Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Blogging Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty - "Oh my God, they look like Morgan's boobs!"

This week's Survivor began with Tony trying to conduct "surveillance" by making another spy shack near the water well so he could listen in on other people.

Sure enough, Tony heard Jefra telling Trish that she didn't trust him anymore after he went all Sarah Palin on his alliance and lead the effort to blindside L.J. last week.

The Reward Challenge required two different teams to row a boat and retrieve paddles from floating boxes that had letters on them needed to solve a word puzzle.

Tasha, Jefra, Spencer and Jeremiah ended up winning a trip to some cave where they'd and receive BBQ chicken, ribs, potato salad, and chocolate chip cookies.

That left Tony paranoid that the rest of the winners would convince Jefra to flip on him.

However, he was probably thinking a little too highly of himself, or as Kass said, "Tony is annoying, but my philosophy is to keep the annoying people and get rid of the threats."

Then again, Jefra, Spencer, Jeremiah and Tash formed an alliance to go to the final four together.

In addition to a case of the shits, the reward winners also got a surprise in the form of letters from loved ones back home. And while Jefra's letter got a letter from her mother, she also saw her shadow, meaning her dad got another six years in prison.

Back at camp, Trish and Woo came across a papaya tree. And as they looked up at the glorious fruit in awe Trish exclaimed, "Oh my God, they look like Morgan's boobs!"

Fortunately, unlike Morgan McLeod's boobs, the papayas didn't taste like cocoa butter and low self-esteem.

Much like many of guys who came before him when it came to Morgan's boobs, Woo fell hard from the tree while trying to get a good look.

Fortunately, both Woo and Morgan's fake boobs escaped without a blemish, or as Woo said, "I'd break my ass for papayas any day."

The Immunity Challenge required the competitors to stand on a slanted plank and balance a ball on a small wooden platform attached to a stick that they had to raise higher and higher as the contest went on.

Tasha ended up beating Spencer for Immunity, guaranteeing herself a spot in the final seven.

Tasha, Jefra, Spencer and Jeremiah planned on blindsiding Tony, who was running around the jungle looking under every tree or ledge for an Immunity Idol.

And I'm not saying that Survivor's rigged, or maybe I am, but Tony started looking for the Idol near a tree that had some odd looking roots.

And while that wasn't odd in and of itself, he just started randomly digging and not only found the Idol, but it was the one that also had some sort of special power.

Things got even creepier when Tony started repeating/chanting to himself, "I gotta go wash up, I gotta go was up, I gotta go wash up."

Jeremiah finally revealed to people that he was a "fashion model."

And while Spencer initially made fun of him for thinking that people would be threatened by that, he reciprocated by volunteering that he had found one of the Hidden Immunity Idols.

Before Tribal Council, Jefra pulled Jeremiah aside and told him that she wasn't going to go along with the alliance she formed at the reward BBQ.

With Jefra bailing on their alliance, Spencer made the call at the last minute to vote for Woo instead of Tony. 

Spencer also ended up playing his Idol at Tribal Council. Not one to be outdone, Tony pulled his out as well, although he only fondled it and compared it to Spencer's instead of actually playing it.

Perhaps knowing that he had the numbers in his favor with Jefra unflipping on their alliance, Tony got a little cocky.

"Jeff, do you see the inexperience in the young lad? He was about to give the Idol to Jeremy, he thought I was going to use mine...This is a fake Idol by the way."

And while that made no sense whatsoever considering that neither Spencer nor anyone else actually thought that Tony had an Idol (even though he really did), Jeremiah ended up getting voted out.

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