Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Blogging SURVIVOR: Worlds Apart - "I love cheeseburgers!"

This week's episode of Survivor began with Shirin trying to explain her aggressive reaction after getting called out by Will for falsely accusing him of hoarding tribal food, when he in fact had kindly offered to share all of his personal winnings from the food auction with the rest of the tribe.

Shirin defended herself by saying, "I have this "Pavlov's Dog" reaction to men yelling at me," which she attributed to her biological father verbally abusing her, and was apparently her way of telling everyone that she spent her early twenties as a stripper.

Even Dan seemed to see through her saying, "Shirin is a drama queen, she is a two faced liar, she loves to play the victim," which again, seemed to confirm that she used to be a stripper.

The Reward Challenge saw the tribe divide into two different teams, where they were only allowed to use barrels and planks to get themselves across a field without anyone, or their planks, touching the ground, with the winning team earning a catamaran cruise with a burger bar and pies for dessert.

That seemed to spark Dan Foley, who put up the fight of his life as he declared, "I love cheeseburgers!"

And the moral of the story turned out to be "never underestimate a hungry fat guy," as Dan, Tyler, Will and Carolyn ended up winning with their slow and conservative approach.

At camp, Rodney, a loser in every challenge so far, declared that he needed some "Rodney time," while Mike and the rest of their team decided to choke a chicken.

The Immunity Challenge required the competitors to hold on to a rope that was attached to bag with 25 percent of their body weight, with the winner for both the males and females gaining Immunity.

Sadly, Dan was eliminated before the contest event started, as he was unable to lift his 75 pounds.

Carolyn ended up winning Immunity for the women, while Mike proved to be stronger than Rodney and held on the longest for the men.

Back at camp, Shirin tried to make a case for staying in the game by saying how awful of a player she was.

Unfortunately, she was talking to Dan who said, "Of course I'd love to sit next to Shirin in the finals, nobody likes her."

Meanwhile, Tyler went through Dan's bag, and found out that he had earned an extra vote at a Tribal Council from the advantage that he won at last week's auction.

While Shirin and Dan both looked to be in trouble, in addition to having won Individual Immunity, Mike also had a Hidden Immunity Idol, which he considered giving to Shirin heading into Tribal Council, as he said, "just to shake things up."

At Tribal Council, Shirin campaigned to stay in the game by calling out Tyler, who despite being solid in his alliance, was the biggest threat as the games' best physical player.

Then again, Tyler Fredricks was a soccer player. 

But when Mike chimed in to sell voting him out too, Tyler jumped in and pointed out how Mike couldn't be trusted after flipping on his own alliance last week.

"And they're listening to you because your loyalty has been spot on in the last week?"

Why in pink Mike Holloway? Why in pink?

When Jeff asked Mike if he had anything to say, he jumped in and said, "Yeah, absolutely, I know Shirin and I are not going home tonight," as he indicated that he was going to give Shirin his Immunity Idol.

Mike then went on to say, "Here's the plan, Jeff. Shirin's voting for Tyler, I'm voting for one of the other four who doesn't have Immunity, and uh, you take your chances," making it know that the smart play for the alliance members would be to vote out Tyler if they wanted to assure their own safety.

Shirin voted for Tyler as planned, and even had the balls to add a little cut at him by saying, "Just sit there and look pretty."

Of course, after everyone voted, Mike said to Shirin, "I love you girl," but failed to give her his Immunity Idol as he had indicated.

And when the votes were read, Mike's selfishness failed him, or at least it failed Shirin, as the alliance held strong and she was voted out.

That left Mike with an Immunity Idol, but no allies left in the game.

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