Thursday, November 10, 2011

NFL Picks - Week 10: Because Marc Sanchez needs to work on average before he can become an elite QB

Week 9 NFL Picks: 9-5
NFL results season to date: 67-56-7

Week 9 College Football results: 3-1
College Football results season to date: 17-20-1

Week 10 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):

San Diego vs. Oakland (San Diego, home, -7) The Raiders are on the road in a short week. Phil Rivers and the Chargers showed some signs of life last week against Green Bay after a shaky first quarter.

Pittsburgh vs. Cincinnati (Pittsburgh, road, -3) I'm tempted to go with the Bengals at home in this rivalry game, but they are such a young team I'm not sure that they will fully know what to expect.

A Steelers fan in a camouflage Roethlisberger? I think we've reached a new low.
Kansas City vs. Denver (Kansas City, home, -3.5) Is it just me, or does it seem like the Chiefs have played a crappy opponent just about every week over the past two seasons? Tim Tebow has yet another weak defensive match-up, although I'll give Chiefs the nod over the Broncos since this one's being played at Arrowhead.
Jacksonville vs. Indianapolis (Jacksonville, road, -3) These teams are equally inept at the quarterback position this season. However, unlike the Colts, the Jaguars have a strong running game and an emerging defense.
Dallas vs. Buffalo (Buffalo, road, +5.5) I keep hearing rumors that the Cowboys will give Felix Jones the staring RB job back when he returns from injury. If Jerry Jones insists on staying loyal to his fellow Razorback and former first round draft pick with an emerging star on his hands in Demarco Murray Cowboy fans should be irate. In fact, I'm starting to think that Jerry Jones is morphing into Al Davis since he passed away, kind of like the "lead bitch" position got passed around in the movie 'Heathers' whenever one of them died.
Houston vs. Tampa Bay (Tampa Bay, home, +3.5) The Buccaneers have not lived up to expectations this year, but I can't give up points with them at home against a Texans team that is looking like they will be without Andre Johnson for yet another week.
Carolina vs. Tennessee (Tennessee, road, +3.5) The Titans are not a sexy team, but they are halfway decent wit Matt Hasselbeck at quarterback. While I will admit that I was entirely wrong about Cam Newton, in fact, I'm actually starting to like the kid, I don't quite understand how the Panthers can be favored by 3.5 points in this game.
Miami vs. Washington (Washington, road, +4) Last week the Dolphins were winless, playing for the right to draft Andrew Luck with the #1 pick in next year's draft. Now, one win over a mediocre Kansas City team, and the Dolphins are actually favored? I'll happily take the Pigskins and the points in this game.
Arizona vs. Philadelphia (Philadelphia, home, -13.5) The Eagles and Michael Vick should finally be able to break out with the deep ball against the Cardinals secondary, while Arizona does not have the talent to take advantage of Philly's weak linebacking corps. The line on this one hasn't been set yet, but I'll take Philly giving anything from 13.5 points and less.
New Orleans vs. Atlanta (Atlanta, home, +1) The Saints have historically struggled stopping Michael Turner and the Falcons inside running game. The interior of their defensive line is once again a weakness for New Orleans, so I can't see the Falcons losing this game at home. 
Cleveland vs. St. Louis (St. Louis, road, +3) The Browns haven't been able to take advantage of the league's easiest schedule. The Rams might be starting to turn the corner now that Sam Bradford is starting to get healthy and learn Josh McDaniel's new offense.
Chicago vs. Detroit (Chicago, home, -3) Jay Cutler called out the Lions for not being able to play outside of a dome. With rain and win expected in Chicago this weekend, and given the way Detroit has struggled to contain Matt Forte in recent years, and he might be on to something. I still look for this to be a low scoring game.
Baltimore vs. Seattle (Baltimore, road, -7) The Ravens have been Jeckyl and Hyde this year. At time they have looked like an elite team, and at others they have struggled against inferior opponents. This is a true test for them having the travel across the country to play the Seahawks. I think the Ravens defense should be able to shut down Marshawn Lynch and the Seattle running game, rendering them one dimensional behind a quarterback who can't throw.
San Francisco vs. New York Giants (New York Giants, road, + 3.5) I'm still not sold on the 49'ers. Alex Smith will need to prove that he can avoid the Giants pass rush and take advantage of their beat-up secondary. If he can do that, I'll be a believer.
New York Jets vs. New England (New England, road, +1) This week a caption in USA Today asked whether Marc Sanchez was poised to take the next step and become an "elite" quarterback. I think he needs to take the step from mediocre to average before he ever thinks about the word elite.

Green Bay vs. Minnesota (Green Bay, home, -14) If the Vikings can't generate a pass rush and get to Aaron Rodgers early, I can't see them scoring enough points to even hang close at Lambeau Field.

College Football's Top Games of the Week:

Oregon vs. Stanford (Oregon, road, -3.5) It's time to find out if Andrew Luck and the Cardinal are for real. Until they prove themselves, I'm going to go with the established program and the points over the big time quarterback and an unestablished program.

I'm staring to worry that Oregon's cheerleaders are going to start going "one and done," because they look ready to turn "professional" if you ask me.
Nebraska vs. Penn State (Nebraska, road, -3) I can't believe that Penn State is actually playing in this game after. Not that I expected them to forfeit, I just always thought that it would have been Notre Dame caught up in a sex scandal involving young boys.

Georgia vs. Auburn (Auburn, road, +13) So is it proper southern etiquette for opposing schools to buy Mark Richt a farewell present as he makes his final appearances in the SEC as coach for the Bulldogs? If so, does he have to return them when Mississippi State recycles him and hires him as their head coach for next season?

Former Bulldog QB Mathew Stafford seems to be doing pretty well with his cheerleader girlfriend and her implants.
Virginia Tech vs. Georgia Tech (Virginia Tech, road, -1) The Yellow Jackets are just too one dimensional with their triple option run offense to stay with the Hokies.

This girl is neither one dimensional nor a Ramblin' Wreck.

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