Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Blogging SURVIVOR: Blood vs. Water - "Today we lost to a one-armed dude and three moms"

After getting voted out of his tribe last week, John joined his wife Candice at Redemption Island, who seemed disappointed that he put so much trust in a Plaintiff's attorney like Brad.

Trying to look on the bright side Brad said, "But it's good, now we're out here," before Candice and Marissa both interrupted him by yelling, "It's not good!"

Upon arriving at the Redemption Challenge, Candice said she was hoping the person joining her on Redemption Island would have been "Somebody I can hate, like Brad Culpepper," as she stared him down before telling him to "look away."

When Candice lectured Brad for being chauvinistic and shushing women, he tried to defend himself by saying, "Ask you husband if I've hushed anybody, have you heard me hush anybody?"

That caused Candice to snap, "No, he didn't hush a man, who's bigger than him and can kick his ass."

When John warned the rest of the tribe to consider voting Brad out since he was behind everyone who had been voted out so far, Brad didn't exactly help his case saying, "You made a wrong decision in trusting me."

Candice, Marissa and John squared off in a Challenge that consisted of navigating a rope maze and unlocking and solving a block puzzle.

John won the Challenge, and upon the instruction of his wife Candice, who finished second, gave the clue to Hidden Immunity Idol to Monica just to put a target on her just to spite Brad.

When Jeff Probst asked, "Does she tell you what to do all the time?" John replied, "She does, but I don't always listen."

Sure enough, when Jeff asked him what he was going to do, John followed rank and said, "I'm going to give the clue to Monica."

However, Monica took the clue and threw it in the fire without looking at it pursuant to the instructions of her husband.

When Jeff commented, "That's the first time that ever happened," Candice snarked, "Doin' what she's told," even though she had just told her husband what to do.

That caused Brad and Candice to argue for the next half hour over who had the bigger dick.

At Galang, Tyson not only continued to milk his fake shoulder injury to avoid working at camp, but he and Gervase snuck off into the woods where they secretly drank the delicious nectar of the forbidden coconut.

The Immunity Challenge required the tribes to row a boat and dive in the water to unlock crates, build a staircase, and then solve a puzzle.

Tyson, deciding to compete even with his arm in a makeshift sling, continued to completely overvalue his athletic ability. "The thing is, I'm better than most everybody on my tribe with one arm."

However, it was Monica and Laura who stole the show for Galang when it came to challenge with their diving, while Tadhana suffered a setback and lost their lead when they flipped their boat.

In the end, Ciera lost to her mother yet again when it came to the puzzle, giving Galang immunity yet again, along with coffee and pastries.

Hayden, Tahana's best athlete even with an ex-NFL player on the tribe, seemed to be dumbfounded by his tribes lack of success at the Immunity Challenge.

"Today we lost to a one-armed dude and three moms, that's brutal...Brutal!"

After returning from the challenge, Ciera noted her tribe's typical routine.

"After a loss it's always a routine. The guys will go get water, which is code for go strategize against the girls, and the girls will go make rice, which is code for how do we save our asses?"

However, Brad made a surprise move and told the girls that he was going to vote Caleb out before he went off with the rest of the guys.

Sure enough though, Brad's shadiness raised the suspicion of the other guys, who had already decided to target Ciera.

Brad Culpepper got this tattoo to remind him of what he thinks about his wife. However, CBS made Brad add the letters C-O-M and P before he came on the show since Survivor is a family show.

And while Brad also seemed to eventually agree on voting out Ciera, by the time Tadhana reached Tribal Council, Caleb had already decided to go in a different direction himself.

Caleb then shocked everyone when he flat out called his shot on how he was going to vote.

"The way I'm feeling right now, I don't want you to go home (as he put his hand on Ciera's knee), I'm going to write Brad's name down. You all can do what you want to, but that's three up front, and the guys back there, you all can decide what y'all want to do."

While Brad, trying to do damage control announced, "I'm not writing your name down Caleb," Caleb simply responded by saying, "That's fine"

When a shocked Vytas asked if he was really writing Brad's name down, Caleb just said, "mmm hmm"

And after an initial vote that ended up tied 3-3 between Ciera and Brad, it was actually Vytas who changed his vote and sent Brad off to Redemption Island to rudely interrupt John and Candice's second honeymoon.

Realizing the irony, Brad departed by "That's gonna be fun,"  after he repeatedly told Caleb, "I'm not mad atcha," which is exactly what an alpha redneck says when he's not so secretly plotting against someone that he's really pissed off at.

Brad arrived at Redemption Island in the dark by saying, "John and Candice, before you guys hit me, I waive the white flag." 

Candice didn't even seem to mind being woken up by Brad, saying, "I'm sound asleep, and I hear the sweetest voice that I ever wanted to hear on Redemption Island, Brad Culpepper."

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