, but not necessarily sure to get evicted, Judd flipped out, flipping off the camera and knocking things off tables because he was convinced he was going home for a second time.

Judd Doughtery kind of strikes me like the kind of guy who would look into the security camera as he robs a convenience store.

Judd even went as far as to stop the Veto Meeting to call McCrae out for lying, apparently forgetting that McCrae was one of two people voting to evict either GinaMarie or himself. 

That caused Spencer to ask, “This is the dumbest move I’ve ever seen. He just made yourself a huge enemy. Judd, what are you thinking?”

As his eviction speech, Judd hinted that he would be able to guarantee that Spencer and Andy made the final three, but indicated that he couldn't tell them how.

And as tempting as that was, Andy still voted along with McCrae to vote Judd out.

Judd's spirits lifted immediately upon being evicted, tells house he was voting for Spencer and Andy win the game, and then telling Connie Chung that he was just doing that as "reverse psychology" to put targets on their backs in an example of true "Judd L-O-G-I-double C"

Judd also denied having any regrets after turning on Elissa who he had made a final two deal with, saying, “Absolutely not. Working with Elissa is the hardest thing you could possibly do….Her mind changes every five minutes…She had to go - Exterminated!”

With Julie asking why he laughed at Andy crying during his eviction message, Judd responded by giggling, “I mean, I just never seen a guy cry so much,"

He then played to the crowd by saying, “Lets just hope those girls don’t scratch my eyes out in that Jury House” as he prepared to leave the studio.

The new HOH Competition consisted of "Before or After" questions about the sequence of events that took place in the house.

With all three remaining house guests tying, Andy won HOH in a tie-breaker by guessing how long the last Super Hero themed HOH Competition took to complete in seconds.

And of all the weeks to win HOH, this one proved out to be the best for the spineless Andy, as with only four players left in the game his nominations did not matter near as much as did who would win the subsequent POV Competition.

Back at the Jury House Candice was thrilled when she learned that Aaryn got evicted.

“I’m going to trace it back to the days that she flipped my mattress, and I’m happy she flipped her way right into the Jury House,” referring to Aaryn's temper tantrum and racist tirade towards Candice earlier in the season. 

Upon arriving at the Jury House Aaryn did apologize for being a racist towards Candice and Helen, while Amanda apologized for being a bitch.

Actually, Amanda still doesn't realize she's a bitch, as she was apparently already planning on suing CBS for defamation of character before she even got evicted according to Spencer and McCrae on Big Brother After Dark.

Always one to be about a lap behind any conversation, a confused Judd asked, “A defamation of what?"

And while I'm not exactly sure what that's all about, it sounds like Amanda and Julie Chen got into some sort of argument that wasn't aired on the episodes broadcast on CBS, as McCrae said, “Amanda will never work for CBS again, that’s for sure,” apparently thinking that such a decision would be Amanda's choice and not the network's.

And won the POV Competition, which involved matching the right pictures with clues in order to complete a spider web.

That allowed him to keep his nominations the same and vote out McCrae, who was told about the "Exterminators" alliance before he went home out of respect.

At his interview, Connie Chung asked McCrae about his showmance with Amanda. “At times you seemed deeply in love with Amanda, at times you seemed deeply afraid of Amanda…She’s not here, what are your real thoughts about her?”

McCrae politely rambled on before finally saying, “I don’t know," but added that from a strategic standpoint, “I wish I distanced myself from Amanda a little more.”

Unfortunately for Amanda, when talking to the guys on Big Brother After Dark, McCrae made it sounds like it he would like to try to get back together with his ex-girlfriend back in Minnesota if he had his choice.

Unfortunately for McCrae Olson, Amanda Zuckerman will be doing the choosing for him.

I'm not saying that McCrae isn't disappointed about not winning Big Brother 15, but I think he'll sleep pretty good at night with this Super Veto/Super Hero win as consolation prize. 

Big Brother 15 Power Ratings - Each week I'm going rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after week eleven:

3. GinaMarie Zimmerman - And just when people start talking about GinaMarie as a possibility to win the Jury vote and the $500,000 grand prize, she goes and says the following on Big Brother After Dark upon discussing about what house guest will be the most famous upon leaving the house. “I don’t think anyone will remember Helen because all Chinese people look alike."

Sadly, Helen had a long one-on-one talk with GinaMarie a few weeks a ago about how her parents had escaped from North Korea. 

2. Andy Herren - Is there a fashion show called Queer Eye for the Gay Guy? Because if there is, Andy needs  it.

I don't know what's worse, Andy Herren's socks, or Spencer Clawson's jean shorts...But at least they make a cute sartorially challenged couple.
1. Spencer Clawson - Did you know that Spencer was born in 1982...Jesus, I thought the guy was like in his 40’s.

Spencer has taken to making up some pretty amusing "Jeremy McGuire" stories to pass the time. They're kind of like the fictitious Chuck Norris stories circulating on the Internet, only they primarily revolve around Jeremy's ego, weed and giz.

Longing for something that had been lacking this summer, a celebrity visit to the BB House, Spencer yelled randomly to the producers, "Please give us Elizabeth Shue!" You brought that monster Tori Spelling in for Adam!"

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