Friday, April 19, 2013

Blogging SURVIVOR: Caramoan - "Most people underestimate me because of my pink underwear"

This week's episode began with Corinne describing Brandon Hantz's bitch like meltdown. "He is out of his mind. He's up there with Mel Gibson and any other crazy person."

Jeff Probst announced that the tribes were being re-drawn, which resulted in a super tribe consisting of Malcolm, Erik, Eddie, Dawn, Reynold Sherri and the blond girl.

When asked about the draw Corinne had difficulty hiding her true feelings. "It's definitely an adjustment," causing Jeff Probst to ask, "Were you about to say injustice?"

Reynold quickly gave up Sherri as a sacrificial cougar to the members from the Favorites, who had control with a 4-3 majority in the new Gota Tribe.

In regards to Reynold, Erik was either skeptical of his motives or falling in love.

"When I look at Reynold I totally see a used car salesman. He's got beautiful baby flue eyes, and he's talking the talk." Personally, I'm going with the latter.

Corinne was thrilled to be in a new tribe with Michael...Not because she knew that he was a good guy or that he would be loyal to her, but simply because he was gay.

"Oh, do I have a special place in my heart for a gay...I would turn on my entire alliance just to align with a gay."

Meanwhile, Phillip tried to bring Julia into his alliance. "Julia is a very young...Smart, (but) not college educated like myself."

Of course, he neglected the fact where she happens to be attending Stanford University while pursuing a career as a professional race car driver.

Phillip Shepard gave Julia Landauer the secret agent name of "Pit Crew" in reference to her armpit hair, without ever realizing that she's an up and coming NASCAR driver. 

Pleased with his assessment of Julia, Phillip added, "Most people underestimate me because of my pink underwear."

Pink underwear or not, how could anyone NOT take Phillip Shepard seriously?

Malcolm had similar thoughts when it came to sucking up to Andrea.

"She's a smart girl, but I'm an accomplished liar when it comes to women," proving that tending bar and screwing women over really can pay off in life.

The Immunity Challenge involved pushing huge blocks with clues on them, and then stacking them correctly in order to create a staircase by solving a puzzle......Or as I called it, "Ass-O-Rama."

Julia Landauer's ass.

Corinne Kaplan's ass.

Failing to learn from Brandon Hantz's mistake last week, several members of the new Bikal tribe learned that just having a sexy ass alone was of little help when it came to the game, and the new super tribe Gota ended up winning easily. 

Cochran seemed to noticed how dire the situation was when it came to the new tribes, especially with Malcolm bonding with Eddie and Reynold.

"They're forming The Bold and Beautiful...I don't see me necessarily penetrating that group."

Bikal initially discussed keeping Matt in the game for his athleticism, before realizing that Julia was a professional athlete and just as athletic as any male NASCAR driver or female golfer.

And recognizing the potential strength that Julia offered them once the tribes eventually merge since she was born a mute, they reluctantly voted the more popular heavy metal rocker Matt out of the game.

I can't say that I'd blame Matt Bischoff if he wanted to tell the Bikal Tribe, "Fuck You!" 

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