Saturday, November 9, 2013

Blogging SURVIVOR: Blood vs. Water - "It's a game, bitch!"

With the contestants anticipating a merge, Vytas pledged his allegiance to the Galang women saying, "We're going to be moral, we're going to be honest, even if that means our death."

However, he went on to reveal a more shady side of himself when he was away from his tribe. "That's not how I feel, but that's what I'm rapping about." 

At the Redemption Challenge the competitors were informed that the winner of the duel would be rejoining the game, while the two losers would be forced to spend the rest of the season with Brad Culpepper and Colton Cumbie on "Rednecktion Island."

The competition itself simply required the contestants to hang on to a totem pole the longest. With females historically dominating this challenge in the past, that certainly favored Laura M. over John and Female Rupert.

Sure enough, John and Female Rupert got weighed down by their penises and fell off, putting Laura M. back into the game much to the dismay of her daughter Ciera.

And while Laura B. (Female Rupert) played terribly in nearly every aspect of the game, she still seemed proud of her effort. "I'm a quiet farm girl, and I'm going to go back the strongest woman I've ever been in my life."

Of course, that came as a bit of a surprise, since many viewers didn't realize that Female Rupert was actually a woman.

As anticipated, Jeff Probst announced that the tribes were merging, which finally brought estranged brothers Aras and Vytas back together.

Something tells me that Aras and Vytas Baskauskas are closer to one another than they are letting on....And that Tina's dream of Vytas hooking up with Katie are just that, a dream.

And after a feast of fruit, wine, crackers, cheese and salami, the players christened their new tribe "Kasama."

Sadly, CBS served the contestants blood oranges, despite the strong possibility that their sale was used to finance the bloody civil war between The Real Orange County and The Hills.

Using the clue that Tadhana's members had shared with him about a "serpent tree on the way to water," Tyson found the Hidden Immunity Idol, which turned out to be chocolate wrapped in a gold wrapper that was packed full of questions.

"Let's see how sweet it is, I hope it's solid gold...I've never had an Idol before, and I've also never won the show before. Do those correlate with one another? Probably not."

Reunited with Aras, Vytas started to get even more cocky. "Blood vs. Water should really in the end be called 'Vytas vs. Aras,' because we would have to be real stupid at this point not to make it to the end."

Tina and Galang tells Monica she's number five, thinking she'd be happy just to make it that far since she's spent her entire life riding in the wake of her husband, Brad Culpepper.

The Individual Immunity Challenge required the competitors to quickly memorize a sequence of symbols on cube and display them back in the correct order.

That came down to a brother vs. brother battle, where Vytas finally defeated Aras at something other than "most arrests" to earn Immunity.

That fueled Vytas' ego to grow even more, calling Aras and himself "the strongest," while proclaiming, "I'd be surprised if anyone has the guts to do anything about it."

However, unbeknownst to Vytas, a plan lead by Tyson to backdoor Aras was starting to circulate.

When Katie was asked if she was on board despite any personal feelings she may have had for them, Katie powerfully delivered her first words of the season simply saying, "It's a game, bitch!"

 Katie Collins: Do you kiss Vytas for your mom with that mouth?

And while Aras was voted out at Tribal Council, he remained in the game back at Redemption Island.

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