Monday, March 4, 2013

The Bachelor Blog - "Falling in love isn't fun"

After Sean broke up with Desiree's brother, he took the remaining three women to Thailand in hopes of finding himself the perfect teenage boy.

Sean commented that he liked AshLee because he wanted someone who was open and honest, which apparently made up for the part where she refuses to have fun.

...Not to mention that she perpetually looks like she's trying to figure out where in the house her dog secretly shit.

On the other hand, Lindsay wore a super tiny bikini, a hoochie mama dress and then ate bugs on their date in hopes of passing the boob, butt and gag reflex tests before her chance to spend the night in the Fantasy Suite with Sean.

Of course, that was before Sean announced that he was a "born again virgin" and  an ex-boyfriend reportedly started shopping naked pictures that Lindsay Yenter had texted him to various gossip websites.

Sean decided to take AshLee outside of her comfort zone by making her swim with him through a fairly dark cave.

It was then that AshLee dropped a bombshell on all of America, informing us for the first time that she was "abandoned as a child."

I'm starting to pick up on a theme here...I'm wondering if AshLee Frazier's ass has abandonment issues too?

AshLee told Sean about how she was not the type of girl who would just settle when it came to a relationship...Which explains why she was married and divorced by the time she left high school.

Catherine began saying her multiplication tables starting with "1 x 1," "2 x 2," and then saying saying that she could "go all the way to 56."

And while most American's probably need a little bit of time to figure out "8 x 7," that officially made Catherine Giudici the worst Asian ever.

Catherine then revealed that she been the victim of bullying while growing up. "I've been made fun of all my life," with people telling her that she was "chubby" or that she ate "too much."

Meanwhile, Sean ignored Catherine in order to make sure that his hair was properly frosted for the Rose Ceremony. 

At the Rose Ceremony AshLee told Sean that "Because of you, I know that I'm no longer broken."

Unfortunately, AshLee's new personal record for mental stability lasted for all of 45 seconds, as Sean's eyes showed the viewing audience that he was about to emotionally crush her.

Interestingly, the amount of cleavage that each girl showed at the Rose Ceremony was inversely proportionate to how safe each girl felt.

In the end, Sean sent Ashlee home over Catherine by telling her, "I thought it was you from the very beginning." Of course, that was just a polite way of saying that I thought you were hot until I got to know you.

As she left AshLee exclaimed, "Falling in love isn't fun," which probably explains why she got sent home.

Then again, there are reports that Tierra LiCausi is already engaged, so I guess there's hope for anyone!

Rumor has it that Tierra LiCausi is already engaged to someone who she was dating prior to coming on the show.

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