Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Blogging Survivor: San Juan del Sur - "It's a big rookie mistake. Don't leave something in your bag that you don't want people to find."

This week's episode began with with Jon trying to do damage control after being convinced by his girlfriend Jaclyn to vote Josh out.

Dale, who was either chewing dirt or somehow managed to sneak a month's supply of Skoal into the game, was plenty of pissed off about it.

He even went as far as to say that he'd consider trying to get people to vote for him just so he could play his Idol to try and screw Jon and Jaclyn over, which is the type of thing that happens when you put Southerners on Survivor.

The Reward Challenge divided the tribe into two teams that put their players up against each other in one on one wrestling matches to knock their opponent off of a balancing beam and into a mud pit.

Southern boy Wes started out against Reed, the gay dancer from New York City, who sent Wes face first into the mud.

However, Wes treated Reed like the woman he aspires to be in their rematch by slapping at him while he screamed in defeat, but refused to press charges...Just like any good Southern woman.

Speaking of good Southern Women, few people know that Baylor Wilson once dated Brandon Hantz. 

Ex-Michigan State football player Jon Misch destroyed Jeremy twice to tie the game at 4, with the winners needing 5 victories to win a boat cruise with unlimited sandwiches.

So far, the once undersized linebacker known as Jon "The Missile" Misch has destroyed bigger opponents Jeremy and John Rocker in head to head physical challenges. 
Baylor fought her mom for the second time this season in a challenge, and while Missy let Baylor win out of sympathy the first time, Baylor knocked her mom off with a clean.

With the match tied at four, the finals was a re-match between Missy and Baylor, with Baylor once again using her mom's instability to her advantage, with the only surprise being that the instability was physical, and not mental.

In a big surprise, Natalie volunteered to give her reward up to Jon, while Jeremy gave his reward up to Jaclyn, giving the swing vote power couple a reward together even though their team had lost.

Natalie explained her decision as being a show of respect, explaining how she was nervous at the last Tribal Council before Jon voted along with her.

As a "reward," the winners decided to send Jeremy to Exile Island so he could try to find the Idol that Jon already had.

Reed for one was not happy to have Jon and Jaclyn along on the reward cruise with the rest of the winners.

"It makes me want to hurl...I might stir up a little chaos in the game right now. It might be the last thing written on my coffin, but I'm willing to take that risk."

The Immunity Challenge required the players to untangle a rope, and then stack blocks in order to raise a flag...Using only their feet.

Baylor ended up winning over the next closest competitor, Reed, to protect herself and leave Reed as the most useless woman left in the game without some form of Immunity.

However, while fondling Keith's bag, Reed accidentally stumbled across his Immunity Idol clue.

That caused Reed to say, "It's a big rookie mistake. Don't leave something in your bag that you don't want people to find."

Reed Kelly actually wanted somebody to find that dollar. 

And while Reed tried to sell Keith out based upon what he found, not everyone was buying it.

Or as Baylor said, "Reed thinks Keith, of all people, has the Idol, which is baffling."

Meanwhile, Jeremy tried to sell Natalie on his belief that Jon had an Idol heading into Tribal Council.

At Tribal Council, Jaclyn and Jon called out Wes and Keith out for not talking to the females in the game, while still expecting to get their vote.

But in a blindside, Jeremy was the one who was voted out, as Jon, Jaclyn, Baylor and Missy all voted against their fellow alliance member.

Of course, by failing to clue Natalie in on their plan, Jon and Jaclyn may have opened her up to the prospect of jumping alliances and making it a 5-5 game instead of 6-4, so stay tuned.

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