Thursday, September 16, 2010

NFL PICKS - Week 2

Week 1 NFL Results: 6-7-3

NFL Results Season to Date: 6-7-3

Week 9 College Football Results: 3-2
College Football Results Season to Date: 3-2

Week 1 Mark My Words Results: 1-1-1
Mark My Words Results Season to Date: 1-1-1

Week 2 NFL Picks (winners in parentheses):
At Cleveland -2 Kansas City (Cleveland)
At Green Bay -13 Buffalo (Buffalo)
Baltimore -2 At Cincinnati (Cincinnati)
At Tennessee -5.5 Pittsburgh (Pittsburgh)
Philadelphia -5 At Detroit (Philadelphia)
At Dallas -7.5 Chicago (Chicago)
At Carolina -3 Tampa Bay (Carolina)
At Atlanta -7 Arizona (Arizona)
At Minnesota -5.5 Miami (Miami)
At Oakland -3.5 St. Louis (Oakland)
At Denver -4.5 Seattle (Seattle)
At San Diego -7.5 Jacksonville (San Diego)
Houston -3 At Washington (Washington)
New England -2.5 At New York Jets (New York Jets)
At Indianapolis -5.5 New York Giants (Indianapolis)

New Orleans -5.5 At San Francisco (New Orleans)

College Football's Top Five Games of the Week:

Florida -14 At Tennessee (Tennessee)
At Michigan State -3.5 Notre Dame (Michigan State)
Iowa -2 At Arizona (Iowa)
Texas -3 At Texas Tech (Texas)
At Auburn -7.5 Clemson (Auburn)

Mark My Words - Here are the pro and college lines that I would put money on, and why:

Miami +5.5 over MINNESOTA- Brett Favre is looking old, and his receivers can't get open. Minnesota really needs newly acquired Greg Camarillo to step up as a lead receiver in Sidney Rice's absence. Miami has a worthy defense, and their Wildcat formation could negate the stout "Williams Wall" through misdirection and motion.

Philadelphia -5 over DETROIT - While Detroit's front four has gone from a liability to a strength this year, Michael Vick is a match-up nightmare. His ability to scramble and turn the corner will expose a weak back seven.

New Orleans -5.5 over SAN FRANCISCO - I know it's a road game on the west coast for New Orleans, but it's also on Monday Night with the Saints having over a full week's worth of rest following last Thursday's season opening win. I just can't see Alex Smith and the 49'ers scoring enough points to keep up with Drew Brees and his high powered offense.

Alabama -24 over DUKE - Let's see, possibly one of the best teams in the nation against one of the worst. I'm in complete shock that this line is only 24 points.

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