Saturday, April 20, 2013

Blogging SURVIVOR: Caramoan - "I'm happy that he got to check one off the bucket list"

With the Favorites clearly in control of the game, Jeff Probst announced the merger. That left Andrea more excited than a puppy with a weak bladder when a visitor comes over. "It's exciting, but I pee on my toes."

Okay, maybe she actually said "be on my toes," but I couldn't really tell and I liked the other option much better.

Malcolm came up with the name for the new tribe, 'Enil Adam,' which he said meant "new beginning," but was really just his mom's name spelled backwards.

In an effort to change up the game, Malcolm and Corinne quickly aligned with Eddie and Reynold.

While Erik refused to discuss strategy, instead electing to use his stint on the show as a break from his stressful ice cream scooping and comic book drawing work, it was assumed that his vote would go hand in hand with Malcolm's.
The first Individual Immunity Challenge involved eating disgusting local fair. Proving that she's more than just a pretty girl, Andrea cowgirled up and swallowed shipworms whole, leaving her with a slimy mustache across her face.

However, Cochran slurped his down faster, although it probably isn't the first time that Andrea Boehlke showed off her lack of a gag reflex and then had to walk back home with nothing to show for it.
Cochran outlasted Malcolm in the final by quickly downing some pig brains, in addition to the handful of other disgusting items that he needed to eat just to reach the finals.

And while Eddie held himself back during the challenge for fear that women might hold what he ate against him in terms of his dating life...You know, because THAT's the one fault that women might see in him.

On the other hand, Cochran saw things entirely differently, thinking that his strong performance might give him "the edge" that he needs when it comes to getting lucky with the ladies.

Cochran was ecstatic to win his first ever challenge on Survivor, and did a rousing victory dance in the process, even if it meant disrespecting Malcolm a little bit.

Cochran went on to explain his celebration. "I've been waiting my whole life for this. It's going to touch my shoulders, it's going to be incredible." Then, after he got done talking about Jeff Probst's hand, he was awarded the Immunity Necklace.

Malcolm appeared a bit bitter in defeat, saying how he was glad that Cochran got to "check one off the bucket list" since he wasn't going to be sticking around the game much longer.

Corinne tried to strengthen her alliance by reaching out to Dawn, who promptly ratted her out to Phillip like any good Mormon would, just as she did with Malcolm the last time they played.

Erik was impressed with his own power as a potential swing vote, but struggled with what to do with his new found power. "I'm suddenly becoming a very valuable player, which is cool. I just wish I knew what I was going to do."

And while Malcolm, Eddie, Reynold and Corinne were convinced that they were about to make a huge move, Erik voted along with Phillip, sending Corinne home with her jaw agape nearly wide enough for her overinflated ego to fit in.

You can literally see the moment that Jeff Probst pooped in Corinne Kaplan's Easter basket as he read the votes.

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