Sunday, May 24, 2015

Blogging Survivor: Worlds Apart - "Silly redneck, you're going to get what's coming."

The final episode of the season began with Carolyn forced to justify to her alliance why she didn't tell them she had an Immunity Idol.

After Carolyn reminded them that they tried to blindside her, and that they would have succeeded in voting her out had she not played it, the contestants all moved on to the final Reward Challenge.

That challenge required the players to navigate an obstacle course while retrieving tiles, and then using those tiles to solve a puzzle the fastest in order to receive time with a loved one from back home.

Mike ended up winning the challenge, along with time with his mother and an advantage at the next Immunity Challenge.

Mike's mom got to spend the night at camp, and seemed impressed that Mike wasn't as fat as he used to be.

As for the Immunity Challenge advantage, Mike got to spend 30 minutes alone with his mom going through a maze that the players were going to have to navigate while blindfolded.

That advantage ended up coming in handy, as Mike easily won Immunity for the 4th time.

With Immunity in hand, Mike cut final three deals with Sierra and Carolyn, as well as Rodney and Will heading into Tribal Council.

In the end, Sierra was voted out, as Mike decided to go with his "bros" over the "ho's."

With Sierra gone, the final four competitors moved on to the next Immunity Challenge, which was yet another knot maze/obstacle course to find pieces and solve a a puzzle.

Right on cue, Mike won Immunity yet again, putting him in elite company in Survivor history with five Immunity wins, for which he gave praise to his lord and savior, Richard Hatch.

While Rodney was convinced that Mike would keep Will and himself safe over Carolyn, Will wasn't so sure, and rightfully so.

Sure enough, Mike promised Carolyn that he wouldn't vote her out, but also added the caveat that he wanted the vote to come down to a tie where she and Will would have to make fire the fastest in order to stay in the game.

So in other words, Mike wasn't so much promising her that he'd keep her safe as he was trying to tell her, "Go out in the woods and practice building fire."

Of course, "Momma C" was unable to start a fire even after practicing with the tribe's flint, leaving her "advantage" going into Tribal Council in question.

At Tribal Council, the vote did in fact come down to a tie between Carolyn and Rodney, just as Mike had indicated, which lead to them squaring off in a fire making contest to make it to the final three.

However, both Carolyn and Rodney exhausted their flints without being able to make fire...Several times.

After over an hour, Rodney was finally able to start his fire first, but Carolyn followed by getting hers going immediately after he did.

And while Rodney started off a bit quicker, Carolyn built a better base and ended up winning.

That left Mike as a Blue-Collar, Will as a No-Collar, and Carolyn as a White-Collar in the final three.

Boston Guy wasn't too happy with the way he went out, delusionally thinking that he would have won the whole game had Mike not sent him to the fire making competition.

In fact, he almost seemed to threaten him.

"For this scumbag redneck to make it into a fire making competition...You scared little baby. Silly redneck, you're going to get what's coming."

After Boston Guy's gracious exit, we went straight to the Final Tribal Council, where all of the bitter losers on the Jury got to take their shots at the final three contestants, as well as Jeff Probst.

Mike ended up defeating Carolyn and Will in the Jury Vote, and thanked Jesus Christ for paying the price for his sins "many years ago."

Apparently Mike had an open line of credit with "The Almighty," as it soon came out that Mike had intentionally lied to his BFF, Dan, during the game.

Rodney LaVoie, having calmed down from his tantrum upon exiting the show, apparently spared no expense at the Salvation Army for his suit for the finale.

The final few minutes was reserved for the few, the proud, and the bitter....Namely Dan and Shirin.

Dan had a bone to pick with Jeff Probst, claiming that he was misportrayed on the show, claiming that no matter what the cameras appeared to show, he's really smart and doesn't hate women.

And after Dan gave specific references to when and how his quotes were taken out of context, Jeff went back to the uncut footage, which proved his claims to be erroneous...He really was nothing more than a misogynistic postal worker.

Shirin tried to claim that public opinion was against Will after she falsely accused him of stealing/hording food, which, at least according to the reactions I received via this blog and on Twitter, was not the case the case at all.

And while Will even went as far to offer up an apology to Shirin, who was actually the one in the wrong, she refused to accept it. Actually, she didn't end up flat out rejecting it outright, but she added so many conditions to accepting it that the broadcast ran out of time.

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