Tuesday, August 24, 2010

2010 NFL Predictions

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1. Dallas, 10-6: Dallas has a good team, I just don't trust Doug Free at LT
2. Philly, 9-7: Kolb and co. will score. My questions are on their defense and the OL.
3. Wash, 9-7: Much improved at QB and OL. The defense could be special.
4. Giants, 8-8: Not a bad team, just a tough division.

1. Green Bay, 11-5: With a healthier secondary and OL they are ready to make their run.
2. Minnesota, 10-6: Favre is looking old and I'm starting to doubt his ability to finish the season. I do think that the seven teammates who claimed to to have received a text from Favre last month indicating that he was retiring was a practical joke in response to his sweatheart deal that allows him to skip training camp while they labored through two a days.
3. Detroit, 7-9: This team should be competitive, they're just limited by an extremely difficult schedule.
4. Chicago, 4-12: Mike Martz offense + Tampa 2 defense ='s recipe for disaster and Lovie's job.

1. New Orleans, 11-5: They lost some depth from last year but their core remains.
2. Atlanta, 10-6: Atlanta should get back on track, but they are a few free agents away from elite.
3. Carolina, 6-10: Matt Moore should be an upgrade at QB. They still need help for Steve Smith.
4. Tampa Bay, 3-13: The Bucs upgraded their DL and WR's this off season, but they need another year.

1. San Francisco, 8-8: I like the spread. I like the D. I don't like Alex Smith.

2. Arizona, 7-9: With Warner and Boldin gone the Cards will run more. Unfortunately the D lost a lot.
3. Seattle, 5-11: They had a nice draft, but the lack of a pass rush and a thin secondary spells disaster.
4. St. Louis, 1-15: Aside from Stephen Jackson, I'm not sure this team has anything to work with.

NFC Wildcards: Minnesota and Atlanta
NFC Conference Championship: Green Bay over New Orleans


1. Miami, 10-6: Brandon Marshall helps, but Chad Henne is still Chad Henne.

2. Jets, 10-6: I love the D, I love the running game, but I don't have much faith in Marc Sanchez.
3. New England, 9-7: The end of an era is here. Without a weak schedule they'd be under .500.

4. Buffalo, 3-13: Buffalo had major needs at QB, OL, DL, LB and TE, yet they decided to stand pat.

1. Cinci, 10-6: Cinci has a stout D and improved receiving targets. This year is on Carson Palmer.
2. Balt, 10-6: The secondary is thin, but Balt added DL depth and finally improved their receivers.
3. Pitt, 8-8: This team just seems thin, especially with Big Ben in "timeout" for getting all grabby.

4. Cleve, 4-12: I have no faith in Mike Holmgren as a GM.


1. Indy, 11-5: With Manning, Sanders and their WR's all healthier this year, I really like the Colts.
2. Tenn, 10-6: This team is a year or two away from being special.

3. Houston, 9-7: I love their offense, but until they make a big move on defense they're stuck at 9-7.
4. Jacksonville, 6-10: Still some holes, but I like the way they are building in the trenches.

1. San Diego, 10-6: They're not bad, but they would not warrant a 10-6 prediction in any other division.
2. Oakland, 7-9: Jason Campbell is a big upgrade at QB. If they play conservative and run the ball effectively they can improve.
3. Denver, 4-12: Josh McDaniels and Brian Xander continue to purge talent and lead the Broncos in their descent to the bottom of the NFL.
4. KC, 4-12: I think it's safe to say that Scott Pioli and Matt Cassel are busts in Kansas City.

AFC Wildcards: Baltimore and Jets
AFC Conference Championship: Indianapolis over Miami

Super Bowl Prediction
Green Bay 35 - Indy 31

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