Thursday, October 1, 2009

NFL PICKS - Week 4

Week 3 NFL Results: 10-6
NFL Results Season to Date: 23-24

Week 3 College Football Results: 4-1
College Football Results Season to Date: 15-6

Week 3 This Is Why Results: 3-2
This is Why Results Season to Date: 7-3

Week 4 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

At Houston -9.5 Oakland (Houston)
Tenn -3 At Jacksonville (Tenn)
At New England -2 Balt (Balt)
Cinci -5.5 At Cleveland (Cinci)
NYG -8.5 At Kansas City (NYG)
At Chicago -10 Detroit (Detroit)
At Washington -7 Tampa Bay (Washington)
At Indy -10.5 Seattle (Indy)
At New Orleans -7 Jets (New Orleans)
Buffalo -2 At Miami (Miami)
At San Fran -9.5 St. Louis (San Fran)
Dallas -3 At Denver (Dallas)
At Pitt -6.5 San Diego (San Diego)

Monday Night Football

At Minnesota -3.5 Green Bay (Green Bay)

College Picks

Alabama -15.5 At Kentucky (Alabama)
Cincinnati -29 At Miami OH (Cincinnati)
At Iowa -21 Arkansas St. (Iowa)
At Georgia -3 LSU (LSU)
At Michigan State -2 Michigan (Michigan St.)

This is Why

Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why. For me, this is a great rivalry week with Brett Favre and Minnesota playing Green Bay on Monday Night Football, and Michigan State hosting rival Michigan. Those might not be my best money bets for the week, but I'm going to break them down in This is Why just because I want to put my money where my mouth is:

MICHIGAN STATE -2 over Michigan - Michigan State comes in a disappointing 1-3. Michigan comes in a suprising 4-0. While Michigan State's secondary has struggled, Michigan's spread offense is designed to run the ball, not pass. Michigan State will be hungry and pull out all the stops in this game. Look for Sparty to win 27-17.

Green Bay +3.5 over MINNESOTA - I don't see how Minnesota is favored in this game. Sure they are 3-0, but they beat two terrible teams in Cleveland and Detroit. Then they needed a last second miracle catch to beat San Francisco at home. In any event, Green Bay has the better quarterback and the better team. Take the points.

New York Giants -7 over KANSAS CITY - Kansas City can't stop the run or run the ball. The Giants have covered similar spreads against two bad teams with similar problems in Washington and Tampa Bay. Look for the trend to continue.

Dallas -3 over DENVER - Denver is 3-0, but still might be one of the five worst teams in the league with their wins coming on an incredibly lucky tipped pass to win at the last second over Cincinnati, as well as against two terrible Cleveland and Oakland teams. Even though they are at home, this is Denver's first real test. Look for them to fail miserably.

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