Sunday, April 20, 2014

Blogging Survivor: Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty - "I probably pooped on myself."

This week's Survivor began with the recently merged tribe bemoaning their lack of comfort around camp in the form of the pillows they lost after Morgan got voted out of the game.

Morgan McLeod and her boobs represent all that is wrong with casting for reality TV shows, where self entitled cheerleaders, pageant queens, and models now take center stage over people who would be qualified and excited to play games of strategy and endurance.

Tony was a bit pissed off and surprised that he was the other player targeted who received any votes for eviction besides Morgan.

In fact, he went on to say, "When Jeff turned over that card and it said Tony, I probably pooped on myself."

The Reward Challenge divided the competitors into three teams who had to throw sandbags through a tunnel, and then bounce those bags off of a trampoline and into five different baskets, with the winners receiving a day at a spa.

Jefra's team decided to let her try and bounce their bags into the baskets, which pretty much would have been the equivalent of letting Tony try and solve a puzzle.

While I didn't think the reward was all that great to miss out on, Woo, who apparently is a little to used to getting pampered, seemed pissed that his team lost.

"I'm just picturing myself getting my "mani" and "pedi" on while just grinding down a nice fatty chicken wrap and following that bad boy down with a nice cold mimosa."

Tony wanted to use the spa reward to try and build the numbers to try and blindside LJ, and he found some willing pawns in Jeremiah and Spencer, at least so he thought.

Meanwhile, back at camp Tasha invited LJ to meet her alone and talk strategy, only he stood her up out of loyalty to Tony and fear that his alliance might think that he was plotting against them.

The Immunity Challenge was a mental competition where the players had to memorize a series of colored tiles and repeat them back in order, kind of like the old game Simon Says when you were a kid, only with more fake boobs.

Simon says that Tony Vlachos is an idiot.

Tony was the first one out of the the competition, while Tasha ended up winning Immunity over LJ, who despite losing announced that he still felt comfortable heading into Tribal Council.

Sure enough, Tony told Woo that LJ wanted to blindside him. And while that wasn't true at all, that got Woo all fired up about voting LJ out.

However, it was Tony's pal Trish who wasn't feeling the blindside when he approached her with his plan, and she noted how LJ had already informed her how he was the one who brought up the idea of blindsiding Woo.

At Tribal Council, Tony continued to lie and claim that he was a construction worker instead of a cop, apparently in an attempt to make himself look smarter.

In the end, Tony got his way, as LJ was voted out in a blindside.

And much like last week, a surprised Jefra asked Tony, "Did you flip," once again involuntarily outing somebody who was trying to orchestrate things "on the down low."

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