Monday, August 2, 2010

BBB12 (Blogging Big Brother 12) - "I know he's a chemist...hopefully he doesn't clone himself"

Last week Matt dropped the ball as Head of Household by nominating Andrew and Kathy instead of Brendon and Rachel, either of whom he hoped to backdoor. Of course, Brendon won the Power of Veto and preserved the original nominations. This caused Lane to proclaim, "I know he's a chemist, so hopefully he doesn't clone himself." Even if Brendon was a chemist (he's not, he's a physicist), and even if chemists were in the business of cloning people (they're not), I'm not exactly sure how that would have affected the Power of Veto meeting, but I digress.

Andrew concocted a plan with Brendon to tell the house that he was going after Rachel and Brendon in hopes of convincing the castmates that the three were not in cohoots with one another. While Andrew pretended to call out Brendon and Rachel at the Power of Veto meeting, it was household idiot Matt of all people who saw through the ruse, calling Andrew's speech "amateur theatre hour." Ouch!

While Andrew had game changing information about Hayden and Kristen's secret relationship at his disposal, he kept that information to himself until his speech at the Eviction Ceremony. Even though he outed Hayden and Kristen's relationship and their opinions about the other housemates that he overheard, it proved to be too late to influence anyone's vote. Ultimately Andrew was evicted by a unanimous vote.

In the Head of Household competition Rachel pulled the upset and defeated Lane and the Brigade alliance, which preserved her spot in the house with Brendon for at least another week. However, Rachel immediately went on a power trip and called out Kristen, much to Brendon's dismay. When Rachel later attempted to apologize to Kristen, Kristen rejected that apology, much to Hayden's dismay (are you starting to get the pattern of who the weak links in the showmances are?). Wisely, Rachel nominated Kristen and Hayden for eviction.

Big Brother 12 Power Ratings - Each week I rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after week 4:

10. Kristen - (previously #7) Kristen seems confident that she will not be leaving the house even though she has been nominated for eviction. Unfortunately for her she is not only up for eviction against her showmance partner, but she has no idea that the Brigade alliance is gunning for her to get Hayden's head back in the game.

(BTW, to everyone who thinks that Kristen is sartorially challenged, I have been informed that high waisted pants are actually making a comeback...but apparently only for girls. In a side note, I am currently checking on American Apparel's refund policy. I'll keep you posted).

9. Kathy - (previously #11) Someone arrived at my blog last week by searching "Big Brother 12, Is Kathy a lesbian?" Unfortunately, I am unable to answer that question. I will point out that there are two types of lesbians in this world - the kind that work construction and fart, and the kind that are pretty and don't trust men. If you guessed that Kathy was the former and Annie was the latter, then surprisingly you guessed wrong.

8. Rachel - (previously #10) - While Rachel is safe this week as Head of Household, I'm not sure what is bigger, the target on her back or her man chin (see, I'm not a joke pony, but I don't stray too far from the farm).

7. Brendon - (previously #8) Like Rachel, Brendon is safe for the week. However, he'll go back to being a major target in weeks when his alliance is not in power. Brendon officially lost both his dude card and manhood when he told Rachel that he loved her (and get this, she pulled away from him instead of reciprocating that statement). There is a 100% chance that Brendon's future girlfriend is going to use that one against him someday.

6. Hayden - (previously #3) Up for nomination after his showmance with Kristen was outed, Hayden probably should have come clean instead of denying that the two of them were hooking up. Now he is not only the weakest member of the Brigade, but the rest of his alliance members are targeting his girlfriend in order to get his head back in the game. He did gain bonus points by challenging Rachel to "string a sentence together without using the word 'like'" after she bragged about her chemistry degree and intelligence while arguing with Kristen.

5. Ragan - (previously #5) Still flying under the radar. I'm still not sure why he hasn't at least been nominated for eviction for being a floater. He did declare, "I nominate to institutionalize and evict Andrew" during the Eviction Ceremony, which pretty much summed this week up....and Andrew was actually telling the truth.

4. Britney - (previously #6) Britney's not only hilarious, but she's starting to play the game. Even though she despises Rachel, she took a bubble bath with her (unfortunately she was wearing a bikini) in order to make amends and futher secure her position in the house. Somewhere in America Monet was watching that scene as she tried to figure out a way to throw a plugged in toaster through her television screen. Interestingly, I just came across a site that looks like it already has Britney listed as this week's POV winner.

3. Matt - (previously # 4) Matt continues to make questionable decisions, overestimate his own intelligence, and think more highly of himself than everyone else around him does. Sadly, I am reminded why I'm presently single.

2. Enzo - (previously #2) Is there any amount of Rogaine that can help stop Enzo's male pattern baldness? I hope not, because I really want to the see the before and after photos of him in a Hair Club for Men commercial once Big Brother 12 ends. I think I continue to make fun of Enzo because I am slowly coming to the realization that I secretly don't hate him nearly as much as I thought I was going to when the season started.

1. Lane - (previously #1) Lane declared that his idea of a good time back in Texas is driving around in a truck at night with guns and a case of beer so he can shoot at any eyes that reflect back when he and his friends shine a light up into the trees, which officially makes it fair game to kick him square in the nuts the next time he stares into the lights of the TV camera to make a stupid comment during confessional. In any event, until PETA flies a plane with a banner over the house outing the Brigade, Lane doesn't have any real enemies.

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