Friday, November 30, 2012

Blogging Survivor - Philippines: "You didn't grasp that the people laughing at you is a sign in our culture that your full of it?"

Abi continued to prove that her instincts are always wrong by demanding to know why Lisa voted against her alliance despite their vow to stay "Tandang strong," when in fact it was Skupin who voted against his former tribe to blindside Peter.

With a perpetual need to please everyone she meets, much like my mother, Lisa worried about breaking away from Abi even though she had treated her like shit for the entire game.

"I have never been good at break-ups...I have continued in relationships way too long just because I didn't want to hurt them."

And while Abi, Peter and Artis kept Lisa and Skupin on the ass end of their alliance for most of the game, Abi chastised Lisa for thinking about joining the former Kalabaw Tribe alliance along with Michael.

At that point Lisa finally stood up for herself by telling Abi, "At this point I'm willing to be 6th and feel good that the people I'm with aren't going to be calling me out at Tribal Council saying they don't trust me."

Retro Commercial Break: The Converse Weapon NBA rap commercial

The Reward Challenge divided Dangrayne into two different teams where they competed one on one to see who could flip all three of their drums face up at one time the fastest, while the opposing player tried to flip their drums back over.

Competing in what seemed like her first competition of the season, Abi seemed confused with the objective of the challenge, which was to win.

And while Abi had been quick to call out her own tribe mates for what she perceived to be treasonous actions, she actually flipped her opponent's drum over, putting her team at an early disadvantage.

That caused Jeff to wonder out loud, "Abi, are you clear on what's happening down here? Sure enough, Abi responded by saying, "No, not really."

However, Abi's team was barely able to overcome her stupidity, and wound up winning the reward that consisted of a spa trip, drinks, various meats, and a case of the shits when Skupin also flipped over the wrong drum in the final heat.

Unlike the other winning competitors, who were at one point in their lives taught tact, Abi returned to camp talking about how great the experience was.

"I feel like I have a three month baby kicking in my belly," apparently in need of another good bowel movement.

In response to rubbing the losing team the wrong way Malcolm proclaimed, "Abi had all the social grace of a Mack Truck."

Abi-Maria Gomes and her "precious" Immunity Idol that she stole from RC.

Upset when she heard the others talking about her lack of tact, Abi then went on to proclaim that she was done cooking...Apparently temporarily thinking that she was a man.

"You guys better step up to the plate, because I'm done with the cooking." When asked if she intended to eat Abi arrogantly responded by saying, "I don't want to cook, but I definitely want to eat. I don't want to starve to death."

That caused Penner to suggest the other Dangrayne split their votes 3-3 between Peter and Abi, which would allow them to send her home in the event that she did not play her Immunity Idol.

Abi told Peter that they needed to send Peter home...Apparently not understanding that they would actually need to out-vote the players who were against them in order to accomplish that.

Malcolm attempted to set up a final four alliance by asking Penner if he and Lisa would join up with Denise and himself.

Malcolm Freberg wasn't as good looking back when he played football at Dartmoth.

And while most people would jump at the chance to enter into a deal that would give them numbers to the end, Lisa hesitated, wanting to ask Penner and Carter to join forces with her and Skupin instead. 

Of course, that's when Penner's arrogance kicked in, as he told Lisa that it was too early for him to make a final four deal, even though he didn't have a fallback plan.

That caused Lisa and Penner to reluctantly join forces with Malcolm and Denise, which is probably the best thing that could have happened to them short of Abi losing the ability to speak.

The Immunity Challenge consisted of a navigating a buoy through a rope and a series of obstacles.

Carter ended up winning Immunity, which is odd because I'm pretty sure that he's the type of guy who has Velcro on his shoes so he doesn't have to tie his laces...Kind of like Denard Robinson from the University of Michigan.

At Tribal Council, Abi claimed that she was misunderstood because of language issues. "You didn't grasp that the people laughing at you is a sign in our culture that your full of it."

That caused the normally reserved Denise to interject, "I've spent much of my life with people who English is not their first language, and they're helpful, they're kind, and they're many qualities that are just not a part of who Abi is."

As if soccer wasn't bad enough without Abi-Maria Gomes.

When Jeff Probst asked if Abi was a candidate to go farther in the game because she was without an alliance, Denise agreed, but indicated that's not how she'd play the game.

"If that's the game you want to play. You see that season after season, people take the dead weight, they take the unlikable person."

And when Denise essentially called Abi a retard by saying, "It's like bringing someone to a poker game that's never played poker, just so you can steal their money," Abi called Denise to "Shut up, you don't have to say any more," before breaking down in tears.

And as the votes were being read, Abi seemed to know what was coming, saying, "That was brutal by them" Accordingly she wisely played her Immunity Idol, while Malcolm wisely did not.

That sent Peter home when Abi's votes did not end up counting against her, effectively meaning that karma had turned against him, as the Immunity Idol that he helped Abi steal from RC was ultimately played in a move that directly sent his ass back home to the Jersey Shore.

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