Monday, August 30, 2010

BBB12 (Blogging Big Brother 12) - "Do you think I have the brainpower to do that? I can barely talk to you and lift"

With Britney having put up Brendon and Enzo for eviction, Brendon was forced to win the Power of Veto to stay in the house. Brendon, still dealing with Rachel's eviction, put on a sleeping blindfold and said the following out loud:

"It's just so hard when you feel like the whole house is against you. It was a little easier when I had you. Now it's just me, but I can win competitions. I can do it. I love you and I miss you."

Enzo uncomfortably walked in on Brendon going Debbie Boone and talking about how Rachel lights up his life. Apparently his unholy prayer to devil child Rachel worked, as Brendon won the POV through earning points by agreeing to shave his head and giving up other household amenities. As Brendon said, "What is three weeks as a "have not" when I can spend the rest of my life with (drum roll)....half a million dollars." Holy shit! Rachel has only been out of the house for 2 weeks and Brendon's penis is slowly starting to grow back!

(Did Debbie Boone write this song about her relationship w/God or Brendon's relationship w/Rachel?)
With Brendon safe, Hayden lead a movement to backdoor Matt. Britney was initially cold to that idea, but when Matt lobbied her to put his purported best friend Ragan up as a replacement nominee she went along with the Brigade's wishes due to her lack of trust in Matt. Britney also opened Pandora's Box in order to receive some advice from a former contestant. Britney chose door number 3, which turned out to be a zonk as she was forced to watch the other housemates have a luau as she was locked in a room with all time Big Brother d-bag Jessie, a/k/a "Mr. Rectacular,"* who gave her tips on body building and not game strategy. Britney's response - "Oh my God, kill me!"
*Gerald, that link was especially for you!

After Matt was evicted by a unanimous 4-0 vote it was announced to the house that this week would be a double eviction. Hayden won HOH and was immediately forced to put two housemates on the block. His choices were Brendon and Ragan, with the Brigade targeting Ragan for eviction since he had figured out their alliance by virtue of Enzo having blurted out how he and Hayden had decided to split their eviction votes when Matt and Lane were on the block. While Britney was put up as a replacement nominee, she was smart enough to quickly lobby Enzo for his vote, and Brendon was unanimously evicted.

Big Brother 12 Power Ratings - Each week I rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after week 7:

5. Ragan - (previously #4) Ragan has to win the Power of Veto or he's going to the jury house, which could be his worst nightmare since earlier in the week he worried, "I'm mortified because I'm thinking, oh my God, in the Jury House they've cloned Rachel," which sounds just like that movie Michael Keaton made, only with tequila and herpes instead of pizza.

4. Britney - (previously #3) Britney may have come about as far as she can go unless she wins Head of Household next week, but she's definitely working Lane to the best of her God given abilities. And when I say "God given," I mean from a plastic surgeon. First Britney threatened Lane, "If you are really in an alliance with somebody else and you're just playing me for a fool and I see that I'm going to kill you." Lane's response, "Do you think I have the brainpower to do that? I can barely talk to you and lift." She went on to chastise Lane for even considering putting her up as a pawn against Ragan instead of Hayden, his secret alliance member...

3. Lane - (previously #2) ....And by the power of boobs - Lane nominated his alliance member Hayden for eviction instead of Britney. Keep in mind that Lane is aware of the fact that Britney happens to have a fiance back home. At least we know that Lane doesn't actually need the $500k grand prize since Britney blabbed to the house that he already has money by virtue of a token job with his family's oil business. By now I'm starting to think that the only dudes who didn't get played by a girl in BB12 were Enzo and Rachel.

2. Enzo - (previously #6) Enzo was once again nominated, this time as a pawn to go up against Ragan. With a vote from Hayden to stay in the house definitely in his favor, Britney has no choice but to vote the same way and secure Enzo's spot in the Final Four since Lane holds the tie-breaking vote as Head of Household.

1. Hayden - (previously #1) Hayden was the driving force in the bold move to vote out alliance member Matt, who he noted, "thinks he owns this place." Unless Lane breaks off from the Brigade to join Britney and Ragan, that move could be the deciding factor in winning the game.

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