Thursday, September 24, 2009

2009 NFL PICKS - Week 3

Week 2 NFL Results: 6-10
NFL Results Season to Date: 13-18

Week 2 College Football Results: 4-2
College Football Results Season to Date: 11-5

Week 2 This Is Why Results: 4-1
This is Why Results Season to Date: 4-1

Week 3 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

Wash -6 At Detroit (Detroit)
Green Bay -6.5 At St. Louis (Green Bay)
At Minnesota -6.5 San Fran (San Fran)
At New England -4.5 Atlanta (Atlanta)
At Jets -2.5 Tenn (Tenn)
At Philly -9.5 Kansas City (Philly)
At Balt -13 Cleve (Balt)
At Houston -4 Jacksonville (Houston)
NYG -7 At Tampa (NYG)
Chicago -2 At Seattle (Chicago)
New Orleans -6 At Buffalo (New Orleans)
Pitt -4 At Cinci (Cinci)
Denver -2 At Oak (Oak)
At San Diego -6 Miami (Miami)
At Arizona -2.5 Indy (Indy)

Monday Night Football

At Dallas -8.5 Carolina (Carolina)

College Picks

Boise St. -16.5 At Bowling Green (Boise St.)
Florida -21.5 At Kentucky (Florida)
At Utah -14 Louisville (Utah)
Notre Dame -7 At Purdue (Notre Dame)
At Penn St. -9.5 Iowa (Iowa)

This is Why

Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why:

New Orleans -6 over BUFFALO - Drew Brees and the New Orleans offense is in the Indianapolis/Peyton Manning - New England/Tom Brady mode from a few years back. The Saints will put up 30 plus points and Buffalo's offense will simply be unable to keep up.

Atlanta +4.5 over NEW ENGLAND - Atlanta is underrated, while New England is overrated. Even with Atlanta traveling to Foxboro, New England's inability to stop Michael Turner will keep this one closer than a field goal.

New York Giants -7 over TAMPA BAY - Tampa's only signs of life on offense is on the ground. Look for the Giants to load the box with eight defenders and force Byron Leftwich to beat them. On top of that, Tampa will struggle to stop the Giants running attack. I'd be surprised if the Bucs can stay within 14 points in this game.

Tennessee +2.5 over JETS - The Jets have been surprising under their new coaching staff and rookie quarterback. However, with two weeks of game film to watch, a good team like Tennessee should be able to figure them out and pull off a road win.

Florida -21.5 over KENTUCKY - I just can't see Kentucky's quarterback, Mike Hartline, being able to move the ball against Florida's defense to the extent that will be necessary to keep the Wildcats remotely close in this game.

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