Tuesday, November 17, 2009

My Thanks To Everyone!

I would like to express my gratitude to those of you who helped me set up "The Red Mieni," as well as to any of you who have even so much as clicked on my blogspot profile. For a blog that I have not made public knowledge to even some of my closest of friends, I am more than thrilled to have received almost 800 "Profile Views" to date.

I am very excited to announce that I have been selected to write a weekly column for "It's Just Sports." "It's Just Sports" is a featured sports blog on Mlive.com. For those of you outside the Great Lake state, Mlive.com is the online arm of Booth Newspapers, and is known for its in-depth coverage of sports and breaking news in the state of Michigan. The Mlive.com website is said to receive approximately 1.7 million hits every month. Booth Newspapers owns The Ann Arbor News (now operating as AnnArbor.com), The Bay City Times, The Flint Journal, The Grand Rapids Press, The Jackson Citizen Patriot, The Kalamazoo Gazette, The Muskegon Chronicle, and The Saginaw News. Mlive's sister sites include NJ.com, Masslive.com, Cleveland.com, Oregonlive.com, AL.com, and Nola.com.

The weekly column that I have been asked to write for "It's Just Sports" is going to focus on a review of the local and national sports media. While no topic within that category will be off limits, I'm going to try to focus on critiquing comments from studio hosts and announcers touching on athletes and teams from the state of Michigan whenever possible (so long as it makes for entertaining reading). I'm also going to analyze the studio shows and broadcast booths of the major television networks for pro and college sports during their respective seasons. So if any of you out there are watching a game where an announcer says something that is either especially profound or that you couldn't disagree more with, please give me a shout....I can only Tivo and watch so many games a week.

While I'm going to focus on writing for "It's Just Sports" and Mlive.com, I'll be sure to post or link those weekly columns to "The Red Mieni." I will continue to post blog entries like my weekly football picks exclusively on this site. I also look forward to tackling columns that I intend to write annually on "The Red Mieni," such as "Oscar Predictions from a Hollywood Outsider" and my various "NFL Mock Drafts" in the upcoming months. I do hope that those of you who visit "The Red Mieni" from time to time will also check out my work on "It's Just Sports." This new link to a major newspaper conglomerate should only increase the traffic and my love for this site. Remember, the more people who comment on my columns for "It's Just Sports," the better. The links to Mlive and "It's Just Sports" are: http://www.mlive.com/sports/ and http://blog.mlive.com/its-just-sports/index.html.

Again, I would like to extend my most sincere thanks to everybody who has supported me to date. I definitely look forward to continuing on with "The Red Mieni," as well as with this new opportunity that I have been presented with at "It's Just Sports" and Mlive.com.

Thanks again,

-The Red Mieni

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