Thursday, September 16, 2010

BBB (Blogging Big Brother 12) - "but I was really hoping to come into the Jury House and find out that Rachel was pregnant"

Heading into the third stage of the final Head of Household competition between Hayden and Lane, Enzo realized that he could be in a position where he would be left out of the final outcome of the game despite founding the Brigade. While Hayden had a deal in place with Enzo to take each other to the final two, Hayden worried about how Enzo's social game would play before the jury even though he did not perform well in competitions. Lane was leaning towards taking Enzo with him in the final two, but Hayden ended up winning HOH and ended up taking Lane. While Enzo was clearly disappointed that Hayden did not choose him, he handled being evicted with class telling Julie Chen, "I had such a great speech for the finale if I would have got there. It just didn't happen."

Back at the Jury House Britney arrived and informed everyone about how they had been played by the secret Brigade alliance. Rachel stated how she didn't see the Brigade's strategic plan, to which Britney responded, "The fact of the matter is for the first time in Big Brother history an undercover alliance made it to the final three intact." And just when you least expect to hear from the big dumb guy, Brendon quipped to Matt, "I thought it was four, what happened? ZING!!!," which put an end to Matt's bogus claim that he was the one who came up with the idea to form the Brigade once and for all.

The winner of Big Brother 12 really came down to the Jury Members live interrogation of Hayden and Enzo before the final vote. Specifically, Enzo put Lane on the spot and asked him if he really intended to take him to the final two in the event that he had won Head of Household as he had promised him. Apparently not wanting to offend Hayden (with whom Lane was directly competing against), Lane sidestepped the question and would not give Enzo a direct response. I don't know if the big man was drunk off of Natty Light or muscle milk, but Enzo was looking for a reason to vote for Lane after getting betrayed by Hayden. In an unrelated note (at least as far as Lane thinks), Hayden was crowned winner of Big Brother 12 in a 4-3 vote with Enzo casting the deciding vote in Hayden's favor.

Here are some final quotes from the house guests at the reunion:

-Lane on Matt lying about his wife having a substantial illness: "Make up a lie about your dog...don't make up a lie about your wife." (As a sidenote, Britney clapped in approval over this statement, not aware that Lane had compared her eviction last week to losing a good dog).

-Enzo, on Lane having acknowledging that he would have taken Britney (whom he has a crush on) with him to the final two over a fellow Brigade member: "That's why I won that POV, I had to win that POV because I knew...he was in deep, I knew he was in deep."

-Rachel on continuing her relationship with Brendon in Las Angeles over the possibility of staying in Las Vegas after the show: "I'll PROBABLY move to UCLA." (That wasn't exactly a firm commitment now, was it?).

-Britney on Rachel proclaiming that she might leave Las Vegas to live with Brendon: (caught mouthing by the cameras) "I'm - disgusted!"

As I expected, Britney won $25,000 for winning the vote as America's Favorite House Guest. I'm going to go out on a limb and predict that we'll be seeing Britney in the future hosting some sort of television show like ET Tonight or even her own program on a network like E!, while Brendon watches in horror as Rachel stays in Las Vegas and goes on to pose in magazine like Hustler, Shaved or Playgirl.

And for the record, it was revealed that none of the Big Brother house guests previously knew each other coming into the house as had been rumored by the Saboteur. Anyway, see ya next summer bitches - WOO TEQUILA!

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