Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Blogging Survivor: Worlds Apart - "Maybe she's an idiot savant, but I'm leaning more towards the idiot side."

This week's Survivor began Boston Guy upset with Mike for switching his vote at Tribal Council from Hali to Jenn, which allowed Jenn to play her Idol and eliminate Kelly instead of Hali as they had planned.

Meanwhile, Jenn Brown let her little bit of success go straight to her ass...Just like everything she eats. 

Boston Guy was also upset that the new tribe was rationing their food, which is kind of hard for someone who is only smart as dog to understand.

But instead of biting, Boston Guy impressed everyone when he said, "Every time I get mad I'm just going to walk away, maybe punch a tree or something, and then come back in there with a fresh 'cool, calm and collected mindset," which was apparently something that he actually took away from his anger management classes.

Rodney Lajoie, Jr. - Sadly, I get the feeling that there are trees all over Boston missing bark, with an equal number of douchey dudes walking around with their hands wrapped up in ice dancing like they were Gronk. 

The Reward Challenge required the contestants to navigate a series of balance beams to retrieve bags of puzzle pieces, with the top three finishers getting to compete to complete their puzzle for a zip line tour and pizza party.

Joe ended up being the fastest on the beams and his puzzle to win reward, and he chose Tyler, Will and Carolyn to join him.

And when Jeff Probst announced that he could take a 5th person, Boston Guy lobbied to go.

However, Joe dismissed by telling him that he already ate more than anybody around camp, and he chose Shirin to go instead.

At the pizza party, Carolyn ended up with a bottle of soda that had an Immunity Idol clue in it, but was so oblivious that she offered the rest of her drink to Joe.

Tyler saw Joe nearly choke on the clue as he tried to swallow it, so Joe felt compelled to share it with him back at camp.

Of course, Mike saw Tyler read the clue with Joe, so Tyler felt compelled to tell him what the clue said...Which started a mad dash to search for the Idol.

Mike, who was the least deserving person, ended up finding the Idol, which he wanted to use to help get rid of Joe.

Dan confronted Shirin, or whatever her name is, for what he described as her being content as, "Yet another fan who can't do simple math," in reference to her willingness to be on the ass end of the numbers game so long as she wasn't next up to be evicted.

And when Shirin responded by saying that she had a plan in place Dan said, "Maybe she's an idiot savant, but I'm leaning more towards the idiot side."

As somebody who's just along for the ride, Dan Foley probably shouldn't be one to judge. 

At the Immunity Challenge, the contestants only had to navigate a slide puzzle through a table maze and then solve that puzzle.

After twice proclaiming victory, Dan was, well, wrong both times. That allowed Joe to come from behind and win, which pretty much shit in Mike's Easter Basket.

That was Joe's third Individual Immunity Challenge win, which has to put him in the conversation for being one of the most dominant Survivor players ever, at least when it comes to just the challenges.

At camp, the girls all bonded together, not to because they were trying to make a big move to win the game, but because the annoying but harmless Dan had hurt their feelings and they wanted to vote him out.

And while Jenn and the girls seemed confident in their plan, it was Hali who was voted out over Dan when Sierra elected not to flip. In the process, Dan nearly wet himself, while Boston Guy to laughed out loud.

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