Monday, July 26, 2010

BBB12 (Blogging Big Brother 12) - "She also could have worn a shirt, but we can't make all her decisions for her"

First the good news! Rumors on the Al Gore have it that Annie may be coming back into the Big Brother house even though she was evicted after week 1 as the Saboteur. If those rumors are true it obviously means that: 1) Annie's not really crazy; 2) I don't have bad taste in women after all; and 3) Annie's not really a lesbian. How awesome is that for me??!!

For the first time in this game we actually had some real drama in the house. After Britney told Rachel that Matt was pissed off at her for putting him up as a replacement nominee, Rachel dropped the bomb that Matt was actually the one who approached her about going up for elimination against Monet as a pawn. Rachel took things a step further by calling a house meeting and publicly outing Matt for playing both sides, and Matt responded by saying that Rachel was on a power trip and that she'd be his next target. Somehow that wasn't enough to save Monet, as the house (including Rachel and Brendon) voted to keep Matt by a 7-2 margin.

Hayden and Kristen got a little sloppy in hiding their secret showmance, and Andrew overheard their midnight makeout session when he pretended to be sleeping. Matt outlasted Ragan for Head of Household in one of Big Brother's crappy endurance challenges that unnecessarily spanned two episodes. After he won Head of Household Matt continued to believe that he's the one running the house, and he probably needs to remember that "pride comes before the fall" when it comes to Big Brother (bonus points and a beer to the first person who gets that reference).

As expected, Matt's ego ended up getting the best of him. Instead of nominating his biggest rivals (Rachel and Brendon) for eviction, he put put Andrew up as a pawn against Kathy. Matt wants Kathy out of the house simply because she voted against him at last week's elimination in favor of her friend Monet. Word to Mr. Mensa, there is a big difference between actually being targeted by someone and having someone vote against you out of loyalty to a close friend like Kathy did. Right now Matt is more "Diabolical Biz Markie" than "Diabolical Super Genius."

Big Brother 12 Power Ratings - Each week I rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after week 3:

11. Kathy - (previously #8) With Matt seeking revenge against Kathy for her vote against him last week, it looks like her time in the house will come to an end barring a replacement nominee via the Power of Veto.

10. Rachel - (previously #5) - So far Rachel has pretty much shown the entire house her boobs and ass, which means everyone has gotten just as far with her as Brendon has. I think Rachel is at risk of getting back doored this week, and I don't mean by Brendon.

9. Andrew - (previously #10) In response to my question from week 1, we finally learned that Big Brother slop is NOT kosher. While I don't think Andrew is the target for eviction this week in spite of being nominated, the possibility of being evicted did seem to wake him up in terms of his need to play the game. Matt should have put up Rachel and Brendon as everyone expected, as by putting up Andrew for eviction he picked up an unnecessary enemy. Bonus points to Enzo noting that the nut huggers Andrew wore during the Head of Household challenge definitely were not kosher.

8. Brendon - (previously #4) I'm moving Brendon down the power ranking list for the time being. Surprisingly, Matt winning Head of House did not turn out to be the worst case scenario for Brendon and Rachel. While it was pretty clear that the other 3 members of the Brigade alliance wanted Rachel and Brendon up for eviction, Matt inexplicably nominated Kathy and Andrew instead. Sure, Brendon could still get back doored, but that can be avoided if the Power of Veto challenge goes in his favor.

7. Kristen - (previously #6) Kristen loses ground in this week's rankings for two reasons. First, while he hasn't told the rest of cast as of yet, Andrew overheard Kristen and Hayden's secret makeout session. Second, the Brigade alliance has suspicions that the two housemates rumoured to know each other coming into the game might be Hayden and Kristen. At this point the Brigade suspects that Hayden and Kristen are relatives, not lovers. Of course we could have had the best of both worlds on Big Brother 5 when Michael and Jennifer came into the house not aware of the fact that they were long lost brother and sister. How hot would it have been if those two would have hooked up?

6. Britney - (previously #9) I went from liking Britney because she was hot, to hating her because she's from Arkansas, to loving her again because of the snarky comments she makes about the other housemates. I'm going on record to say that Britney is one of the funniest contestants in the history of Big Brother. A couple of her comments from this week:

Monet: She nominated Matt...I think she just wanted to get that extra jab in there, and she's lucky she didn't get my fist up her head."
Britney: She also could have worn a shirt, but we can't make all her decisions for her Monet."

Britney (during her tearful farewell message following Monet's eviction): I'm going to miss sitting in the back yard and talking with you about how high waisted Kristen's pants are, and how skanky Rachel's dressing every day, and how annoying her (Rachel's) laugh is, and all the things we could do with her (Rachel's) hair extensions."

5. Ragan - (previously #7) Surprisingly, Ragan continues to fly under the radar with no real alliance and no real enemies. He proclaimed that "being tied up and strapped to a wall is a typical night in West Hollywood for me." Of course he was referring to the Have/Have Not Challenge where he was duct taped to a wall and squirted with fluid, and not anything kinky.

4. Matt - (previously # 11) Having won Head of Household, Matt moves up the power ratings this week. However, his arrogance is still bound to cost him as the game continues. The Brigade is questioning his decision to nominate Andrew and Kathy for eviction instead of Rachel and Brendon, while his loyalties have already been questioned by the rest of the house.

3. Hayden - (previously #1) Hayden has become more vulnerable because of his relationship with Kristen. Not only are the other Brigade members questioning whether Hayden and Kristen might be the two housemates who knew each other coming into the game, but Andrew knows the truth about their secret romance. I have a strong suspicion that Hayden's relationship with Kristen is going to cost him a lot of money, but since all reality show relationships work out, I'm sure it will totally be worth it in the end.

2. Enzo - (previously #3) As much as I hate to admit it, Enzo deserves to move up. I actually enjoyed listening to Enzo when Britney attempted to teach him how to speak with a southern accent. Enzo has also been able to hide his secret alliance with Snookie from the other contestants much better than I imagined he would.

1. Lane - (previously #2) I'm not really sure how we got to the point where I have the guy who uttered the phrase, "I love role playing, I've rolled played a couple of times back in Texas, mainly with horses and cows" rated number 1, but we did. Fortunately these rankings are not final.

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