Wednesday, September 8, 2010

BBB12 (Blogging Big Brother 12) - "It's like Oprah's book club, only it's all about sexually transmitted diseases"

With Ragan and Enzo nominated for eviction it was pretty much a foregone conclusion that Ragan would be going home this week unless he won the Power of Veto. The real story was establishing the pecking order of the remaining members of the Brigade alliance (Hayden, Enzo and Lane) heading into the final four.

Because Lane surprisingly put Enzo up for nomination instead of Britney, the Brigade began to question his loyalty. When Enzo won the POV and Lane yet again screwed over the Brigade by replacing him with Hayden and not Britney it caused Hayden to comment, "This is the second time Lane has nominated a Brigade member when he could have put up Britney - NOT COOL DUDE!...What the hell are you thinking?"

As expected, Ragan was evicted in a unanimous vote. With Ragan harboring no ill will towards those who voted him out of the house, Britney consoled him by stating, "I'm sorry you have to go to the Jury House and listen to Rachel's disgusting cackle," which she did a dead on impression of in off the air footage posted on the CBS website:


Speaking of the Jury House, we were treated to Brendon's reunion with Rachel as he entered the Jury House. While Rachel stated, "I want to be excited to see him, and I love him, and I want to jump on him and kiss him," she instead only managed to issue a subdued, "Yay - I'm glad to see you" without so much as even going over to embrace him as he entered the room. Matt revealed to the other jury members that his wife did not really have a serious bone disease as he lead them to believe, which earned him a scolding from cancer survivor Kathy when she said, "I don't care if it's for a million dollars, that is sick. It disgusts me!" Even Rachel called Matt "the most horrible person I've ever met" and "worse than evil," which is kind of like getting called disloyal by Sarah Palin.

At this point it's obvious that Hayden is aligned with Enzo and that Lane has re-aligned with Britney, although much to Lane's chagrin there's a better chance for a hookup between Hayden and Enzo than there is for Lane and Britney. Hayden ended up winning the Head of Household competition, although Lane and Britney could still evict Enzo if either one of the two wins the Power of Veto since the only house guest voting this week will be the one who is off of the eviction block.

Big Brother 12 Power Ratings - Each week I rank the Big Brother contestants based upon their power and vulnerability within the house. Here's how the contestants break down after week 8:

4. Britney - (previously #4) While Hayden and Enzo have at least discussed targeting fellow Brigade alliance member Lane for eviction instead of Britney, she will most likely have to win the POV in order to avoid leaving the house. I'm hoping that Britney finds a way to stay as I'd miss quotes like, "The slide was slippery, I don't usually go sliding on KY Jelly - believe it or not." She made that statement in reference to the Power of Veto challenge where the housemates had to go up and down a greased slide and bring back cards that they found to a show tune singing clam that Britney said "looks like he enjoys tap dancing lessons and playing the piano," and that Lane claimed looked like the Hamburglar (although I think he really meant Mayor McCheese). From the way that Britney and Lane described the Veto Challenge it sounds like it was exactly the way I envisioned the fine art scene in the greater Texarkana region...well either that or an episode of the TV show Glee, right down to the KY Jelly.

3. Lane - (previously #3) Lane totally got worked over by Britney again this week, as he let her convince him to put his alliance members up for nomination instead of her. While Lane keeps saying that his best chance of winning is by taking Britney with him to the final two, that's simply his way of justifying keeping her in the game since he has a crush on her. Britney has clearly outplayed Lane strategically and would probably beat him in the jury vote. Now Lane's loyalty is being questioned by Brigade alliance members Enzo and Hayden, which means that he's going to need to win some challenges just to make it to the end. Obviously, we've not been seeing the most brilliant strategy of late from Lane, but what do you expect from someone who summed up his odds of winning by stating, "I'm in the final four. I have a one out of - what is that - three chances or four? I get mixed up, do I count myself? Because I can beat myself, so do I count myself?" I think Hayden said it best when he stated, "Everything is big in Texas - except Lane's brain."

2. Enzo - (previously #2) Enzo's along for the ride with Hayden. While he can take credit for forming and naming the Brigade alliance, Hayden has been the strongest competitor in the game in terms of challenges. I don't necessarily agree with Enzo's proclamation that the Brigade is the strongest alliance in Big Brother history. Yeah, it's gotten them this far, but I'm still shocked that only one or maybe two housemates at best were able to sniff out and target an alliance that didn't even disguise the fact that they were spending all of their time hanging out together. Strategically this has to be the worst played game in Big Brother history, which kind of makes sense since there weren't as many creepy old people who like to strategize as there were in the past like "Evel Dick," "Mike Boogie" and Jerry.

1. Hayden - (previously #1) Hayden appears to be be in complete control of the game right now. Not only is he Head of Household, but he's been working Enzo, Lane and Britney to ensure that whoever escapes eviction would be willing to take him to the final two. Hayden wisely put Lane up for eviction against Britney, who was secretly planning to break off from the Brigade and evict Enzo if Hayden entrusted him with the sole vote to evict.

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