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Blogging Survivor: One World - "Yo, there's bacon on this!"

After Troy burned his Immunity Idol and saw Jay get blindsided, Troy finally seemed to get the fact that he really wasn't in an alliance with any of the women. "Tribal Council was the biggest disappointment so far. Jay got voted out, so I'm basically next in line - probably."

It was nice to see that Troy dropped a "probably" in there, just on the outside chance that the three men getting voted out in a row, and the three votes he received at Tribal Council just happened to be a coincidence.

Feeling betrayed, Troy voiced his displeasure at camp. "This is no team anymore. I'm no team player, this is just Troyzan versus everyone else," declaring that he was fired up and planned to win every Immunity Challenge.

Troy ultimately had words with Alicia, who butted in on a conversation that he was having with Christina by telling him to relax. When Troy told her to stop interrupting, Alicia threatened him by saying, "Don't get crazy with me," as if she was on the Bad Girls Club, any VH-1 reality show or Dr. Phil.  

Speaking of crazy, what in the name of Angelina Jolie is going on with Alicia Rosa here?

For some reason Chelsea seemed to think that Troy should just accept his fate in the game and give up. "Jonas, he took it like a man, and he deserves to be here more than, maybe you."
It was funny to watch Troy's reaction, as he seemed shocked that she would even imply that Jonas was a more worthy player than he was. "I don't know about that," as he smiled and looked over both shoulders almost as if he expected Gary Hogoboom to emerge from the woods and induct him into the Survivor Hall of Fame right there on the spot.
Troy seemed surprised that the women in Survivor would behave just as he perceived all women outside of the game act. "These girls are kind of acting like, what a lot of women act like in real life. They get their house, they get their food, they get all their stuff. Then as soon as they feel satisfied, they go, 'Oh guess what we don't need here anymore...We're done with the guy."

Sexist comment aside, isn't it kind of ironic that Troy apparently thought this way about all women, yet still allowed himself to get victimized by essentially that same behavior?

The Reward Challenge consisted of an auction, with the contestants spotted $500 to bid on a variety of foods prizes and rewards. Apparently not understanding the concept of how an auction or counting works, after Alicia opened with a $20 bid on a hot shower and a toothbrush, Kat tried to top her by also bidding $20.

Kat also had problems with the concept of bidding in $20 increments, as she compounded her initial mistake by trying to raise her bid to $30, That allowed Kim to step in with a winning bid of $40. More importantly, Kim asked Troy not to stare as she hopped into the make-shift shower stall.

When Kat finally won a BLT sandwich and a cola with a $180 bid, she seemed pleasantly surprised when she claimed her prize and exclaimed, Yo, there's bacon on this!"

Not to be outdone in the stupidity department, when asked by Jeff Probst why he didn't seem to be bidding, Tarzan responded by saying, "I've got shocks on my Jeep that I have to repair."

While Tarzan seemed totally sincere in that statement, he ultimately gave up his $500 after becoming emotional upon learning that he could buy a letter from home.

The letters from home also struck a nerve with Troy, who began crying because he felt "completely alone." However, he resisted the urge to purchase a letter and ended up winning an advantage for the next Immunity Challenge with a bid of $420.

Interestingly enough, as the women at the top of their alliance sat and gorged themselves on chocolate and peanut butter, chips and guacamole, and magic BLT's with bonus bacon, they encouraged Christina to spend all of her money to outbid Troy on the Immunity Advantage.

Of course, the auction ended with Christina still holding all $500, but it's the principal of making the person at the low end of the totem pole do all of your dirty work that counts, right?

After hearing comments from Sabrina saying, "We're still going to vote your ass out," Troy returned to camp and immediately began looking for a new Immunity Idol, just in case one had been placed back into play. 

That caused Kim to complain, "Man, Troy is looking for that Idol without any shame," which was kind of his whole point given that he had basically repeatedly told by the women that everyone against him.

The Immunity Challenge consisted of three stages. The first involved untying a maze of knotted rope, with the top four advancing.

The next stage involved bouncing coconuts off of a trampoline and hitting targets, with the top two making the finals. The finals consisted of knocking out three targets in a row by shooting coconuts with a slingshot.

Troy's advantage from the Reward Challenge automatically put him in the second round, where he was joined by Christina, Kim and Tarzan, who let out a Tarzan yodel/yell.

When Troy made it to the finals against Tarzan he exclaimed, "This is my island, you can't beat me," directing it directly at the women's alliance.

Troy won Immunity and became even more emotional, yelling, "Don't fuck with me!" That caused Tarzan to question his sportsmanship. "You need to know, I like you, but please, if you win, be noble. It looks bad."

Then again, keep in mind that Tarzan's the same guy who deuced himself and then washed his dirty Skiviez in the food pot, which looked equally as bad, if not worse.

Chelsea and Kim began to plot their strategy with Troy safe from elimination, naming Tarzan and Leif as their primary targets. Leif surmised that he would be the one going home as Tarzan bathed him from affront.

As creepy as Tarzan bathing Leif may sound, it was actually quite beautiful, kind of like how monkeys groom one another to build social bonds and trust...Who the fuck am I kidding, watching the burly old bearded guy wash the face of a midget was creepy as hell...Yet kind of erotic at same time.

Troy tried to convince Christina and Alicia that they were at the bottom of the girl's alliance, and that they should join up with Tarzan, Leif and himself and vote out Kim in order to get themselves back on top of the game.

When Jeff lead off Tribal Council by asking about Troy's sportsmanship, Sabrina said, "Within the last 48 hours I have seen you morph into a creature I can't identify."

Troy saw the opportunity he'd been looking play up his self dubbed nickname. "Oh my God, it's so terrible - 'Troyzan, the ultimate terror.'"

When Sabrina snapped, "I'm just speaking the truth," Troy ripped her a new one. "Now it's the truth in Survivor? Now all of a sudden there's the ultimate truth coming from Sabrina, who basically deceived me and lied to Jay? So you're Mrs. Truth over here? You voted him out, and I'm next. So what's new Mrs. Truth?...Answer the question. Did you lie, yes or no?" We didn't hear much from Sabrina after that.

When Chelsea tried to say that Troy's plan wouldn't work unless he kept winning Immunity, he aptly pointed out that he'd have the numbers along with with Leif, Tarzan, Christina and Alicia...Or as Christina said, "It's basic math, five against four."

A nation of Asian-Americans collectively groaned when Christina re-enforced the stereotype that all Asians are good at math, even if in this instance her math skills were only good relative to intellect of the person she was dealing with. 

In the end, Tarzan, Christina and Alicia voted with the girls to send Leif home. I guess I'll never understand why the players at the ass-end of a power alliance always seem to vote with the majority instead of re-aligning when they have the chance and getting numbers back in their favor.

All staying loyal to the current majority does is seal their fate to ultimately get picked-off, or to finish the game as a non-factor to win given that they didn't make any major strategic moves themselves the entire game.

I guess in hindsight, getting his shocks done probably would have been pretty good parting gift for Tarzan after all.

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